Template:Infobox storyShadow of Malevolence is the fourth episode of the second common series.


Now is the hour, the hour of war, the hour of me the Master of all. - The Master

The Master is back and once again is atempting to take over the colonies of the Human Empire. Following the setback at Procyon 5 the Master takes control of the human colony of Vega Prime, and now is seting his sights for the rest of the Human Empire starting with Alpha Centuri and Earth.




Unusualy for the Master he atempts the same plan twice following the previous encounter with the Doctor in The Borderland.

Common Series 2
The Orange Mist  • A Requiem  • Reign of Reptiles  • Shadow of Malevolence  • The Call of the Evil  • The M-Project  • Ascendancy of the Daleks  • The Crimson Hand  • Whom the Gods Destroy  • The Hand That Feeds You  • Nosferatum  • Come and See  • Abandon All Hope

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