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The tenth series of Doctor Who, otherwise known as Series 10 or Season 36 to avoid confusion with Season 9, is the tenth series of the revived Doctor Who, which began airing in 2005. 2015 was the final year that Steven Moffat acted as main showrunner, ending his five year tenure at the end of the tenth series, one of the longest tenures as showrunner in Doctor Who history.

Mark Gatiss was announced as the the showrunner for the new series of Doctor Who, though Moffat stayed on as a head writer. Tom Harper returns for his third year as Twelfth Doctor, while Alexandra Courtney makes her debut as Christina. Doctor Who was renewed for an eleventh season at the end of its five year anniversary, with Tom Harper set to return in his final series as the Doctor.


  • This series sees the revival of the Sea Devils and Fenric, as well as the return of the Daleks.
  • Mark Gatiss made his debut as main showrunner.

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