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The Doctor is grieving over Donna and is clearing her bedroom in the TARDIS ready to give it back to the Noble family when he gets back in the Console room when the Doctors Mobile rings. Jack Harkness answers and informs the Doctor of the 456 Incident. The Doctor offers Jack, the chance again of travelling with him. Jack accepts.

The TARDIS materilises in Cardiff while Jack is saying his Goodbyes to Gwen and Rhys. Jack enters the TARDIS while the Doctor asks him where he wants to go first. Just before Jack was to answer. He is interupted by a Hologram from the Doctors Old Friend, Alpha Centuari telling him that he needs to go to Alpha Centuari as there is a Matter affecting the entire Galatic Federation and they all need his help.

The TARDIS materilises in Alpha Centuari's Capital City of Alaaob. The Doctor and Jack are met by Alpha Centuari and Members of the Galatic Federation Secret Service. After reuniting with Centuari and being complimented on his regeneration. The Doctor is informed by Centuari that he has come out of retirement due to the situation and President Fell is to address The Doctor himself about this threat. The Doctor tells him to lead on. The Camera pans to show a Weeping Angel at the window.

The Doctor, Jack and Centuari enter the Oval Office where the President greets the Trio. He comments to Jack to why he was there. Which Confusses Jack, he then replies that he is a Time Traveller and they may meet in his future. Fell replies that he was mistaken as he knows of Torchwood and they have helped him out many times and that Jack has been "monitoring that rift for over 2000 years now". Fell comments that it was from Torchwood where he recieved files of The Doctors previous encounters with this threat . The Doctor asks what is it to which Fell replies "Weeping Angels"


  • David Tennant - The Doctor
  • John Barrowman - Jack Harkness
  • Paul Kasey - Alpha Centuari
  • Reece Shearsmith - President Fell
    • President of the Galatic Federation
  • Michelle Keegan - Mellisa
    • Human from the Moon Colony.
  • Thomas Sangster - Refon
    • A Peladionian
  • Derek Jones - Vega Bali
    • A Vegaan
  • Eve Myles - Gwen Cooper (Cameo)
  • Kai Owen - Rhys Williams (Cameo)
  • Jane Goddard - Voice of Alpha Centuari


  • President Fell knows Jack Harkness as well as the Doctors Previous Dealings with the Weeping Angels.
  • The Monster of Peladon (TV) and The Bride of Peladon (BFA) are refrenced by Alpha Centuari.
  • President Fell refers to Jack as still being the head of Torchwood in the 41st Century. It is implied that it is a much bigger Insitute and its HQ is based in Cardiff