Series 11 is the 11th series of the revived doctor who, It is also called series 37 as not to get confused with Season 11. Mark Gatiss Cobtinued as Show Runner for this series

The Series Features Tom Harper as The Doctor. It also features Megan Prescott as Jessica McDonald. As well as Michael Barrymore as Kevin "Kev" Love.


Episode Title Writer Director Notes
1 The Gun Of Death Mark Gatiss Douglas Mackinnon Introduction of Jessica McDonald
2 The Happiness Pill Russell T Davis Richard Senior
3 Love, War and a Big Purple Dragon Helen Raynor Ashley Way Companion lite episode
4 The Forbidden Planet Chris Chibnall Adam Smith Introduction Of Kevin "Kev" Love

Pt. 1 The War of the Cybermen

Pt, 2 The Empty World

Mark Gatiss Nick Hurran Return of The Cybermen
7 Death In London Neil Gaiman Richard Clark Historical Episode with Jack the Ripper
8 The Magnificence of Kesh Garath Roberts Saul Metzstein
9 The Little Ship of Horrors Richard Clark Doctor Lite Episode
10 The Chaos Stone Paul Cornell Graham Harper Return Of the great intelligence and yeti.

Pt.1 The Small Circle

Pt. 2 Monks in Space

Pt. 3 The Lonely Worrior

Mark Gatiss Andrew Gunn

Last Regular episode with Kev Love.

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