Template:Infobox storyParadox is the twelth episode of the third common series and the first part of the series finale.


The sky is filled with a whirling vortex of darkness.One by one planets are just disappearing and every living thing in the univese are having dreams of a manin a black suit. But how come the Doctor and Amy aren't? The Doctor shoots into action to save the universe, before it's too late. Along the way he bumps into an old friend who doesn't officially exist, even a Time Lord couldn't save the universe. Is this the final battle?


Common Series 3
War Lord of the Sand  • Deep Blue  • Mister Sandman  • Strange Fruits  • Succession of Witches  • The Only Bad Monk  • I Am...  • Rebirth of the Cybermen  • Hearts of Darkness  • Episode 10  • Kudlak Lane  • Paradox  • Event 3


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