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Meeting the Doctor

DW floorplan

“Why do you have to spend an hour getting ready?” Mr Davis asked his daughter, Skye. “You don’t need to wear makeup.”

Skye rolled her eyes. Her father nagged her constantly.

“Because I want to look good, Dad” She tells him. “I don’t want to look like a twelve year old.” Her father gave an unhappy sigh.

“You look more like a clown.” He said as he walked into the other room.

The layout of Skye's flat

“Dad!” She exclaimed. She followed him into the living room, where he sat down in his chair.

“It’s those bloody friends of yours.” He continued. “Always going to parties and drinking. You know in America you wouldn’t be allowed in a bar.” Skye sat on the armrest of her father’s chair.

“Well this isn’t America now is it?” She remarked. “Besides I am twenty.” Her family was from America but she was raised in Manchester, England. Her father still had a midwestern accent, but Skye’s had evolved to sound more british.

Skye looked at the clock on the mantle and stood.

“I have to go.” She kissed her father on his head. “I will see you tonight.” Mr. Davis gave a humph as he opened a book.

Skye threw on a coat and scarf over her outfit, it was just begining to feel like winter.

Skye met up with her two friends, Marilyn and Ashley, at a pub. They had already ordered drin

ks by the time she got their. She took a drink and listened as they talked about the clubs they were going to go to that night. The girls finished their drinks and left the pub.

They linked arms and huddled together against the cold as they prepared to cross the street. They stood on the corner waiting for the light to change. When the light signaled to cross a car came to a stop at the front and several men yelled some obscene things at the Skye and the other girls. The girls glared at them.

“Hey, watch what you say. They are ladies not tramps.” A voice said behind the girls. Skye turned to see who spoke. A tall lean man with wavy brown hair stood before her. He was scowling at the men, but turned to look at her. He gave her a concerned look.

“You alright, ladies?” He asked. Marilyn and Ashley expressed their gratitude as they crossed the street. Skye nodded her thanks but was quiet. She felt something was odd about the man.

“Say what’s your name?” Ashley asked the man. He stated that his name was John Smith. Skye thought it sounded fake.

“Why don’t you come to the clubs with us tonight?” Marilyn asked him.

“Thank you for the offer, but I am afraid I have some other matters to attend to first.” He politely declined. He gave them a bow and walked in the other direction. Skye began to follow him. Ashley grabbed her arm.

“What are you doing?” She asked Skye. Skye kept her eyes on the man. She mumbled that she would meet them at the club and went after him. She heard her friends call to her but she ignored them. She couldn’t shake the thought that something was off about the man.

She was getting close to the man when she thought she had better fall back a bit. Skye followed him all the way to a warehouse in a shabby neighborhood. It was dark by the time they got there. She hesitated outside the building but decided she had gone that far she might as well go in.

There were no lights inside. She could only see from the moonlight coming in through the skylights. She had lost track of the man. She walked for a while trying to figure out where he went. She was about to give up when she heard a loud bang. Skye followed the sound and found stairs going down to the ba

sement. She went down them.

The basement gave off an eerie glow. Skye reached the bottom of the stairs and saw the man standing with his back to her. The man called out. She ducked behind a pillar. Skye gasped when she saw a strange creature come out of the shadows. It was a sickly yellow colour. It coughed and wheezed. It approached the man but it’s eye were full of hate.

Skye quickly moved behind another pillar so that she could see the man’s face. He s

tared at the creature but didn’t show any emotion. There was a moment of silence, then the man spoke.

“We had an agreement.” He said. “You broke your promise.” The creature hissed then spoke in a strange language. Skye didn’t understand it but the man did. His face changed, he looked apologetic.

“I can help you.” The man pleaded. “I can take you back to your planet where you can be cured.” The creature responded and spit at the man’s feet.

“I can’t let you keep killing these people. That’s why I had to poison you.” The man’s face grew cold again. “We both know that your home is the only place with the cure.”

The creature hissed and stumbled forward. It reached to attack the man, but fell on the ground. The man crouched down to look at the body. Skye watched all this in shock.

“You can come out now.” The man said. “He is dead.” The man stood and turn towards the pillar tha

t Skye was peering from. Skye pulled away in surprise. She listen as he took several slow steps toward her. She looked at the stairs. Could she make it there before him? She decided she had better try. Skye bolted for them.

“Wait a minute!” The man followed behind her. Skye lept to stairs but he was getting close to her. She made it to the main floor and ran for the door. The man was quicker than her and managed to grab a hold of her. She turned to him.

“What the hell was that!” She screamed at him. “What was that thing? Why did you kill it?” She pushed him away and tried to get away from him. He reached out and pulled her back to look at him.

“It was an alien.” He said. “I didn’t want to kill him but he was killing people.” Skye stared up at him in disbelief.

“Aliens aren’t real.” She whispered weakly. She realized that they were standing very close, she moved back a step. The man laughed.

“How can you be so sure of that?” He chuckled. “Have you ever been to space?” Skye looked at her feet. Honestly she was rather open minded about aliens. She thought it was a bit selfish to think they were the only ones in the entire universe.

“You still didn’t have to kill it.” She said looking back up at him.

“I offered to cure him but he wouldn’t let me.” He said solemnly. Skye didn’t know what to say to this.

“Who are you?” She asked instead.

“I told your friend that I’m John Smith.” He replied. Skye rolled her eyes. “What, You don’t believe me?”

“There is no way you are that is your real name.” Skye said. The man nodded.

“You're right, that’s not my name.” He looked her in the eye and said. “My name is The Doctor.”

It had been three days since Skye had met the Doctor. He had tried to tell her some story about travelling through space and time. Skye had run out not knowing what to think.

Ashley and Marilyn had called her the next day and chewed her out for ditching them. She apologized, but honestly she had completely forgotten about them. Skye still couldn’t shake that weird feeling about the Doctor, or whatever his name was. He was so bizarre and exciting.

Mr. Davis knew nothing about that night. as far as he knew she had done the same thing she always did on a Friday night, danced and drank. Skye didn’t intend on telling him about aliens and tall strange men.

“Alright dad, I’m off.” Skye called as she stepped out the door of their flat. She going to her day job at the near by florist shoppe. On her way down the stairs Skye met Ms. Sparks, the landlady.

“Oh, hello dearie.” Ms. Sparks chirped. “I was just on my way up to see you and your father.” Ms. Sparks was a politely little old lady. She often gave the Davis “leftover” pastries that she made.

“Is something wrong?” Skye asked.

“No, no.” Ms. Sparks shook her head. “I just wanted to ask if you would be willing to speak to a potential new tenant. I wanted someone to boast about the flats.”

