Prey of Black Shuck is a Doctor Who fan audio by Cat Flap Productions currently being written. It features the Eighth Doctor and his new companions Olivia, Thomas and Lucy.


Escaping from Taverham in 2159, the Doctor and his new companions Olivia, Thomas and Lucy get caught in a Time Corridoor created by the Daleks. The Doctor is forced to activate the emergency swith on the TARDIS, and get stuck in the Land of Fiction. The TARDIS explodes and Lucy get trapped somewhere in the universe. In the Land of Fiction, they become under attack by Black Shuck, but are rescued by iPhone videogame character Celio, a dragon, which a young boy is riding on. However, a supernatural beast approaches. The Doctor fights it, but Harry Potter defeats it by putting a spell on it. Black Shuck suddenly reappears, but is defeated by comic book character Wolverine. The Doctor discovers Thomas the Tank Engine, which will ride them out of the Land of Fiction. The Doctor and his companions get on and the train enters a time portal, returning them to reality.