Template:Infobox Series One, also known as Season One to avoid confusion with Doctor Who is the first series of the spin-off show written by TheNewDoctor, starring an alternative Twelth Doctor , The New Doctor Adventures. It stars Edward Blunt as companion, and later The Professor, a version of the Doctor from a parallel universe. TheNewDoctor is head writer and producer of the series, which airs at 8.00pm on Sunday nights.

The first series shows The Doctor time-crashing with his future self immediately after regenerating, and bearing subtle hints of his future, investigates It, a monster of pure evil who posseses any creature and makes them turn evil. The pilot, The Twelve Doctors, aired on Decmber 1st, 2011 to good reception. From the second episode, The Titanic Mystery, onward, a preview of the next episode was shown, except after Dimensions, the sixth episode. After episode six, there was a month hiatus to build suspense after the cliffhanger ending.


During the opening, from The Twelve Doctors to The Survivor, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman recived star billing in that order. From The Survivor onward, James MCavoy recived billing after Martin for his role as the Professor. In The Library of the Dead, Freeman is not credited in the star billing, due to it being an Ed-lite episode. Freeman is credited behind MCavoy in the episode's end credits. The end credits of both The Twelve Doctors and Dimensions feature Benedict Cumberbatch twice.


Number Title Enemy Official description
X The Christmas Time Lord Cyberman 832 When Cybermen toys imprison Santa and take over the workshop,the Doctor has to take up the reins and become Father Who, the Christmas Time Lord. Set before the Twelve Doctors.
1 The Twelve Doctorsy Count Mina Freshly regenerated, the Doctor crashes with his future self. Using knowledge of his past, future Doctor helps our hero with a mysterious boy, walking trees, and a world of nothingness...
2 The Titanic Mystery Adrogoni/Mister Smith The Doctor and Ed arrive on The Titanic, 1912. Soon, a strange man called Mister Smith deems the Doctor mad, and the time lord will have to earn the captain's trust as a young boy to save the Titanic itself.
? Daleks The Doctor takes Ed to long dead Earth in the year One Billion, where they find traces of life. Even more shocking, the life is Nice Daleks?!
4 The Planet of Evil ? Losing Ed on Pluto 200 years ago, the Doctor must deal with the evil Plutoians to get a chance to save an incredibly old...God? Part one of two
5 The Last Day Ever ? Racing across Pluto to create an army of good, the Doctor and Ed finally realize that they are up against the greatest evil ever to be seen in the universe. And Satan. Part two of two
6 Dimensions Star Alliance Summoned by a mysterious caller to the forty-second century, the Doctor discovers a rip in space leading to another universe. Only the Doctor and his parallel self can stop a never-ending war, but they are locked in an infinite loop of TARDISes.
7 The Survivor ? ?
8 The Rebel Clocks ? Part one of two
9 The Oldest Man Alive ? Part two of two
10 Like Grandfather, Like Grandson ? ?
11 The Library of the Dead ? ?
12 ? ? Part one of two
13 ? ? Part two of two


Episode 3 may be called Trick of the Daleks. The Doctor might meet Susan (from the First Doctor)'s husband in Like Grandfather, Like Grandson. The Library of the Dead may visit the Library again, from Silence in the Library. The final three episodes will tie in together, but are not a three part story,

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