“Sure, I won’t be back until five but we would be happy to.” Skye replied. The two said good bye and Skye headed to work.

The day went by fast. There weren’t a lot of customers, a few love birds and several husbands looking to apologize. The manager let Skye go early. Skye took the opportunity to go to the grocery store for a few things. When she finished she walked home.

Skye could hear voices and laughter coming from her flat as she went up the stairs. She was confused for a second then she remembered what Ms. Sparks had asked. Skye shifted the grocery bags to one arm so she could open the door.

“Dad, I’m home.” Skye called. She walked down the hall into the kitchen to put the bags on the counter. She thought about putting the food away but decided it could wait. Skye walked back down the hall into the living room. She stopped in the doorway.

Sitting on her couch across from her father, was the Doctor. Skye was stunned for a moment but shook it off and walk across the room and sat down on the arm of her father’s chair.

“Skye, this is John Smith.” Mr. Davis said. “He is look for a flat.” The doctor smiled at Skye.

“Hello, Skye. Your father was just telling me how wonderful this building is.” The Doctor had a smug look on his face. Skye got a little ticked off.

“Hey dad, why don’t you make some tea.” She turned to her father. “I just bought some more.” Her father pulled himself out of his chair and made his way to the kitchen. Skye waited until she could hear him in the kitchen before she launched herself onto the couch next to the Doctor.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” She said. “Are you stalking me or something?” The smug look stayed on the Doctor’s face.

“I just followed you,” He said. “Kind of like you did a few days ago.” Skye looked at her feet. She had to admit he was right. She could be called a stalker of sorts too. She looked back at the Doctor.

“But why are you here?” She asked. “You can’t actually be looking for a flat.” The Doctor crossed his arms and looked at her.

“I was looking for you.” He said. “You ran out before I could prove to you that I really do travel through space and time.” Skye realised that he wasn’t kidding. He honestly meant what he was saying. That didn’t mean it was true though, but Skye couldn’t help being curious about what he had to prove that he wasn’t fake.

“Then prove it.” She said looking him in the eye. The Doctor smiled and grabbed her hand. They skidded to the door.

“Where are you two going?” Skye’s father asked, coming around the corner with a tray of tea.

“Mr. Smith wants to show his ideas on the flat.” Skye fibbed. “We will be back before the tea cools.” With that the couple ran out the door and down the stairs out onto the street.

“Where are we going?” Skye asked as the Doctor pulled her along. The Doctor didn’t answer, he just kept running.

A couple of blocks down they turned into an alley. They stopped in front of a blue police box.

“What’s this?” Skye asked. She had seen a few of these but no one used them anymore.

“This is the TARDIS.” The Doctor unlocked the box and opened the door. He stepped back. Skye glanced at him then walked into the box. The Doctor followed her.

“Oh my God!” Skye exclaimed. It was huge on the inside. The Doctor moved out of her way as she ran back out and looked at the sides of the box. She ran her hands over the wood. She went back inside. The Doctor was standing by a control console in the centre of the room. Skye had a stunned look on her face.

“It’s…It’s” She stuttered. The Doctor finished her sentence.

“It’s bigger on the inside.” Skye walked up the steps to the platform where the Doctor stood. “This is a TARDIS,” The Doctor continued “It stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Skye asked. Her fingers traced the edge of the console. The Doctor thought for a second then said.

“Well, basicly, it’s a spaceship.” Skye nodded, that made more sense to her. Skye smiled up at the Doctor.

“Are you going to show me around your rocket, space man?” She asked. The Doctor chuckled and lead her down a corridor.

Skye was amazed by the TARDIS, it had thousands of rooms and none of them made sense. Finally the pair came back to the control room. Skye sat down in a leather seat, her head resting on her hands. The Doctor sat down next to her.

“Well you obviously aren’t normal, “ She said teasing. “but I still haven’t seen any proof that this thing moves.” The Doctor smiled then jumped to his feet. He began to fiddle with mechanisms on the console. He placed his hand on a lever and looked over at Skye.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked. Skye thought for a moment then said,

“To the future.” She replied finally. The Doctor smiled at her as he threw the lever forward. The TARDIS shook and rattled. A noise that Skye would never forget came from the console. She held onto the seat until the TARDIS stopped with a bit of a bump. The Doctor ran to the door and opened it. He turned to Skye and smiled, then he stepped out. Skye ran after him.

Skye's First Adventure

“Welcome to the year 4015.” The Doctor said, holding his arms out wide. “I believe this was Ontario, Canada.” Skye starred in amazement at the city before her. The entire city was made of glass and chrome. Skye could see straight into the house and buildings.

“What do you mean was?” Skye asked.

“Well the US bought most of Canada in ‘89 and divided it into districts, so this would be district 3 of the Canadian State, The Glass City.” The Doctor started to walk down the street in front of them. Skye followed trying to keep up with him.

“So what are we going to do?” Skye asked. Her little legs moved swiftly next to the Doctor’s long legged gait.

“Well what do you want to do?” The Doctor responded. Skye looked at her surroundings. Aside from few people walking down the street, it was almost completely deserted. Skye spotted what appeared to be a bakery and was about to suggest it when they heard loud shouts coming from down the street. The couple looked and saw a crowd of enraged people walking down the street.

Skye and the Doctor were soon in the middle on the throng of people. The Doctor turned to a boy near them.

“Excuse me lad, but what is going on?” He asked. The boy looked at him like he was an idiot.

“Where have you been the last three months?” He asked.

“Well I was in a bit of a coma and just got up.” The Doctor replied wittily. Skye smirked at his remark. The Doctor sure was hot on his toes with comebacks.

“We are doing to hunt down the Beast.” The lad said. “It’s been breaking into the houses and killing people.” The Doctor became very interested at this. He leaned over to look the boy in the eye.

“And what does this Beast look like?” The Doctor inquired. The boy shrugged and walked off. The Doctor stood up straight and turned to look at Skye.

“Shall we join the hunt?” He asked. Skye smiled and nodded. The hunt began.

The crowd divided into groups, the Doctor and Skye stuck together. The group they joined walked to the edge of the city. Skye was horrified by the sight she saw.

“What happened to the trees?” She gasped. The land was completely barren and grey.

“When the US bought Canada, they cut down all the trees for paper and energy.” The Doctor answered solemnly. “No one realised until it was too late that the trees weren’t growing back.”

The group walked out into the wasteland. The wind was blowing strong. The Doctor and Skye flipped their coat collar up simultaneously.

