the cybermen are back!


return of the cyberleader is the first episode of doctor who:search for the gallifreyan crystal


The doctor gets a message from a distant planet saying that he has to save galifrey from the master.The messager also says that he will need to land on different planets to meet him.But the doctor crashes on earth and soon gets kidnapped by aliens-and the cybermen are just around the corner!


The Cybermen are working with the Trakaliens to kidnap the doctor and extract his brain to revive the cyberleader.In the end they extract Vork's brain(the messager) and use that.The doctor is chased by the Trakaliens to a mine shaft where he tricks them into running of the edge of the pit.He returns and uses the sonic to overcharge the cyberleader and kill him.the doctor realisis that Vork was a Portfalk. The Portfalkians have an energy inside their mind called Imagination. it flows out of the cyberleaders head and enters the cybermen who explode from emotion.Vork's dying body(now in the cyberleader) tells him that he will need to travel to the planet with the co-ordinates of doctor does a quick calculation in his head and realises that he will have to trave to Arkokis-the planet of the Fire King...


The trailer shows the following: the doctor exiting the tardis into a smoky area and instantly fainting- 3 guards being thrown towards the edge of a rocky cliff by a fiery blast-an explosion sending the tardis flying through the air-A splitsecond clip showing a burning skeletal face grinning evilly

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