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The Sharyth were a species of space-faring bird-like humanoids, hailing from the Andromedes Constellation.


The Sharyth originate from the same part of the universe as the creature that appears as a phoenix in Phoenixfire. Somehow they discovered a time corridor to Earth in the 18th century, where they took Captain James Ironheart and his ship the Bloody Anne from this time period to find a powerful artifact that would allow them full access to all time zones, and utter control of the universe. ( NSA: The Renegade Pirate)

The Sharyth appear on the Bloody Anne as it navigates the galaxy and convince the pirates that they are angels, sent by God to assist Captain Ironheart in finding heaven, which they claim is the galaxy. They promise Ironheart a vast amount of wealth when he finds what they won't, and using a time veil they make the pirates believe they are still on Earth in their time.

They are defeated by the Doctor and his friends, who unmask their veil and convince the pirates that they are an alien and dangerous threat. Ironheart orders his ship to attack them, whereupon their own vessel is unveiled and destroyed in the crossfire against vastly inferior ammunition. The Sharyth are presumably destroyed. ( DW: The Renegade Pirate)

The Doctor later mentions them when confronted K'heltan, stating that aliens should not intervene with human history unless it is "fixed". ( DW: Devour)