Random Planetary Teleporter
Type: Transport device
Created by: The Master
Appearances: DW: Tree Of Life

A Random Planetary Teleporter is a device fashioned by The Master that allowed him to yet again stop himself from dying. Its only function is to teleport a single organic life form from one place to another, but the destination is not fixed - meaning they could land anywhere on the planet.


The Teleporter is designed as small remote control like device. Silver in colour with only one button, which initiates the teleportation.


Due to the haste the Master had in constructing the device, he could not encode it with co-ordinates or a guidance system. Also, it was only safe for one trip as the power cells would die after the one trip. However, the Master was able to replace the power cells as a back up should his plans go awry again.

The Teleporter was unable to differentiate terrain, so the pilot could end up in the middle of the sea, in the mouth of a volcano or even a field in England.


The device was installed with co-ordinates by Gandrian technology used by the Doctor. Unfortunately for the Master (who was unaware of this), the co-ordinates were set to a different planet, specifically New Gallifrey.


The Master had saved this device for the one time if he was almost certain to die. When he drained enough lifeforce from Rassilon to sustain another regeneration, and thereby allow himself to become fully physical, he used it right before the moment when the link between the Time War and Earth closed and destroyed the maniacal Time Lord President.

The Master was fortunate enough to appear on land - but it was within the remote Australian Outback. However, he was close enough to a UNIT base to regain some more of his power.