Nemesis is the masked second-in-command of the Victorious' empire and his top assassin. He commands the Victory Droids and calmly tends to his master's every whim, remaining quiet and stoic amidst the destruction and chaos he wreaks.



Nemesis wears a black flexible, incredibley durable padded suit with Duramite armour plating. He covers his mask with a Duramite mask that is red with skull features on the one half and completely black on the other half. The symbol on his forehead is unknown and the Victorious' TARDIS does not translate it. Strangely, it glows orange like his eye. It is unknown if they are both part of the mask or indeed, part of Nemesis' actual face. His height reaches to about 7ft.


Nemesis rarely conveys any clear sign of an emotion. He destroys and tortures people but seems to have no remorse or gratification from any of it. He finds his master's rage and anger to be his weakness but neither attempts to overthrow him or defect from him. Nemesis cares only about winning and in the Victorious' empire, he is unopposed. Efficient, cold and calculating, Nemesis lets nothing get in the way of his tasks and will calmly decimate all in his way.


  • "I don't care about power. I care about winning."
  • "I will count to three. One." [he shoots a prisoner in the head] "I did not say you had until three."
  • "Mercy? Do I look the merciful type?"
  • "Anger is too quick to expel. When you look at your enemy, you must instill his fear. And when he stares up at you, cowering and pleading to be spared - deny his request."

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