Template:Infobox NewTV New Times In Old London is the first episode in the ninth season of Doctor Who, set on Earth. It is the first episode to not feature Isabella Cartwright after her death. It also marks the first episode to be written by Mark Gatiss in the Twelfth Doctor stories, with all preceding ones being written by Steven Moffat.


"Isabella's gone, Billy. We just have to move on, that's what we always have to do" - The Doctor

The Doctor and Billy return to Earth lamenting the death of Isabella, where the Doctor receives a distress signal. Here they encounter the mysterious Stranded, trying to return to their own planet. But after the Doctor realises that their planet was destroyed millennia ago, he is faced with the knowledge that the Stranded will seek Earth as their new dominion. However he is shocked by their calm reaction, and discovers that the Stranded must leave Earth before it is destroyed by their presence.


The episode received acclaim from most critics. The ramifications of Isabella's death on both the Doctor and Billy, the writing, performances, and story were mostly well received. Some critics noted the episode's general lack of a villain, but said the Stranded were an interesting, if somewhat harmless alien.

Season Nine of Doctor Who
New Times In Old London  • The Sting of the Zygons  • Parenthood  • The Spider's Web  • Heart of Wood  • Devour  • The Eternity Game  • Sands of Kada  • The Mercy of the Daleks  • I' Am The Doctor  • Gods and Men  • A Shadow On The Glass  • Time Lord  • The Remnants of Time

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