Template:Infobox NewTV Parenthood is the third episode in the ninth season of Doctor Who, set on Cabra in supossedly 6014. It sees the re-appearance of the Doctor's daughter Jenny. Stephen Greenhorn, who directed the previous episode featuring Jenny, returns to write Parenthood.


"I look young enough to be your boyfriend!" - The Doctor

Needing to take care of family business, Billy returns to Earth for a little, while the Doctor receives a strange signal from a distant location. When he arrives he is reunited with his daughter Jenny, who he assumed to have lost on Messaline. But she needs his help, in building a TARDIS to take her to another planet, off the desolate earth-moon of Cabra. But the Sinistral Mandraga has other plans, and have used Jenny to lure the Doctor into a deadly trap.

Continuation and reference


The episode received mostly positive reviews, with critics enjoying the return of Jenny and the episode as a whole. The performances, writing and storyline were well-received.

Season Nine of Doctor Who
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