“So what are we looking for?” Skye asked a man who looked to be taking charge.

“We’re looking for a huge creature with fur down it’s back.” He asked. He was a large grizzly like man.

“If it really is a large beast wouldn’t we see it out here?” The Doctor inquired. The man scanned the horizon.

“There are caves and other hiding places for it to hide.” He replied. “That’s why they brought me out, I am a tracker, the names Frank Kindle.” He held out his hand, the Doctor shook it with a grin on his face.

“Glad to meet you, Frank Kindle.” The Doctor chirped. “May I call you Frank?” The man said he can call him whatever he wants. The group walked around for a bit, then Frank said he had found a trail. The group followed him in at an excited pace. The Doctor and Skye fell behind.

“What do you think it is, Doctor?” Skye asked. In her head she imagined a werewolf, but she was fairly certain that they didn’t exist. Although, Skye realised, they certainly could.

“Probably a bear,” The Doctor said. He wondered to himself whether it might be something more exciting.

“Hey, you two in the back, be quiet we’re getting close.” Frank commanded. The entire group went silent. Up ahead was a few rolling hills. Frank gave the order for the men to get their tranquilizer guns ready. Frank and the men crept forward closer to the hills. Suddenly a deep growl came from between two mounds. Frank signaled to stop.

“Alright, you beastly thing, come out.” Frank called. Another growl came back in reply, but this one was followed by a creature that appeared seemingly out of no where in front of the hills. Skye withdrew behind the Doctor, who shielded her with his arm.

The creature was huge, it had a muscular body covered in grey-green flesh, thick grey fur covered the top of it’s head, traced down it’s spine and formed a bushy tail. It had a face almost like a man but with large fangs and a snout like nose. It was much worse than a werewolf.

The men aimed their weapons, but Frank had them hold their fire. He looked at the creature and spoke.

“What is your name, you ghastly thing?” He said. The creature growled then opened it’s mouth to speak.

“I am the one called Hannibal.” It said, it’s voice was raspy and had a nightmarish quality to it. “I kill all for pleasure.” Skye clung to the Doctor.

“Doctor, what is that?” She whispered. The Doctor kept his eyes on the beast but pulled Skye closer.

“It’s a Goloc,” His voice was hard. Skye didn’t know what that meant but she knew it wasn’t good. Frank seemed unsurprised by the answer he received, while the other people were scared more than Skye.

“Well, Hannibal, consider yourself trounced.” Frank said as he gave the command to fire. The men pulled their triggers and the Doctor and Skye watched the darts fly at the creature.

Hannibal did not react at first to the darts, Skye was worried he would attack, but several more darts hit him and his body tensed then began to shake. The Doctor stepped forward.

“What is that stuff?!” He yelled. Even a creature as horrible as a Goloc the Doctor felt had to be protected. Frank waved the Doctor off.

“Don’t worry,” He said, smiling as the beast wreathed. “It will only make him sleep for a while.” As he said this, Hannibal dropped to the ground, completely still. The Doctor ran to the beast, he checked for a pulse, when he found one he relaxed. Skye carefully crept over to him. Frank had the citizens tie Hannibal up and it took almost everyone to lift the beast to carry him back to the Glass City. The Doctor and Skye talked on the way back.

“So what is a Goloc?” Skye asked the Doctor.

“They are a predator species,” The Doctor said. “They have to kill, they can’t help it.”

“Can’t they stop themselves?” Skye said. She could never imagine having to kill.

“They have two souls, one wants to kill, while the other watches and mourns.” The Doctor said gravely.

“That’s horrible.” Skye said. The Doctor nodded in agreement. They walked on quietly.

The men carried the beast to the town centre, where they placed his body on platform in the centre. The other search parties were called back, soon the town centre was crowded with people trying to see the creature on the stand. They had restrained Hannibal even more with chains and padlocks, so that when he woke he could not escape. The people stood around talking for a while.

Finally, Frank climbed onto the stage. He addressed the people.

“We have caught the beast that has terrorised this City!” The people cheered. Frank waited for them to settle then he continued. “Now what is the price it will pay for killing our friends and families?” People began to shout out, some said to burn him, others said lock him up forever. The Doctor and Skye stood to the side watching this ordeal in silence. Frank also stood watching the people. Eventually the voices died down. Frank spoke again.

“Locking up this foul creature will do us no good,” He began. “ We must finish him!” The people began to cheer at this time, someone got a torch and it was being passed forward. It reached Frank who prepared to light the stage on fire.

The beast was awoken by the noise and let out a deep growl. The crowd fell silent. The Doctor and Skye, who had been moving towards the stage, froze. Hannibal spoke to the people.

“Kill me,” He said. “I dare you to, no matter what you do I won’t regret slaughtering your people.” The horrified crowd grew angered by this. Frank held the torch to the wooden stage.

“And that’s where I have to stop this.” The Doctor said. He held out a metal stick with a green light on the end, pressing a button a sound emitted from the device. The padlocks and chains holding Hannibal released, and the beast broke free. Skye heard glass shattering. The people realised what had happened and quickly ran out of the square. Frank disappeared. The only living things left in the centre was the Doctor, Skye and Hannibal. Hannibal lept from the burning stage. He approached the couple.

“Thank you for freeing me,” Hannibal said. Skye was frightened speechless but held her ground next to the Doctor. “To bad you will have to die.” Hannibal got down on all fours and ran at the Doctor. The Doctor grabbed Skye’s hand and said.

“Run!” The pair took off down a narrow street, the beast following behind. The couple ran down alleys and roads, zig-zagging trying to lose the beast, but he only got closer. The Doctor and Skye ran until they came to a dead end. They turned to face the beast. Hannibal stopped several feet in front of them. He smiled, sending shivers down Skye’s back. The Doctor spoke to Hannibal.

“You don’t have to do this.” He said. “I can take you back Golicith, back to your home.” Hannibal threw his head back and a strange noise came from his throat, Skye realised that the creature was laughing.

“Why would I want to return to that God-forsaken place?” The creature said when his laughing subsided. “I can kill whenever and whatever I want.” Hannibal got back down on all fours, he crouched preparing to jump. His eyes were pitch black and full of gleeful hate. Skye suddenly had a brilliant idea. She reached into the Doctor’s pocket and grabbed the strange device he had used before. She help it at her side waiting for the creature to spring. With a growl Hannibal lept forward. Skye pointed the device at the glass buildings and pressed the button. The glass shattered and rained down on Hannibal, who was knocked down by the force.

When the glass settled, the pair saw Hannibal laying on his side. Skye dropped the device and ran to him. She rolled him onto his back. A whimper came from the beast. He had bits of glass all over his body.

