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are worse things than death you know"

Reavers are dangerous creatures that inhabit the darkness of Death. They are used by the Darkness as "watchdogs" and feed on the joy and hope of the souls in the darkness; keeping them downtrodden and controllable. They are known to drive their victims to varying degrees of madness.

Physical Appearance

Reavers look like a cross between a werewolf and a panther. They have no skin and are covered in black necrotic musscular flesh. They have a half mane of fur on their heads and rings of fur around their ankles. A Reaver posesses jagged cat like teeth and long bladed claws on their hands and feet. The most unushual feature of a Reaver is their tales end in a clawed hand wich they use to attack prey. They have grey eyes and are blind but hunt their prey though the abbility to "smell" spirits.

Methods of Attack

Reavers are hunters and like to stalk their prey and will do so for verying lengths of time before stikeing with ambush attacks. Their claws allow them to cling to many surfaces making it difficult for you tell if they are coming for you from above or below. If the prey becomes aware of them they will run them down; injuring and mutalating the victims's body with their sharp claws. Once they have their pray a Reaver will stab them with their tail and start feeding on the soul draining it of its energy and the victim of life force.


Being from a place with no sunlight they are extreamly sensitive to light. Minimal exposure will burn them while direct exposure to sunlight will cause them to explode.