"The Universe is one big circle, sooner or later the consequenses to your actions find you"- The Fortune Teller

Seams Like Old Crimes is the first episode of Torchwood: Fallen Heroes Dont Weep.



The episode begins with the Fortune Teller Girl reading cards and narating a story of two Knights. She speaks of how one was mortal and the other was blessed with invunrabilty and one day they encountered a dragon terrorising a village. The three fought long and hard untill finaly the invunrable knight boasted of his invunrabilty telling the dragon to leave and never return. The dragon simply burnt both men not believing the Knight killing the one and leaving the other to slay the dragon. The grief stricken knight burried his commrade and lived for many more years before he died of fright. For standing on the battlements of his catle with his ghostly companion swearing vengeance for his comrade's foolish boast costing him a long and happy life.

Has she is telling the story their are clips of an unkown lab where scientists work on an unkown corpse despite the system warning of danger. There is a hissing sound followed by creaming has the corpse opens a sickly white eye. The Fortune Teller says the morral of the tale of the two knight was not just humilaty but a warning that sooner or later the consequences of your mistakes wil find you. Back with the Corpse a rappy angry voice comes from is as it angrily shouts "Jack Harkness".

The Fortune teller Girl puts down her three spred of cards showing Jack, the Wheel of Fate shaped like Earth and the Death Card now with a hooded man with only sickly white eyes showing. She looks at the stars and ask if Jack is ready to meet his mistake.

Act 1

The scene opens with news reports of a biological attack on Queen Street Arcade. Many are dead and people are frightned and confused. One reporter notes the similarties between this attack and the Tames House Massacre one year ago. In a nerby alleyway a figure dressed head to foot in black stummbles away, compleatly ignored in the chaos. We only se his white eyes so we know its the man from the lab has he collapses on the floor out of sight as if he cant remeber how to walk. He see's the date on a nerby newpaper discarded on the floor wich sends him into a seizure where we get flashes of horrific events and unseen creatures. The fortune teller girl speaks in voice over saying that no one walks away from an event unscathed but the trick is trying not to let you expiriance turn you into a monster and to live with what has happened.

Elsewhere Gwen is waiting on the hill where Jack vanished imaptiantly.

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