The Sea Devils return!
Rise of Atlantis
Writer: Helen Raynor
Story number: 6.7
Enemy: Sea Devils
Setting: Base Γ4, Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, 2019
Format: 1x45 minute format
Previous Story: The Death of Hope
Following Story: Necropolis

Rise of Atlantis is the seventh episode of the sixth series of Doctor Who. This episode also marks the first time the Sea Devils have appeared in the revived series, last appearing in Warriors of the Deep.


"We will excel where our brethren failed!" - Surlex

The legend of Atlantis has been spread throughout Earth for millenia, but the truth behind it all will be revealed in 2019. The subterranean city, was forged not by man, but by a much older and much more bitter race. The Sea Devils have returned, and are determined that they reclaim the planet.



Behind the scenes

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