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One Moment was the 5th episode of the Bluesilver sixth series. It could be counted as the first part of the series finale, but is considered by most to be a separate story


"It's like finding a laptop in Ancient Egypt. That room looked brand new because it is; time is shrinking like a sponge losing water... Ignore that comparison, actually, it was rubbish." - The Doctor

In an ancient castle in the far future, the TARDIS becomes the core of a machine that threatens to compress time into a single moment. To save the universe, The Doctor, Amy and Rory have to combat the vicious Griever and appeal to the soul of a damaged woman mourning the loss of someone she can no longer remember.


"I don't get it, why are we in a museum?" Rory asks. "It's how he keeps score." Amy answered. The Doctor waltzes through the halls of the great Esthar Castle, a monument to the rich history of Lunian, pointing and laughing at the exhibits in a childlike manner. He stops in front of an artists depiction of Lunian as it appeared 18,000 years ago, pointing out any and everything wrong with it, including the lack of a slight purple tint in the sky. Amy insists that The Doctor just show them Lunian 18000 years ago, and the artist if it'll shut him up. The trio head back for the TARDIS, but something is watching them from the shadows.

As they approach TARDIS, a massive wolf-like, ethereal creature viciously surges past them, disappearing in a flash resembling static electricity. A womans scream is heard in the distance and The Doctor dashes off to investigate, followed by Rory and Amy. As they disappear, A blonde woman sneaks up to the TARDIS and attaches a disk to the front door, teleporting with it in a similar static-looking flash.


Story Notes

  • The Doctor compares the concept of time compression to a sponge losing water, and later to scrunching a piece of paper.




Bluesilver Series 6

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