This page is for Series One of the Doctor Who fan Series. No River Song as this would be bad for continuity



The Time Travelling Trio are adventuring through time and space. However, danger is lurking nearby as two great foes prepare to emerge from the land beyond:The ancients and the Darkness

Main Cast

Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor

Karen Gillian as Amy Pond

Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams


  • Sontarons
  • Rutans
  • The Darkness
  • The Living Nightmares
  • The Robots of Doom
  • The Scavengers


Ep No


Writer Notes Summary
1 The Doctor and the Darkness Caged1 First Appearance of Misty and the Darkness The Doctor takes Amy and Rory caving in Wales where they meet tour guide Misty and a new enemy, the Darkness
2 Torchwood's Curse Scienceboy0 Captain Jack is mentioned and may make an appearance. Amy and Rory request to see Torchwood, having thought it was fake. Back in modern times, Torchwood is found to have disappeared from existence. What has happened to this secret agency?
3 Time Jump OGREPOP Cameo of a Dalek and Amelia Pond The Doctor must save the universe from a quickly-expanding Time Hole
4 Nightmare Night Conrad Slater First appearance of the Living Nightmares

Amy goes to sleep one night and finds herself in a nightmare world full of memorys of past alien incounters. There's only one problem...she can't wake up!

5 The Soul Catcher ThunderGryph2345

Return of the Krillitanes .

The Doctor finds a Krillitane invasion ready to strike in 1647.
6 Shadows on a Starship TjunderGryph2345


of The Vashta Nerada

Tha Vashata Nerada invade the Starship UK and the Doctor must save the inhabitants.

7 The Deadly Games Conrad Slater First appearance of the robots of doom The Doctor, Amy and Rory visit the planet Arena.
8 Breaking the Ice Caged1 Appearance of The Ice Warriors and the Darkness The Ice Warriors have returned to the moon. And now the Doctor knows what else lives on the moon. So he needs to stop a war that could tear Earth apart
9p1 Holed Up Catriona1029 First Appearance of the Scavengers The Tardis lands in Cardiff 2011, but wormholes are opening, sending a new monster called the Scavengers to Earth.
10p2 Full Suction Catriona1029 Appearance of the Tylers and The Human Doctor A wormhole has sucked the Tardis up, taking The Doctor and Amy to Pete's universe. Meanwhile, The Human Doctor and Rose Tyler get transported to the main universe.
11p3 Rinse Cycle Catriona1029 Appearance of The Dalek Paradigm

First Appearance of Parallel Cybermen (Upgraded)

The Doctor, Amy and Jackie must take down upgraded Parallel Cybermen, while The Human Doctor, Rose Tyler and and Rory take down the Dalek Paradigm.
12p1 Time of the Ancients Caged1 First Appearance of the Ancients

The Prophecy of the Darkness is coming true. The Ancients have risen, and they are trying to bring the Time War back.

13p2 The Breaking of the Time Lock Caged1 Appearance of River Song The Doctor is forced by the ancients to remember Gallifrey, who are dying from time sickness. Can the Doctor save them and banish them, and will that even be the right thing.
15 The End Game Yo Appearance of the Daleks and Rose The Daleks are hidden but they are hatching a plan to freeze time eternally.
16 Death Fight Time Changer Final regular appearance of Amy Pond The Doctor and Rory travel through a deadly maze, in the hope of saving Amy from the Master. But as they get closer, Amy starts to die.
18 Distorted Caged1 Appearance of the Daleks Time is being distorted, and the Doctor soon finds the Dalek's using this to their advantage. The Doctor and friends are at risk of being captured by the void.
19p2 Uniting Foes Caged1 Re-Appearance of the Ancients and Sontarans The Doctor returns to Sontar in hope of finding the Ancients, and is correct to find that his enemy stirring. But their not the only ones
20p3 The Empty Soul Caged1 Re-Appearance of the Darkness and Amy The Doctor must stop Amy losing her soul, whilst finding out the Ancient's true plan.

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