the socket is shut

Pond War is one of thirteen episodes in series 6 of doctor who, it stars Sean Pertwee as the Humanoids and Nesreen and Karen Gillan and Matt Smith with Arthur Darvill as The doctor and his companion, Amy Pond and her husband, Rory, It is the 8th story of the series and is the final part of the 'World' saga.


Pond War was the worst war that ever occured to the human race, it occured in 1998 to 99 amd many perished, but, the survivors never spoke of this war, the doctor, Amy, Rory, Jagrave.


Matt smith as The doctor

Karen gillan as Amy pond

Arthur darvill as Rory williams

Sean Pertwee as Nesreen (continous)

Paul Kasey as Jagrave

John Hart as Harold Pond

Catherine Tate as Barbara Pond

Marie Wills as Baby Amelia

James Corden as John Pond

Behind the scenes

Amy is trapped in the Time box, but, will return in episode 11 and 12, ready for the season finale

When we see Jagrave murder Nesreen's army, Nesreen screams "i will survive!" just before the socket is shut and time is frozen, Nasreen was kept frozen with his Humanoids and taken back to the 1st century to be found 1998 years later.

Jagrave has been confirmed for series 7

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