“I’m sorry.” Skye whispered. “I’m so sorry.” The Doctor walked over and laid a reassuring hand on Skye. She turned to him with tears in her eyes.

“What did I do?” She asked. “I killed him.” The Doctor pulled her close.

“No,” He said softly. “No, Skye, we gave him a chance and he failed to take it.” Skye sobbed, her head resting on the Doctor’s chest. She felt a light touch on her back. She turned to see Hannibal looking at her. He tried to speak.

“Thank you,” He managed to get out. “Thank you for freeing me.” Hannibal’s eyes had changed, they seemed sad but relieved. Skye knelt by his side, her ear close to his mouth to hear him. He continued. “Don’t cry for a lost soul.” His head dropped down. The Doctor felt for a pulse. He looked at Skye and shook his head. She closed Hannibals eyes, which had turned into almost human brown eyes.

She slowly got up. She walked back to the town centre, the Doctor followed quietly behind after picking up his device. She found Frank hiding behind a chrome statue. Though he weighed much more than Skye, she pulled him to his feet with almost no effort.

“Hannibal is dead,” She said. “You hid while someone else saved your town. You are a coward, and a fool.” With that she left the grizzly man alone in the centre. She walked down the street to where the TARDIS was waiting. The Doctor unlocked the door and the two entered. The Doctor spoke after a minute of quiet.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked, though he feared he already knew the answer.

“Home.” Skye spoke quietly. She sat down in a leather chair. The Doctor obliged. Soon the couple stepped out of the TARDIS, Skye recognised the street. The two walked silently back to her flat building. When they were right outside, Skye stopped then turned and walked down a different street. The Doctor followed her confused. Finally Skye stopped in front of a pub. The opened the door and walked in. The Doctor follow.

The pair sat down in a booth. Skye ordered a drink. They sat for a minute, Skye stared into her glass.

“What is that device?” She asked, breaking the silence.

“It’s a sonic screwdriver.” He replied. “It uses sound to manipulate things.” Skye nodded, the two went silent again. Something popped into the Doctor’s head.

“How did you know it would break the glass?” He asked her. She smiled a little at this.

“I heard glass break when you used it the first time.” She answered. “I wasn’t sure but I just went with it.” The Doctor smiled and chuckled. He was impressed by her quick ideas. Skye took a large drink from her glass then got up.

“I guess I had better go home now.” She said. The Doctor heard a bit of sadness in her voice. He got up and the two walked back to her flat.

When they got back, Skye’s father was out. Skye went to the kitchen to make tea. The Doctor watched her from the doorway.

“You don’t have to stay here.” He said. Skye looked at him confused. “You could come with me.” Skye thought about it.

“Is it always that exciting?” She asked him as she handed him a cup of tea.

“Oh, yeah.” He said smiling. His face became serious. “But it’s almost never that sad.” Skye smiled with relief. She liked the idea of travelling, and the thrill felt fantastic.

“I guess I had better pack a bag.” She said. The Doctor nodded and smiled. She put down her tea and went to her bedroom. She threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed a brush and makeup, some money (though she didn’t know if it would work in space). The Doctor was waiting on the couch.

“Got everything?” He asked. Skye nodded her head. The Doctor got up, and the two headed for the door.

“Where the hell have you been?” A voice asked from the front hall. It was Skye’s father.

“Uh, I was out and about.” Skye said. “Now excuse me I was just popping out again.” She tried to duck past him. Mr. Davis steps in front of her, blocking her way out. He was not happy.

“I haven’t seen you in two damn days, and you expect me to just let you leave again?” He said, his arms cross. The Doctor slapped his forehead.

“I got the day wrong again.” He said. “Sorry ‘bout that.” Mr. Davis glared at him.

“What do you think you were doing, Mr. Smith?” Skye’s father said. The Doctor hung his head. Skye intervened.

“Dad, we just got to talking about places we liked and we decided to go to the countryside.” Skye fibbed. “I wanted to show the Doc..I mean Mr. Smith the lovely lakes out there.” Mr. Davis’ scowl grew deeper, then he gave up and his face softened.

“Why can’t you just tell me where you are for once?” He said. “You should know better by now.” Skye rolled her eyes.

“Fine, Dad.” She said. “I am going out now, and he is coming with me.” Skye took the Doctor by the wrist and pulled him out of the flat and down the stairs.

“But where are you going?” She could hear her father calling to her but left without a reply. Out on the street, she let go of the Doctor. He took the lead going back to the TARDIS. When they got inside the Doctor jumped up to the console. Spinning to Skye, he asked.

“Where do you want to go now?” He said. Skye thought for a moment.

“Anywhere good.” She said. The Doctor smiled then began to fiddle with the console, again he put his hand on the lever and looked at Skye.

“I know just the place.” He said, the lever went forward and the TARDIS began to move, the siren noise started. Skye smiled with excitement.

The Tree Place

Skye stepped out of the TARDIS. The Doctor locked it on his way out. Skye looked up at the clear sky. It was bright and warm. The land was covered in grass, and there wasn’t a building in sight.

“Welcome to Ibigi, the tree place.” The Doctor said. The two were walking along the rolling hills.

“I don’t see any trees.” Skye replied. Out of no where several beings appeared, they appeared to be made from wood. They held weapons in their arms. The pair held their hands up.

“See them now?” The Doctor said before a tree silenced him. The head tree motioned for them to move. They complied.

The trees led them to an underground tunnel. They walked down the tunnel before coming into a large opening. The opening had several other tunnels connected to it. The tree people on the opening looked at the strange arrivals. The Doctor and Skye were led quickly down another tunnel which led to what seemed to be a meeting room. In the middle of the room was a large table, it seemed to have grown up from the ground. Nine trees were concentrating on some papers on the table. The tree in that had taken Skye and the Doctor announced himself.

“I have brought spies from the government, they were snooping around outside the cave opening.” He said. The nine trees sat down at the table.

“Thank you, Medraut, you may go.” A lady tree said waving him off. Medraut bowed and left the room. The lady turned back to the Doctor and Skye. She stood and held her arms out.

“Welcome to Ibigi, I am Princess Neas.” She said, her voice was like a whisper. “I apologise for the guard’s rude behavior, things are very tense right now. Please tell me your names.” Two servants brought in chairs and the Princess motioned for Skye and the Doctor to sit. They gladly obeyed.

“I am the Doctor, and this is my comrade, Skye Davis.” The Doctor said.

“Might I ask your majesty why everyone is so high strung?” Skye asked. The princess sat back in her seat.

