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Nyarlathotep is the king of the Fledglings and the most powerful threat to ever challenge the Rippers. He is also the entity within the Omen itself. While Azathoth may be the most powerful thing in the universe, he was unaware of the danger he posed. Nyarlathotep, on the other hand, is a far more malign entity. He sets out to bring darkness and emptiness to the universe, to hold dominance as the ultimate power and above even his masters, the Outer Gods.




Nyarlathotep shifts his forms countless times. Very rarely does he appear in the same form more than twice. His voice remains the same with every form, always booming and malevolent. Another thing is that Nyarlathotep is fond of having black as his dominant colour. Despite having the ability to change into anything, he only ever takes forms of things that are either vaguely human-like or completely alien.



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