seasom 11

episode 1 dusstrction of of earth sess the indroduction of rnee and rnee rturn of romana and the return of darleks

episode 2 a brave new world a new monster called the griffin

episode 3 fire and earth the doctor rnee and romana battle mumyies

episode 4 turn for the worst with the mumies seem to be taking of the world all hope seems lost

episode 5 all thing bad the cybermen are back and hope to freeze the doctor and his compians

episode 6 mary queen of scots doctor has to stop mary queen of scotts stealing the tardis

episode 7 the return of the zygons the zygons return with a vengenge

episode 8 revenge the zygons wat revenge on the doctor a war brakes out

episode 9 what little boys are made the gangers are back cuasing problems for the doctors compians

episode 10 the black gardian the black gardian tries to kill the doctor

episode 11 his return the master returns

episode 12 the ressruction of the time lords times lord are back to life thanks to the doctor who is wageing war aganist the master

episode 13 the calling the time lords demand that romana rturns to their home world will she the master dies

doctor 12 doctor

compians rnee and romana

weiter stephen moffat

toby whithouse

mark gatisis

cris canball

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