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Preaching Freedom is a spin-off series of Doctor Who. It is based in Pete's World and was released after Doomsday.

Preaching Freedom follows the adventures of a small group of the Preachers and Torchwood (Jake Simmonds, Mickey Smith, Pete Tyler, Johnathan Harrow and Lucas Woodgate), the Free Infomation Collective and the Terrasini crime family, a family of the Mafia based in Great Britain, in their battle against Cybus Industries and the governments of the world (although some, such as the Latin American states, German, Czechoslovakian and French governments would later be associated with them).

Preaching Freedom is on it's third series so far.

The fourth has been comfirmed to include the Meta-Crisis Doctor to replace Mickey Smith, who returned to our universe.


Russel T. Davis was proud of the comeback of the cybermen. They have become popular, with school kids arguing over whether Cybermen or Daleks would win. He announced a series following the Preachers, Jake, Mickey and Pete Tyler and their small scale operations to shut down Cybus industries factories worldwide, the Cyberman occupation of the world and how the Free Infomation Collective began.

Preaching Freedom first series began and was instantly popular. Critics gave it a mixed review. The target audience was apparently the teenage age group, although this was controversial, such as when the head of Terrasini crime family don Viincent Terrasini murder of black Torchwood official Emmanuel Smith, calling him racist terms. Emmanuel also called Vincent racist names.

Despite this, a second series followed, involving the Cyberman occupation of Earth.

The third series followed the full scale destruction of the Cybus remnant based on Pete's World and the invasion of Earth by the New Dalek Empire.

The fourth series plot hasn't been comfirmed.

List of Series

  • Series 1 -- Follows the build up of a small resistance group called the Preachers to a large scale worldwide based organized freedom fighters. Also sees how the government of Great Britain opposes the actions of Torchwood and the Preachers, the rise of the Free Infomation Collective in northern and eastern Europe, thhe power of the Mafia in a corrupt world and the work of destroying Cybus industries factories.
  • Series 2 -- The long war against the Cybermen worldwide. At the end of the series it sees the travel the Preachers actions in our world against the Cybermen and eventually the Daleks.
  • Series 3 -- Finally destroying the remnants of Cybermen in Pete's World and the New Dalek Empire's invasion.

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