Renee Victorié was a French operative from the 62nd century, when the human race's settlements are largely owned by trillionaire moguls, like Wishburn Azar.


Early Life

Renee Victorié's birth record states she was born on the 18th of July, 6120 on the Wishburn Satellite, to parents from the French Division of Wishburn Satellite, in the Kaladi Constellation. By being born at Wishburn Satellite she was branded as Wishburn Azar's property, and served as a slave until the age of nineteen, when she escaped and became enlisted in the Rebel's Dagger, a 62nd century movement against the political system.

Joining the Front and Adventures with the Doctor

Sensing the rising power of the satellite moguls, and the rebirth of the Old Gods, the Rebel's Dagger sent Renee back to 1916 on the planet Earth, where an Old God Venris had manifested himself. Unwittingly, she crossed paths with a Time Lord, the Doctor, in his twelfth incarnation. Together they defeated Venris and his followers on the Somme.


Renee Victorié is brave and intelligent, though often uses her acrobatic skill and intelligence to get into dire situations. In the 62nd century humans and neighbour races enhance their brains and physical attributes with dangerous drugs, though Renee has only fused with two "stems"; a mental and physical. She is a skilled marksman, from her training with the Dagger, and often resorts to violence to resolve situations.


Renee is tall with long black hair and purple eyes (a common trait in the 62nd century). She has full lips, often coloured with black, and big eyelashes, and the Doctor refers to her as the "Dagger's Dagger", for her stunning appearance and often cold personality.

Behind the Scenes

  • Renee Victorié was once called Renee Lauret, Victoria Renee, and Victorié Rene. The show's crew eventually decided on Renee Victorié.