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The Seismar are an interstellar race of burrowing reptiles. During the 40th Century, they were at war with the Daleks and a number of lesser species, including Humans.


Seismar are large, black lizards, reaching lengths of up to 3 meters. Their heads are arrow-shaped, and their hands possess large claws used for digging. They are strict carnivores.

The Seismar homeworld is a harsh place, bathed in radiation from its dying sun. Most life exists underground. The Seismar evolved a unique ability to capture their prey: a mild power of geokinesis, or earth-moving. Alone, a Seismar can create "whirlpools" in soil and perform other feats. Teams of the beings can cause devastating earthquakes or trigger volcanic eruptions.

Society and Culture

Central to Seismar society is the concept of "appropriated morality": a legal system which operates on the theory that ethics are entirely subjective: , and that evil must be judged on a basis of individual understanding. This has lead to the widespread notion that there is no evil, and thus any action, regardless of consequences, is perfectly acceptible.

Their civilization is lead by a council of military commanders.


While most interstellar races use starships, the Seismar instead use a network of interconnected wormholes to travel from place to place. In wartime, they use their geokinetic powers to cripple their enemies in stunning earthquakes. When forced into pitched conflict, Seismar wear stone armor created geokinetically, and use their individual powers to horrifying effect.