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These are used by the Shadow Proclamation to classify planets.

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Level 0: Planets of this Level have either very High or Low temperatures and atmospheric conditions and other  conditions which makes the planet unsuitable for Humanoid life.

Level 1: The Planet is capable of supporting life and has life on it even though it is only bacteria and cells.

Level 2: The Planet has non-civilized creatures living on it, Earth at the time of the Dinosaurs would be a Level 2 planet.

Level 3: The Inhabitants of the planet are all in tribes.

Level 4: The Intelligent life on the planet is divided into hundreds of competing Factions occupying the various landmasses on the Planet.

Level 5: Same as Level 4 but the Civilizations are starting to advance to more advanced forms of Technology, Earth in the 21st Century is a Level 5 planet.

Level 6: The Planet has united into one Faction normally as one species.

Level 7: The Species is operating in space.

Level 8: The Species is able to travel to other planets through space with little error.

Level 9: The Species is able to travel to other planets without error.

Level 10: The Species have developed basic time travel technology. Earth in the 51st century is a Level 10 planet.

Level 11: The Species have developed advanced time travel technology. Gallifrey is a Level 11 planet.

Level X: The Planet is considered forbidden territory under the Intergalactic Treaty 5/26/acorn. Travel there is forbidden and is severely punished.