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befour the doctor

Regan was an sociacl worker in America.She had no boyfreind,No family as her mother died and her father is missing.When she had to look after an old woman the old woman turned into a zombie thing as she descrbed it.The doctor managed to save her.

the adventure starts

After being saved the pair had to work together to save earth.Regan nearly got killed but was saved by the Doctor.They managed to save the world.Regan joined the Doctor.Their next mission was a dangerous one and worse was it when the doctoer was kidnapped.Regan managed to save him by dumb luck and the two were nearly both killed.Then after that Regan relises that the doctor can not save people if it will change the future.Regan was passed out by a man who turned out do be the master.He and evrey bad guy the doctor faced were fighting them.Regan managed to save the doctor and managed to get in the tardis.The doctor suddenly dissapears and the tardis drops down into the fire.Regan was traped in and the fire was coming in like Donnas near death.Regan managed to escape and vowed to never be so stupid again.She and the doctor managed to save the planet feruim from the bad guys.

the zombie incident and death

Regan was starting to love the doctor.When they moved to the planet called ARKLEY as they were invited in a party.[the show was a christmas special]Regan noticed a man eating a woman and told the doctor it was zombies.The remaing surviviors including the doctor and Regan were traped in a libary.The doctor was going to be used as a bait and Regan kissed him befour him going.He was traped in a kitchen while the others escaped.Regan however decided to save him.She then turned around and screamed.The doctor later saw her eating one of the maids.The doctor had a gun with him and tearful shot her


She was first seen wearing a jacket with a t shirt and blue jeans and timberland shoes.Then in later shows she wears a bright red dress with red boots.Her last clothes were a black dress and high heels.