Template:Infobox NewTV Phoenixfire is the ninth episode in the eighth season of Doctor Who, set in medieval Arabia circa 1192. It is regarded as part of a three episode story arc featuring the White Guaridan, along with Serpent's Tongue and The Omens.


"The Holy Wars will never end, it is the will of God!" - Geoffrey

After encountering the White Guardian after many years, the Doctor and his companions are sent from Manr after defeating the Mara to medieval Arabia, where King Richard and Saladin prepare to sign a peace treaty. But a fiery spectre in the shape of a phoenix continually intervenes, and when the Doctor realizes it is an alien energy form that has become trapped in a time eddy he must figure a way to undo all the damage before everything is destroyed.


  • Saladin and King Richard both recall "an old Doctor", from The Crusade.
  • Phoenixfire conflicts with The Crusade as they both occur around the same time period, which means the Twelfth Doctor would encounter his first incarnation.


Phoenixfire received mainly positive reviews. Critics enjoyed the continuation of several plot points introduced in the previous episode, while noting it still had a strong enough story by itself to warrant a full episode, praising the writing and the human villain and plot around the Phoenix.

Season Eight of Doctor Who
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