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Reign of Reptiles was the third episode of Common Series 2.


The humans won't die, female - they will never exist. Which is worse. A fate befitting them. And this fixed point you speak of Doctor...well, we're going to break it.

Amy and Rory want to see dinosaurs in the flesh, so the Doctor sets a date. However, he doesn't realise he lands on the fateful day that would mark the end of an era.

As the meteorite edges closer to Earth, the Doctor notices a well-armed cruiser in the sky and the meteor itself decreasing in size. What may be seen as good samaritans will end up quite the opposite...

Time for the Time Lord is running out, as the Drakost seem determined to prolong the ultimate reign of reptiles...



  • The Doctor - Matt Smith
  • Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
  • Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
  • Drarth -
  • Voice of the Drakost -
  • Dinosaur noises - Frank Welker


  • The Drakost appear to be similar to the Trandoshans from the Star Wars franchise, the most well-known individual of the species being the bounty hunter Bossk. There is a reference to the scene in Star Wars Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) where Darth Vader speaks to a group of bounty hunters (Bossk's first appearance in the franchise). Drarth's conversation with several holographic images of well known bounty hunters is reminiscent of the aforementioned scene.
  • Among the holograms seen are an Estronii, an Ogron, a Selachian, a Chelonian, a Servitar and a Muraen.
  • Some of the dinosaurs seen in the episode are revamps of the original 3D models from the 2000 series Walking with Dinosaurs.
  • The strange runes are seen again, this time written in the blood of a Triceratops on a boulder near the TARDIS. The Doctor comments about it for the first time in the series so far.
  • The space freighter from Earthshock appears as the true cause of the extinction event, and the Doctor forcibly mentions Adric and the Cybermen.
Common Series 2
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