Template:Infobox NewTV No Tricks is the third episode in the eighth season of Doctor Who, set on the planet of Caltaxi during the Intergalactic Fair in the distant future, where the sinister Grand Puppeteer is up to something far more dangerous than mere theatrics.

The episode features Tim Curry as guest star, and like all season eight episodes was written by Steven Moffat.


"Welcome to the greatest show in the universe" - Intergalactic Fair announcer

The Doctor and Billy respond to an invitation to the distant planet of Caltaxi, where the Intergalatic Fair is underway. Here the sinister Grand Puppeteer has created the ultimate puppet, a living animated creature, called the Homogenous Harlequin (similar to Mr. Sin in the Fourth Doctor adventure The Talons of Weng-Chiang). Can the Doctor unmask the Puppeteer and his dark intentions? Or will he hide in his painting until he's safe?


Continuation and reference

  • The Grand Puppeteer claims to his crowd that his show is the "greatest show in the universe", prompting the Doctor to recall his adventure in his seventh incarnation.
  • The Grand Puppeteer, in his dying moments, tell this Doctor that: "He will break you", referring to the main Season Eight story arc.


No Tricks received largely positive reviews from most critics. Ben Lawrence of The Daily Telegraph wrote that the episode contained "enough world-building and quirky style to please even the most hard to convince Whovians", praising Tim Curry's appearance as "one of the best cameos in recent Who memory".

Season Eight of Doctor Who
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