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New Empire: Blood Shed is the first of 3 Doctor Who specials leading up to series T1 (Series Tennantfan 1). It involves the eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. It will introduce the new BioTech Daleks. It is also marks the last appearance of Rory Williams.


The TARDIS lands in Leadworth, Amy's home village. But they soon here of people disappearing in the night. But when they investigate, they discover a secret, a dark secret which could destroy the whole planet.


The TARDIS doors swing open and Karlel steps out. "Where are we?" The Doctor steps out, "The planet Midnight, we're picking up Amy's husband!" The Doctorlooks around the large room. "Ah! There he is! Rory!" Rory looks up from his book, sees the Doctor and starts walking over. "Who's this?" "I'm Karlel! Nice to meet you." "You to!" The two shake hands. "Where's Amy?" "She's inside the TARDIS!" Rory walks in as Amy runs to him and hugs him. "Good to see you again!" "It's only been a week!" "No, six days!" "But I counted everyday!" "Oh well!" The Doctor says, "I'm gonna take you guys back to Leadworth!" Rory walks over to Karlel. "How come it's only been six days? The Doctor said he can't come early, he has to stick to my time." "It could have something to do with the time anomaly!" "Time anomaly?" "There was an ancient force trying to destroy the universe, but I took control of the TARIDS and used some Zero Virus of the Doctor's to reset the records of him, through the whole of time!" "The Zero Virus? Wow! That brings back memories." "No oneremembers the explosions in the sky." "Yeah, I noticed that!" "You remember?" "Yeah, why wouldn't I?" "I'm sorry about this, but..." Karlel puts his hand on Rory's head.

VWARP! VWARP! The TARDIS materialises in Amy's backyard. The doors swing open and Amy steps out. "Great, we're back home." The Doctor follows her out, "Yeah, what's wrong with that?" "It's just, I've lived here my entire life, I want to see planets like... um... the planet of Pi, or Mister, or... well... I don't know!" Karlel steps out and says, "Pi is full of people with HUGE craniums and Mister is the twin planet of Miss, Miss is females and Mister is the males." "You realise I just made them up, right?" Rory steps out. The Doctor says, "So, what n..." "AAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!" The four hear someone screaming. The Doctor and Karlel start running, "Amy, Rory, stay there!" Yells the Doctor.

The two sprint as fast as they can.


Matt Smith-the Doctor

Karen Gillan-Amy Pond

Luke Pasqualino-Karlel Arcadius

Arthur Darvill-Rory Williams

Nicholas Briggs-Daleks (voice)

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