Series 12 is the 12th series of the revived doctor who, It is also called series 37 as not to get confused with Season 11. Mark Gatiss Continued as Show Runner for this series, his last series in charge

The series features the Return of The weeping Angles as well as the Raston Warrior Robot

The Series Features Tom Harper as The Doctor. before he regenerates in the last episode It also features Megan Prescott as Jessica McDonald. As well as Tim Thompson as George Peters and Jenny Simpson as Michaela Harold.


Episode Title Writer Director Notes
1 The Madness Begins Mark Gatiss Douglas Mackinnon Introduction of George Peters and Michaela Harold. Return of weeping Angles. 
2 The Chimes of Freedom Mark Gatiss Euros Lyn
3 From here to Vortis Sarah Dollard Jamie Childs Set on Vortis


Stephen Greenhorn Euros Lyn First of 3 stories Set on Trastor

Journey to The city

Joseph Lidster Jamie Childs Return of Raston Warrior Robot
6 Attack of the Stamsoe Helen Raynor Douglas Mackinnon . Last story in the Trastor trillogy
7 The Sound of Silence Phil Ford Euros Lyn
8 The Downward Spiral Mark Gatiss Euros Lyn Death of Jessica McDonald
9 & 10

Pt 1: All is fair in Love and War

p2: The Pain of friendship

Mark Gatiss Graham Harper Last Appearance Tom Harper as the Doctor. Also last appearance of  George Peters and  Michaela Harold. Return of the Master