“I am afraid we are going to war.” She sighed. The Doctor was surprised by this.

“The trees are peaceful people.” He said. Princess Neas nodded her head.

“We are indeed but my brother, King Nlaiho, has forsaken some of our people.” She replied. “He has made the Elm trees slaves. When I tried to stop him he sent me into exile.”

“There are different kinds of tree people?” Skye asked. They all looked the same to her.

“Of course, I am an Oak while my people here are Elms and Birch.” The princess replied. The Doctor explained to Skye how the trees had evolved into humanoids to save themselves. They went to the stars in search of a new home and found Ibigi, It was empty but could support life. The Oaks were made rulers, because they live long and are strong. Skye still couldn’t tell the difference between the different kinds of trees but she understood.

“So we are going to rise against my brother and free the elms from their bondage.” The princess said. “But we have no way to get into the forest.” Doctor commented that a forest is like a large city of trees. On of the other trees, who had been listening, interrupted the casual conversation.

“If you aren’t spies, can we trust you as allies?” He asked. “Will you help us win our war.” Princess Neas silenced him, but she looked at the pair of humans awaiting their answer. The Doctor answered for both of them.

“I am afraid we cannot help you,” He said apologetically. “I don’t like wars, or any sort of violence for that matter.” The princess nodded her head.

“Very well,” She said. “but please stay as our guests.” The Doctor agreed to this. A servant came to escort them to their room. Skye giggled at the room that they had received. There was a basic dresser and wardrobe, but instead of a bed there was a four by seven foot plot of soft dirt. The Doctor explained that the trees buried their roots in the soil at night. He laid his coat over the dirt and sat down, Skye did the same. Laying back she saw that there was an opening in the ceiling, she could see the sky which had turned to dusk. The Doctor laid back to and they watched the stars come out. Skye’s mind began to wonder, she had been pondering something since they had left the council. The Doctor had fallen asleep next to her. She listened to his peaceful breathing, the soft sound lulled her to sleep.

In the morning she talked to the Doctor about she had been contemplating.

“Doctor, why can’t we help the trees?” She asked sitting up. The Doctor looked up at her.

“We don’t intervene in the evolution of civilizations.” He said simply. “We could change the whole of time if we did.” Skye contemplated this for a minute.

“But Doctor slavery is wrong,” She argued. “The war is going to happen whether we help them or not, why can’t we make sure it happens with as little death as possibly.” The Doctor smiled and sat up.

“Now you’re thinking.” He said excitedly. He jumped to his feet and sprinted out the door, with Skye trailed faithfully behind.

“The birch could waltz right into the forest and nobody would notice. Why didn’t I think of it before! Well I guess I did, so why did no one else?” The Doctor said walking into the room with the large table, the council was already seated.

“They aren’t enslaved or exiled,” The Doctor continued. “They are just tree huggers, no pun intended...Well, actually pun a little intended.” The council looked at each other.

“So you have changed your mind?” A tree man asked.

“Well my companion made some very convincing points to me,” The Doctor said smiling at Skye. “So yes I had a change in heart. Now let’s begin.” With this he sat at the table and they construct a plan. Skye helped for a while, but grew tired and left the room to explore.

The cave was bigger than Skye had thought. There were multiple clearings like the first she saw. There were lots of trees but they did not seem any where close to filling the cave to capacity. Skye found the dining hall, but fertilizer and minerals did not appeal to her. There were no libraries, that would be rather cannibalistic. She accidently found herself in the nursery. There was a young tree girl watching the toddling saplings. She smiled at Skye.

“Hello, are you looking for your child?” She asked. Skye couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, I don’t have any kids.” Skye answered. “I was just exploring. I’m Skye.” One of the babies came up to Skye reaching up at her. Skye looked at the girl, she nodded that it was okay. Skye picked up the little tree. He giggled with delight. The tree stood up.

“I am Omagoa, but many people call me Oma.” She said smiling. “Would you like to help me watch the saplings?” Skye accepted. The two spent a few hours together. Skye learned a few things; saplings don’t need much, they just like to play, and Oma is fifty-four years young, she is barely out of her teens. Eventually the Doctor showed up. He said they were planning on leaving that night. Skye said farewell.

“See you around, Oma.” She said.

“May you grow tall and strong, Skye.” Oma replied with a bow. Skye and the Doctor walked back to their corridors. The trees had laid out clothing for the Doctor and Skye. The Doctor did not wish to wear it, but he encouraged Skye too. He stepped out for her to change. When she was done they headed to the first clearing. Birch trees were gathering there. The princess was organizing troops. She joined the Doctor when they approached.

“Is everything coming together, your majesty.” The Doctor asked.

“Yes, everything is fine,” She said. “and please, call me Neas.” She laid her hand on the Doctor’s arm. He did not seem to understand this gesture of affection. Skye suppress a giggle. They went back to work. Later, Skye felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned and saw it was Oma.

“What are you doing here?” Skye asked in surprise. “I didn’t think you were a birch.” Oma shook her head.

“I am not a birch, but I came to help fight.” She said. “I am an Oak.” Neas came over and welcomed her. She was added to the same troop as Skye and the Doctor. Finally the troops were ready. They picked up their bags, and got in line. Skye and Oma were next to each other, the Doctor was on Skye’s other side. Looking at the troops, Skye thought they looked a bit odd, they were dressed in civilian clothes and travel wear.

“Ready, march.” The princess commanded, and they were on their way.

Once they were out of the cave the troops went separate ways, then divided into smaller groups. They would go less noticed this way. The Doctor, Skye and Oma stuck together. Skye introduced the Doctor to Oma.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Omagoa.” The Doctor said.

“and you too, Doctor.” She bowed. The Doctor asked Oma to tell them how she had ended up with the Elms. After a little persuasion she caved in.

“I am a distant cousin of princess Neas,” She began. “My family is not royal but we were well respected. I was once named Ewasoke. I was the only one from my line to survive the Scorch epidemic thirty years back. I became a nurse for the saplings, and changed my name to Omagoa, baby watcher. When Nlaiho succeeded the throne and enslaved the elms, Neas came to me asking me for my help. She knew she was going to be exiled and needed a spy on the inside. So I became the royal nurse, Nlaiho’s wife had just had three saplings and needed all the help she could get. After the princess was exiled I continued my role as nurse and spy, but I was found out. They locked me away and planned to execute me. Princess Neas heard of my capture and her men infiltrated the castle and disguised as guards. They released me and I was taken to the cave. And that’s where I met you.” Skye was touched by her story. Oma had been so brave, even when she thought she was to die.

