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"Drums...DRUMS! Make them stop...MAKE THEM STOP! There... there coming... THERE COMING FOR ME!"

- First Words of the Second Master

. (DW: The Deca)

Search for the Doctor

After the Doctor fled Gallifrey, Koschei was recruited to arrest him. His unstable obsession with order prompted the Time Lords to plant the Time Lady Ailla as a spy to monitor his actions. She posed as a human so Koschei would take her on as his companion during a stopover in the 28th century. Koschei caught up with the Second Doctor at the Darkheart colony in the early years of the Federation. (MA: The Dark Path)


The temptation posed by the Darkheart device proved too much for Koschei, and the revelation that Ailla was a spy killed the last traces of good in him.


- Last Words of the Second Master

After the Doctor trapped him in a black hole, Koschei, the Master, swore to take revenge. (MA: The Dark Path)

Undated events

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Alternate Timelines

The Face of the Enemy

Koschei and Ailla became stranded on Earth when Koschei's TARDIS was irreparably damaged in a battle with the Great Intelligence. His TARDIS was ruined and its central console was cannibalised by agents of the Republic of Great Britain, allowing them a means of travelling between parallel universes. The Republican Security Forces killed Ailla and British Intelligence enslaved the badly injured Koschei, imprisoning him and wiring him to their computers to forcibly extract information. He was tortured to death several times during his interrogation, using up his remaining regenerations. (PDA: The Face of the Enemy)

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