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Scax Fel-Fotch Heppen-Bar Slitheen was a member of the criminal Raxacoricofallapatorian Slitheen family around the 52nd Century. He was notable for having broken off from his family's business and gone independent, instead becoming the owner of the seedy bar the Raxas' Rest.


Scax had severely distanced himself from the rest of the Slitheen family in the midst of the 52nd Century, and had separated himself from his family's dirty dealings and schemes. Because of this, he was considered something of an oddity by the other Slitheen, and even spoken with disdain by some. However, despite this, Scax was still heavily entrenched in criminal affairs, though not to the extent the rest of his family was.

Scax opened a bar called Raxas' Rest on a moon in the Crab Nebula. The establishment quickly became a hit amongst the inhabitants of Mutter's Spiral, allowing the joint to become something of a money maker for Scax. However, despite this, Scax's facility also became a hub for criminal activity, and Scax utilised the pub to establish a presence in the galaxy's underworld by bartering information with powerful crime heads. His bar also became a heavy centre of gambling and betting. Because of his success at hiding his shady business deals, Scax earned the nickname "Spotless Scax" so as to point out how good he was at concealing his criminal reputation.

A frequent visitor of the bar was an exiled Sontaran colonel turned mercenary named Telluis, who would often get drunk after heavy alcoholic consumption. Scax got to know Telluis personally, and the two befriended each other soon after, with Scax giving him discounts on all drinks. Scax would also occasionally supply information to Telluis whenever he wasn't relying on his other source, Dorium Maldovar, whom Scax was rivals with.


Though selfish and sarcastic, Scax was surprisingly unambitious and rational for a Slitheen, and condemned the great lengths his family would go to in order to make profits, believing their grand schemes would always end in failure. He was much more comfortable in his smalltime role as an information barter and bar owner, which he used to build up a considerable fortune for himself. He was very perceptive, and skilled at reading the emotions of others. However, unlike others of his kin, he was considered "decent enough" company, and would go out of his way to be pleasing and genteel. He was a good entrepreneur, and knew how to deal good business.

Another thing that separated him from other Slitheen was his disdain for their tradition of hunting, and disliked their love of the hunt. This earned the scorn of the rest of his family and soured his relationship with them. Scax was known to strongly enjoy his comfort, and regularly indulged into many different exotic foods and drinks.