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Puzzles: Part 2 is the next episode after Puzzles. It is a Matt Smith special.


At the end of the last episode the Other had trapped the eleventh doctor in another time period. "Bring him back!" said Amy. "Bring him back or I'll kill you!" said Len. "Ha ha ha don't do that. Then he would die because he and I are connected." laughed the other. "I am his ancestor." Meanwhile the doctor was falling feet in the air, he landed on a sandy shore. "Ow." said the doctor. "Talk about crash landing." When the doctor got back on his feet he noticed a tall man in front of him. The doctor had been transported to some island and this man was a native to the island. He was an ancient native american. He wielded a spear in his hand and a wooden shield in the other. He had long black hair that went to his shoulders and bangs that covered up his eyes nearly. He had red facepaint on him. He wore a headdress and a loincloth. He wore sandals on his feet. "Who are you?" asked the native american. "I am the doctor." said the doctor. "Where are you from?" asked the native. "You came from the sky." "I come from the planet Gallifrey." said the doctor. "Have you come to save my village, stranger?" asked the native. "What seems to be the problem with your village?" asked the doctor. "Iron creatures have invaded our village. They say they will exterminate us. They have exterminated many of us. They fell out from the sky too. You don't help them do you?" asked the native. The doctor had a feeling this native american was referring to the daleks. "No. I defeat them." said the doctor.