They had reached the outskirts of the forest. They hide and waited for high noon. When it came, the first small group walked into the town and every approximate hour after that a group would go in. Finally it was the Doctor, Oma, and Skye’s turn.

“Won’t we stand out a bit?” Skye asked. “A group of humans and an escaped prisoner might be noticed.” The Doctor shook his head.

“We are going to stay hidden and head for the castle,” He said. “We will go unnoticed if all goes well.” They crept down alleys and back streets, Oma lead the way to the castle. They made it to the wall around the castle, it was made entirely out of vines.

“What now?” Skye and Oma asked. The Doctor smiled.

“Now, we get caught.” He said. Skye felt her stomach drop, some how she knew that was what he would say. The Doctor ran at the wall and started hitting it and yelling. Skye knew there was no going back now so she joined in. Oma stayed quiet. Two guards showed up.

“Who are you?” One said. “What do you want?” Said the second. The Doctor simply held out his wrists to be cuffed. Skye started to do the same, but noticed Oma was frozen with fright.

“It will be okay.” She said, taking Oma’s hand. Oma tried to smile. The guards led them into the castle. They were taken to a court like room and told to wait.

The high court filed in, last was the King himself. He sat in the middle of the high court. He down at the three-some in front of him.

“Who are you?” He asked, his tone rude and aggressive. The Doctor stepped forward to answer him.

“This is Skye Davis, my companion,” He nodded toward Skye. “And this is Awadasymi.” He nodded toward Oma. Skye and Oma understood that the Doctor gave Oma a fake name to protect her from the king’s recognition. The king continued to glare.

“And who are you?” He growled. The Doctor smirked, he was bouncing on the balls of his feet, Skye had learned that he did this when he was excited.

“Oh, little old me?” He said. “I'm the Doctor.”

A member of the court spoke out.

“Doctor who?” She asked. Skye looked up at her, and said.


The trio was placed in the prison, they had refused to speak of their plans. The king felt threatened by the Doctor. He called his most trustworthy nobles to his corridors. They discussed what to do next. The king sent for Skye. When she arrived, he had her sit at a table covered in food.

“Hello, Skye.” He said. “Please eat.” Skye’s mouth watered, it was human food, fruits and meat. She hadn’t eaten in two days, but she couldn’t trust the king. She didn’t eat.

“Please, my dear,” King Nlaiho said, pushing a plate of meat towards her. “I insist.”

“No thank you.” Skye said. She focused on the King’s face. “I am not hungry.” The king sat down on the edge of the table, he leaned in, his face very close to Skye’s.

“Very well,” He said. “Let’s get to the point. Tell me about yourself and your husband.” Skye was confused for a moment, then she laughed out loud. The king was taken aback.

“The Doctor is not my husband.” Skye said between giggles. The king was offended from her laughing but he hid it.

“My apologies,” He said. “I only assumed since he said your were companions.” Skye’s giggles subsided, and they were silent for a while. The king finally couldn’t take it any long.

“What are you planning on doing?” He asked. Skye kept her mouth shut. This infuriated the King. He struck her face, a yelp came from her mouth but she calmed herself and stayed quiet. She could feel a splinter or two in her cheek, his strike felt like a baseball bat. The king was furious but he did not strike her again. He leaned in again, it took all Skye had to not attack him or run out of the room.

“Tell me your plans now.” He said, his voice soft but threatening. “or I will destroy you.” Skye looked him in the eyes.

“Do it.” She dares. “It won’t change a thing. I will never tell you anything.” She spat at his feet. The king is disgusted and tells the guards to take her back. He throws her at them. They keep a tight hold on her.

“Skye!” The Doctor cries. When they shoved her back in their cell. Skye was able to hold her tears back but she was still shaking. “Are you alright? What happened to your cheek?” The Doctor lead her to the bench bolted to the wall. Oma sat down next to her. She held Skye’s as the Doctor took the splinters out of her cheek.

“Now what happened to you?” The Doctor said when he had finished. Skye had calmed down by then.

“Don’t worry I didn’t tell him anything.” Skye said. The Doctor looked angry, Skye had never seen him like this before.

“I didn’t ask that,” He said, his voice hard. “I asked what happened to you.” Skye told him what happened. She saw him get angrier and angrier, when she had finished he went to the cell door.

“I want to talk to the king!” He yelled. “Now!” The guards looked at each other. One left the prison. He came back with the king. King Nlaiho smiled at the Doctor.

“I was hoping you would come around and tell me Doctor.” He said. He stood right in front of the Doctor. The Doctor looked like murder was on his mind. He reached through the cell bars and grabbed the king, pulling him close.

“Don’t you ever touch Skye again.” The Doctor commanded. His voice low. Skye was genuinely scared. “I swear if you lay a finger on her, I will burn your wooden corpse.” The Doctor shook him. Skye laid her hand on the Doctors shoulder.

“Doctor,” She said softly. She felt the Doctor’s muscles relax. “Doctor, let him go.” The Doctor held onto the king for a moment, then he let him go. The king stepped back. There was a smile on his lips, Skye regretted having him let go.

“If they won’t tell me by noon tomorrow,” King Nlaiho spoke to the guards. “have them executed.” With that he left the room. Oma was close to tears, she had experienced this before. Skye sat with her on the bench, she tried to calm Oma. The Doctor paced.

The two guards switched with a younger guard. When they had gone, the young guard offered them food, fertilizer for Oma and apples for the Doctor and Skye. They graciously took it.

“What’s your name?” Skye asked the young man, She rest her arms on the bars of her cell. The guard did not look at Skye but replied.

“Asohun.” Skye held out her hand.

“I’m Skye.” She said. Asohun looked at her hand hesitantly but decides she is safe and shakes it.

“You don’t look like the other guards.” Skye said. Asohun looked offended. “I mean that in a good way.” Asohun relaxed.

“I am a cottonwood.” He said. “I am lucky to be here.” Skye thought he sounded like he didn’t believe the last part.

“I like you better than the others.” She commented. Asohun laughed.

“Great,” He said. “The guard pleases the prisoner.” Skye put her hand on his shoulder.

“Hey,” She said. He turned and looked at her. “Being different is one of the greatest things. If the other guards don’t think so, then maybe they don’t deserve you on their side.” Asohun smiled. He thought Skye was sweet.

“Thank you, Skye.” He said. “Maybe you're right.” They continued to talk for a while. The Doctor had been pacing the whole time, finally he called Skye over.

“We need to get out of here.” He said. Skye looked confused.

“I thought that the birches were coming for us.” She said. The Doctor nodded.

