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"I encase you in darkness, so you can truly love the light."

Also known as:
  • Emptiness
  • The Neutral Darkness
  • Expanse
  • Space
  • Vacuum
  • Nothingness
  • The Home of Everything and Everyone
  • He Who Is Eternally Lonely
Race: N/A
Home Planet: N/A
Home Era: N/A

DW CS4: But A Thought/Paradise Stolen

Actor: Alan Rickman (voice)

Oblivion is the sentient mind of the very vacuum of space. Not the planets, or stars that inhabit it - he is the personification of void. He watches as every thing around him vanishes and dies but feels nothing as he has let them live within his very form for eons. With matter there must be space to hold it, and Oblivion provides that space. It is thought that he may be the eldest or indeed one of the elder siblings of the Eternal Pantheon.


Oblivion's Sigil


True to his name, Oblivion is quite hollow and sees only darkness in the world. Not evil, he sees literally only the dark amidst every light and every world that exists. His knowledge that he is both necessary but dangerous to life pains him and makes him this very lonely and nihilistic creature, fearing that because he is essentially nothing, he may live on while all life dies around and within him - becoming alone forever. Despite this eternal sadness, he finds comfort when around his twin brother, Ascension who provides solace that while his brother exists, not even Oblivion would be alone.


Also like his twin, Oblivion takes the form of a fox. However, unlike Ascension who is white, smooth and glowing, Oblivion is black, with white eyes and his 'fur' twists and contorts like storm clouds. Oblivion skulks around the place, with a circle of shadow surrounding him at all times, consuming all light sources within range. He can also vanish within the shadows and reappear somewhere else.



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