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New Doctor, New Adventures is the first episode of TEAM TARDIS.


A clown is haunting houses in Dundee and the new Doctor must stop the clown before he destroys the city, there is only 2 people that can help him, Andrew and Keillor


7am, Andrew wakes up, he gets dressed and gets ready for work, he then goes to say goodbye to his mum for the day, later he walks to his work as passing the new circus in town.

His work buliding is destroyed for no reason later, he sees a blue police box, he walks in thinking it's just a phone box, when entering, he sees the TARDIS, he goes out and says 'O....M.....G' as he walks out and in to the TARDIS

He sees a man, the Doctor, he says Hi as he flys the TARDIS to the circus, a huge clown is at the door of the TARDIS

more to be added

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