Template:Infobox NewTV Odin's Army is the second episode of the the eleventh series of Doctor Who. It features the debut of new companion Renee Victorié and the main story arc.


The Doctor lands in the middle of the Somme during World War I, where a 62nd century French operative Renee Victorié is trying to uncover why Old Gods have found there way to this point in history, and why. Teaming up Renee the Doctor learns that Venris, an Old God of blood and violence, is gaining strength from the fighting, and plans to unleash his fellow Old Gods into the universe.


The Doctor makes an unexpected crash landing in the middle of the Somme, where the TARDIS is bogged, and the Doctor manages to flee both Allied and German gunfire. He immediately stumbles into a trench, where field captain Everingham of the First British Legion holds him at gunpoint. Before Everingham looses his control, a strange woman shoots Everingham's soldiers and knocks the gun out of his hand. The Doctor is surprised to see more civilized behaviour, but regrets his words when the woman tells Everingham to flee before she kills him. The strange and violent woman introduces herself as Renee Victorié, and the Doctor expresses his discomfort as a German battalion charges into the trench. Renee pulls the Doctor away as she shoots off the German troops.

Season Eleven of Doctor Who
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