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The first series of the Tennantfan continuity. It is based after series 5 (BBC) and features Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

List of Episodes

1 the Time Fissure Tennantfan Re-introduction of the Graske.
2 River of Red Tennantfan Return of the Gelth and River Song.
3 Hive Horror Tennantfan Introduction of the Velaxia.
4 & 5

Leader of the Pantheon

Time Distortion 101

Tennantfan Introduction of the Manipulator.
6 Triumph of the Daleks Tennantfan Re-Introduction of the Imperial Daleks. River leaves the TARDIS.
7 Prisoner of the Atraxi Tennantfan Introduction of Androsphinx. Re-introduction of the Judoon and Atraxi.
8 & 9

Leafy Green


Tennantfan Return of the Vervoids.
10 Steel Heart Tennantfan Return of the Cybermen.
11 A Lonely Stranger Tennantfan Doctor/Amy-lite episode. Introduction of the Calitrax.
12 & 13

The Paradigm Unlocks

The Apocalypse

Tennantfan Series finale. Final appearance of Amy & Karlel as regular companions.

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