“They are,” He said. “But they won’t make it on time.” Asohun, who had overheard their conversation, interrupted.

“I could help you.” He said. Skye and the Doctor looked at him in surprise. “I could get you out.” The Doctor walked up to the cell bars. He looked Asohun.

“How can we trust you?” He said. Asohun matched the Doctor’s stare.

“Skye told me something that really made sense.” He said. “If the guards don’t want me then I was on the wrong side.” Skye smiled at Asohun.

“We can trust him.” Skye said. The Doctor decided Skye was right. They all put their heads together to form a plan.

Asohun unlocked the cell door. The trio inside got out.

“You three had better hurry.” Asohun said. “Use the back exit, it leads straight to the street.”

“Thank you.” Skye said. Oma and Doctor headed for the exit. Asohun got in the cell. Skye closed and locked it behind him.

“For you I’d do anything.” Asohun said. “You showed me the way. I hope to see you when this is over.” Skye smiled. She kissed him on his cheek.

“It’s a date.” She said. If a tree could blush, Asohun definitely was.

“Come on, Skye.” The Doctor called. Skye ran to catch up. They ran up the stairs and out onto the street. They headed towards where the rebels were to meet.

“What the hell happened?!” The head guard said. Asohun stood in the locked cell. He told him that the prisoners had grabbed his keys and ambushed him, forcing him into the cell.

“You fool!” The guard scolded. “Now we must track them down.” He unlocked the cell and Asohun got out. The head guard had two more guard join them and they set off up the front exit to find the escapees. Asohun tried to lead them in the wrong direction.

The Doctor, Oma and Skye made it to a small hut by dusk, they entered from the alley way. Three of Princess Neas counsel were there. They were surprised to see the trio.

“What are you doing here?” One asked. “We were to send for you in two days.” Oma explained the king’s threat and how they escaped. Two of the counsel were impressed but the third was worried.

“What if the guard tells them where you are?” She asked.

“Asohun won’t.” Skye said, she was sure of this. The Doctor and Oma agreed with her.

“We will have to skip to the last step,” The Doctor said. The council was surprised. “by tomorrow morning.” The council protested.

“We can’t!”

“It will fail!”

“No one is ready!”

“We can and we must.” Oma said. “The king knows we are up to something. We need to attack before he finds out what.” The council came around and messages were sent out in code. All there was to do was wait. At midnight messages began to come back. The troops were ready. The council went to their stations. Skye, Oma and the Doctor went to do the same.

Back at the castle, the guards had given up. Asohun had successfully kept them from the rebels path. He knew that he would be punished for what he did, but if all went well it wouldn’t matter. He had instructions from the Doctor on what to do now.

Dawn was just peeking it’s little head, when everything was ready. The trio took their place in front of the castle walls. The Doctor stepped forward.

“King Nlaiho,” He yelled. “We request your audience.” The Doctor stepped back. The gate opened. The trio walked onto the courtyard. The king stood on the steps of his castle.

“Have you returned to turn yourselves in?” He asked, though he sounded like he didn’t think that was so. He was right.

“We have come to end your reign.” Oma said bravely. King Nlaiho laughed.

“Do you really think the three of you can stop me?” He chuckled.

“No!” A voice yelled. The king’s head shoot up to look at the gate. Princess Neas appeared, with a fleet of tree-soldiers behind her. “But we will.” The king’s face flushed, he had not expected this from his young sister. He was speechless for a moment, finally his voice returned.

“You won’t win.” He said. He seemed to have shrunk. “I have whole armies to beat you.” I signaled to someone on the castle wall. Nothing happened. The king looked confused.

“Um, was something supposed to happen?” Skye teased. The king yelled up to the wall.

“Shoot them!” He yelled. An arrow sored through the air and landed in the ground in front of the king. The king jumped back, furious. Asohun popped his head up from the wall.

“I’m sorry your highness,” He said. “but your men have all been told to go home.” More men popped up on the wall. They were all rebels. The princess approached her brother.

“I succeed the throne.” She said, taking the crown from his head. Two of her men came and handcuffed Nlaiho. He was lead away screaming.

Princess Neas turned to her subjects. She smiled as she placed the crown on her head. The rebel forces cheered. She silenced them.

“As my first order of business,” She said. “I release the Elms from their bondage.” The crowd erupted. The now Queen Neas retreated to the castle. Her brother’s court was banished from the castle.

Queen Neas called the Doctor, Skye, Oma and Asohun to the courtroom. They entered together. Queen Neas was seated there.

“I recognise you four as the heros of this battle.” She began. “Therefore I offer you each a seat on my court.” Oma and Asohun gleefully accepted, but the Doctor and Skye declined. The Queen told them to stay as long as they liked. They were all excused to their rooms. Skye and the Doctor went to sleep immediately.

The next morning they woke to shouts in the courtyard. They came out to find Nlaiho tied to a wooden stake. He was surrounded by an angry mob. Asohun and Oma were stand a little ways off. The Doctor and Skye walked over to them.

“What is going on?” Skye asked. Asohun and Oma looked troubled.

“Neas as declared that Nlaiho is to be burned at the stake for his crimes.” Asohun said grimly.

“What?!” The Doctor exclaimed. “Why didn’t you stop her?”

“We tried,” Oma said. “but the other members of the court out voted us. She won’t listen to us.” A man came out of the castle with a torch. The Queen and her court followed. The Doctor ran up to her.

“You must stop this.” He begged. “Please, Neas.” The Queen held her head high.

“He must pay for his crimes.” The Queen said. She motioned for the torch bearer to light the fire.

“No, no, no!” The Doctor tried to stop the torch bearer but the mob kept him back. They watched in horror as Nlaiho screamed in pain. Skye turned to the Queen.

“How could you?” She asked. The Queen did not look at her. Skye slapped her.

“He is your brother!” Skye yelled at her. Queen Neas glared at her then waved her arm. Skye heard a swoosh.

“No!” Asohun cried, pushing Skye out of the way. The arrow lodged itself in Asohun’s chest. He crumbled to the ground, his hands on the arrow.

“No.” Skye knelt and pulled Asohun into her arms. “God, please.” Asohun felt for her hand. His grip was firm.

“I guess I won’t get that date.” He gasped.

“Of course you will.” Skye said. She looked at the Doctor. “Doctor, help him.” The Doctor shook his head.

“I’m sorry.” He said, kneeling beside her. “He won’t make it.” Skye’s eyes filled with tears. She turned back to Asohun.

“Yes he will.” She said stubbornly. “He has to.” Asohun tried to say something but he couldn’t get it all out.

