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Partners in Time Series 2, is still set with Martha and Mickey, but this time has 12 episodes.

The Age of Revenge Sontaron Can the duo escape the same Sontaron they fought before?
Smile for the Camera Smilers They teleport to a musuem at night. Why are there voices?
Tyrants Fist Autons Why does King Arthur hate fire?
Time to Play (Part 1) Jagrafass

In the new game show, Quiztastic, why do people never go home?

Game Times Over (Part 2) Jagrafass The duo try to stop the Jagrafasses evil game.
Toclafane Trouble Toclafane A single Toclafane still exists.
Sunny Rays Possesive Sun The Sun trys to take over the Galaxy
Electric Fumes Daleks The Daleks try to pollute the Earth.
Exterminate Exterminators Daleks UNIT try to help destroy the Daleks.

Return Trip

Adipose The Adipose return, with a new objective...
The Time of Stone The Master, Weeping Angels Hes back, with new friends...
The End The Master, Weeping Angels The Master has got the Weeping Angels back from the Crack... somehow...