S'Karokalians (Children of Burns)

S'Karokalians were the native inhabitants of Skaro before the Daleks took it over and made it their own homeworld. The Daleks and the S'Karokalians battled over the planet and the Daleks won out, exterminating most of the natives. The ones who were not killed were either enslaved or have been in hiding since then. Living an exceptionally long life, it is possible that the S'Karokalians of today are the same ones who warred with the Daleks centuries ago.

Language and Culture

In their native tongue, the name "S'Karokalian" meant 'one of dark mist' as the world they lived on was subject to volcanic eruptions in its earlier days; therefore, everything would be covered in a deep gray ash or 'mist'. After the Dalek invasion, the planet's name was changed to Skaro. Not having ever heared anyone speak this way, they disected the word in their way. 'Ska' meaning 'young one'. 'Rao' meaning 'pain from the sun'.

A warrior race originally, S'Karokalians were near-Spartan in nature, training from a very young age. They did not, however, know why they were being trained to fight against things similar to themselves when there were no others on S'Karokalius. The reason was that a prophecy had been made when the species had just started out. It translated roughly as this:

"One of the mist become many of flame,

and, enslaved, shall many these people meet Fate.

Ones not of this world will cause this great pain,

but much later on, Wer smashes the gates.

The Mekans one fear, Wer will free the slaves,

his Cobalt-clad chariot flies through four and five.

and all but one warrior of ancient will save,

when 9 century hero and the Mekons collide."

"Wer" is "Who" in the Earth language called German. "Mekons" are referring to the Daleks who are mechanical in appearence. The "Cobalt-clad chariot" is referring to the TARDIS. Note: the TARDIS is not really exactly cobalt blue, but there is a limited number of blue-coloured things on S'Karokalius in the first place and even less after the Daleks arrive as they seem to have filled in all major and most minor bodies of water.

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