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Series 4.5 was the official name of a collection of television Doctor Who stories that served as an interim between The Waters of Mars and The End of Time, which portray the many things that the Tenth Doctor did before his regeneration. In each episode, the Doctor either has a one-off companion or none at all.


Number Name Synopsis
2 "Clom's Revenge" The Doctor lands on the paradise home of the Slitheen, but he does so in the nick of time, as the rivals of the Raxacoricofallapatorians arrive. The Clomites declare open hostilities, but in the end, only the money matters...
3 "The Forgotten" Many people are falling unconscious in London, and it seems their sleep may be eternal. UNIT enlist the help of the Doctor, but two old enemies have thrown a spanner in the works... or should it be said the water supply...
4 "The Reptile Revelation" The Silurians and Sea Devils have another plan to reclaim the Earth, as people all around Britain are cast into dangerous slumber. With peace negotiations going wrong, UNIT resort to violence, but are being beaten badly. Soon enough, Silurian colonies all over the world are being awakened...
6 "The Gods of Metal" In the far clutches of the Milky Way, a regime of oppression begins, fuelled by a love of music. The ancient Estronii have plans to expand their empire, until they meet the Doctor.
7 "Fall of an Empire" As the Doctor is mind probed, the Estronii discover the location of Earth is discovered, so is the fact that rap and hip hop music exist prominently there. Seeing this as blasphemy, an Estronii fleet is sent to level the US and UK. The Doctor must stop their mad plan and save thousands of lives from the coming firestorm.
9 "Sonic Icestorm" 21st century Earth is in grave danger. Icy winds from the North and South poles increase, signalling the wrath of global warming. The Doctor is summoned by UNIT, who detect an alien hand in all the chaos. Their assumptions appear to be correct, but it is too late, as everything starts to freeze over...
10 "Wrath of the Elements" The Shadow Proclamation falls under the control of the Estronii, who aren't finished with the Doctor, or humanity. The Ice Warriors are more interested in conquest than peace with their Earthly neighbours. The mysterious Riders of the Wind arrive on the scene, with no homeworld to go back to. Last but not least, 'the Fire' wants the dirty atmosphere of the Earth for sinister reasons. The four elements have come to Earth, with different motivations. All in all, it will be a battle to remember, with the Doctor caught inbetween.