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Partners in Time is a new series spin-off of Doctor Who. It features Martha Jones and Mickey, who are now married, travelling to different planets to help. They can travel by picking up the telporter dropped by the Sontaron.


Here are the episodes:

Episode 1: The Star of Darkness

The pair travel to Clom, planet of the Abzorbaloffs. They notice that most of the creatures have vanished. Could it have been because of the darkness in the sky?

Episode 2: Metal Harms

The two then go to London and find out that many people are being killed by a virus called CyberFlu. Its really quiet, but if you listen closely you can just hear the word Delete.

Episode 3: Claws of Fury (Part 1)

The pair travel to the Planet of the Raxo'rians (Slitheen, Blatheen etc.) The teleporter stops working... and they find its the wrong time to be on that planet!

Episode 4: Planet of Blood (Part 2)

The Slitheen have returned to Raxo'rious, and have started a full blown war against the other families. Can Martha and Mickey stop the war before the Planet turns into bloodshed?

Episode 5: Just a Mate

Martha and Mickey go the the planet of the Hath, and all the Hath recognise her. They find out all the humans have been killed and that the Hath have been enslaved. But by who?

Episode 6: The Crack

They return back to their house and find a small crack in their room. What comes out is the most feared creature in the universe. Can they stop it before it wipes out the Human Race?