Samantha (or Sam) Finch was a companion of the Seventh Doctor

Meeting the Doctor

Sam first met the Doctor when she worked as a trainee alongside Dr Rivet, who was planning on constructing the third version of the K1 robot, the K3 robot (Experiment ), however Dr Rivet was killed by the robot so, with no job or family, Sam left with the Doctor and Ace in the Tardis.

Travels with the Doctor

Sam's first trip in the Tardis was to Cornwall in the 1950s, there she encountered both her late Grandma and a Zygon (The Last Zygon ), She then encontered many thing, Sutekh (The Doctor Museum , The Fake World ), Some of the Previous incarnations of the Doctor (War of the Daleks , The Madness Within ), Daleks (War of the Daleks , Alliance of the Daleks , The End of the Universe ), The Master (The Ressurection ), Morbius and the last of the Karns (The Darkness Rising ), Adipose (Revenge of the Adipose ), Magnus Greel (The Dawn of Weng-Chiang ), a Vespiform (The Madness Within ) Ice Warriors (The Blizzard ), Sontarans (Earth Collision ), Sea Devils (Surrender of the Sea Devils ), another Zygon (Planet of the Zygons ), Ood (Disease of the Ood ) and Hath (War of the Hath )


Sam eventually dies when after running from the destruction of time with The Doctor, Ace and Maisy, she gets trapped in an corridor where the universe destorys her. (The End of the Universe ).

Full List of Appearences

Series 1

  • Experiment
  • The Last Zygon
  • The Doctor Museum
  • The War of the Daleks

Series 2

  • The Ressurection
  • The Darkness Rising
  • Revenge of the Adipose
  • Alliance of the Daleks
  • The Dawn of Weng-Chiang
  • The Madness Within
  • The Blizard

Series 3

  • Earth Collision
  • Surrender of the Sea Devils
  • Planet of the Zygons
  • Disease of the Ood
  • War of the Hath
  • The Fake World
  • The End of the Universe

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