The Return of The Cybermen is a series of fan-made Dr. Who episodes, created by Alicam7.


In The Return of The Cybermen, the cybermen have been re-engineered and re-designed by a man who is called Sting, his real name is unknown. The new and improved cybermen are now planning to take over planet earth, and they will not give up until they do. But it turns out the cybermen and Sting are doing this because they are after something valuable which is over 2,000 km underground, and if they get it, the cybermen will have the power to destroy the Moon and Planet Earth, and the only person who can stop them is the Doctor.


Episode 1 Return of The Cybermen

Being worked on...

(almost complete)

Ep 1 The Doctor and Amy were flying in the TARDIS, when they accidently stumbled into a blackhole, and they were sucked into it and unharmed, thanks to the TARDIS. They find themselves in a different Galaxy, then out of nowhere they suddenly get transportedd back to Earth. But something bad is happening. Something that only the Doctor can stop. The cybermen have returned.
Episode 2 Being written...

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