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Rebirth of the Cybermen was the 8th episode of Common Series 3. It introduces the original Cybermen from Mondas for the first time in the revived series.


The TARDIS is hijacked by familiar beings, and in the skirmish that follows the Doctor and his companions are ejected into the Time Vortex.

The Doctor falls through time and lands on enemy turf in the future. He hears a recognisable clanking in the distance, and soon faces one of his greatest enemies since his first body.

Amy ends up on Earth in her native year, but when she returns home there is a deadly surprise waiting for her. Once the door opens, steel crunches and maybe she can never leave...

Rory wakes up to a world of machines and factories. He soon discovers everything is ancient trap is springing round the time travellers, and men of steel march to victory.

Only the winners write the history books. A new generation of Cyberman is, therefore, ready to grab a pen and paper...



  • The Doctor - Matt Smith
  • Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
  • Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
  • Lord Kodak -
  • Commander Osbourne -
  • Sergeant Sarge -
  • Private Leeroy -
  • Private Jenkins -
  • Admiral Freeman -
  • Voice of the Cybermen - Nicholas Briggs
  • Voice of the Night Forger Clan - Lee Tockar
  • Cybermat noises - Frank Welker


  • The Doctor says "he accidentally gave them [Cybermen] energy rifles a few years back", referencing Doomsday.
  • The Mondasian Cybermen have the same appearance as they did in Silver Nemesis.
  • The Doctor references The Pandorica Opens, and comes up with an explanation as to how the parallel Cybermen got so advanced and how they survived in The Next Doctor.
  • The Cybermats from Blood of the Cybermen appear. It is explained that the Cybermats were upgraded since Revenge of the Cybermen.
  • The Cybershades have also been upgraded, featuring large claws, multi-tools and small gatling guns as hands.
  • Many CyberKings appear. They are faster, stronger and more armed than the one that appeared in The Next Doctor.
  • The Cyber-Ships from The Pandorica Opens appear.
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