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Order In Chaos is the twelvth episode of the Darth/Gear Series and the first half of the series finale. It also features the return of Little Horn and the Enemy of All Things.


"In the time of the Two Twenty, the Dragon and the Tiger shall return and will battle for their first meal." - Father Thegga

Two monsters, destroyed by a mighty god are destined to return. One who strives for renewal and creation, and the other who yearns for destruction and darkness. Two 'houses', each dedicated to either rebirth or death will be present and the winners will survive to see the empire of their god triumph - and devour the very being who had destroyed them.



Behind the scenes

  • Illustrations of the 'Dragon' and the 'Tiger' seem to use the Taoist symbol, the 'taijitu' which uses the two entities of yin and yang. However, the yin and yang mean neutral opposites like 'light' and 'dark', 'female' and 'male' or 'hot' and 'cold', but Little Horn and the Enemy are both completely malevolent with no balance whatsover except that when creation (Little Horn) and destruction (the Enemy) form into one like the symbol, they become nothing not everything.

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