“Be brave, Skye. I…” Asohun’s head dropped. Skye stared at him in shock.

“No!” She cried, shaking his body. She hugged him close. The Doctor tried to pull her away but she clung to Asohun.

“Skye, he is gone.” He said quiet. “Leave him, we have to go now.” Skye let go of him. She had to pry her hand free, she was surprised to see that Asohun had given her a silver ring. She didn’t have time to examine it. The Doctor pulled her to her feet. They ran from the courtyard. Oma followed them. They ran all the way back to the TARDIS. They finally stopped.

“We have to go before they catch up to us.” The Doctor said. He unlocked the TARDIS and the three went in. Oma was surprised at the size of the inside but she thought that it wasn’t the best time to react. The Doctor ran to the console and pushed buttons. The TARDIS took off with a rattle.

It came to a stop, they walked outside.

“Where are we?” Skye asked

“A space station far far away from Ibigi.” He said. He turned to Oma. “You won’t be able to go back to there. I’m sorry.” Oma nodded. She already knew that.

“It’s alright.” She said. “You two have inspired me to travel the universe.”

“Good idea,” The Doctor said. “But stay out of trouble.” Oma gave Skye and the Doctor a hug and with that she ran off to find a new adventure. The Doctor and Skye went back in the TARDIS. Skye sat down tucking her feet under her. She remembered the ring and took it out of her pocket. The outside had an engraving of a tree, on the inside it read “Hold my heart.” Skye knew she shouldn’t cry so she quietly put the ring on her finger. The Doctor saw this small gesture.

“No more deaths.” He said. Skye just looked at her hands in her lap. The Doctor put his fingers on her chin, lifting her head up. She looked him in the eyes. “I promise.” He let go and went back to the console. With a press of buttons, push of a level, and the whir of the TARDIS they were off. It was very smooth for a while, then the TARDIS shook hard. The Doctor looked confused. The looked at a screen.

“What the..?” He started, but was thrown to the ground before he could finish. The TARDIS shook the Doctor and Skye around like rag dolls. With a final crash it stopped.

“Where are we?” Skye asked, climbing to her feet. The Doctor popped up.

“I have no idea,” He said. They smiled at each other. “but let’s find out!

In the Dark

The couple stepped out onto a metal floor. It was dark in the room they were in, only a few lights. An elderly woman sat with a small crying child on a bench. Skye walked up to them.

“Um, hello.” She said. “Do you mind telling us where we are?” The old woman looked at Skye, her eyes were huge with fright.

“Run,” She said. “Run while you still can.” Skye was confused.

“What’s wrong?” Skye said, she crouched down to look the child in the face. “Can we help.” The child continued to cry.

“It got mommy.” He sobbed. “Now Granny is gonna go too.” The Doctor came forward at this.

“What do you mean?” The Doctor asked. “Your Granny is right here.” The old woman let out a sob.

“I have two shadows.” She said. The Doctor’s eyes grew wide. He grabbed Skye by the hand.

“We have to go.” He said, pulling Skye towards the TARDIS.

“What? Why?” She said. “We have to help these people.” The Doctor kept pulling her.

“It’s too late for them.” He said. He stopped in his tracks. Shadows surrounded the TARDIS. “We’re trapped.” The Doctor turned back to the little boy.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Tony.” He said between sobs. “What’s yours?”

“Tony, that’s a great name. My names the Doctor. Now Tony I need you to leave your Grandma and come to us.” The Doctor instructed. Tony looked at his grandma, who nodded. Tony got up and can towards the odd pair. He avoided the shadows. Skye still didn’t know what was going on. The Doctor took out his Sonic Screwdriver and pointed it at the old woman.

“I am sorry,” He said. “So, so sorry.”

“It’s alright.” The woman said. “I am old. Take care of Tony please. “ The woman got up and hobbled into the shadows, she disappeared after a few steps. Tony hugged Skye, sobbing even harder.

“Doctor, what is going on?” Skye asked. She held onto the little boy.

“The Vashta Nerada,” The Doctor replied. He was pacing back and forth. “This is bad, very very bad.” He knelt down by the boy.

“Where are we?” The Doctor asked. “How many people are here?” The child’s sobs subsided.

“It’s the Mayflower Starship,” Tony said. “About 2000 people are on board.” The Doctor ran his fingers through his hair, as he passed. He stopped and told Tony to lead him to the control room. Tony took Skye and The Doctor’s hands and they began to walk down a long corridor.

“Doctor, what is the Vashta Nerada?” Skye asked. The Doctor was still very tense. He kept his eyes on the shadows.

“Basicly they are flesh eating shadows.” He said. Skye’s eyes grew wide. She too began watching the shadows. Some seemed to be cast by nothing, Skye stayed away from those in particular. They made it to the control room. It was locked but Doctor fixed that with his Sonic Screwdriver. They ran in and closed the door. A man stood in front of them. He was frightened.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“They are help.” Tony said. The man recognised Tony and relaxed. The Doctor went to the controls. He fiddled with a few then turned to the man.

“Who are you?” He said. “What’s wrong with your ship?” The man stood up straight.

“I’m the First Mate, John Gilly.” He answered. “The ship seems to be dead, sir.” The Doctor went back to the controls, he pointed the screwdriver at the console. There were some sparks then the power came on.

“Right then, John, point this ship towards the nearest space station.” The Doctor commanded. “Skye go to the computer, find out how many people are still alive.” Tony step eagerly up to the Doctor.

“What do I do?” He chirped. The Doctor knelt down to look him in the eyes.

“You, my boy, have the most important job.” He said. “Watch the shadows. If they move tell me, if someone had two shadows tell me, if anything happens tell me.” Tony nodded his head He sat on the floor and watched. It took Skye a minute to figure out the computer, but she finally found life signals.

“Doctor,” She called. The Doctor came and looked. “There are 450 people on board, not including us.” The Doctor nodded. He paced for a minute.

“Okay,” He said, clapping his hands together. “We need to rescue all those people, and get them off this ship. Gilly, do you have an intercom?” John handed him a portable intercom. The Doctor spoke into it.

“Attention all passengers,” His voice emitted from the speaks. “Stay where you are, we are coming to get you. What ever you do, don’t go in the shadows.” With that the Doctor ended the transmission. John handed Skye a handheld device.

“It’s a computer, it will show you where the people are.” He said. Skye thanked him. Skye and the Doctor headed for the door. The Doctor felt a tug on his jacket.

“I wanna go too.” Tony said.

“I’m sorry Tony,” The Doctor said. “But John needs you here to help.” Tony didn’t want to stay but he accepted it. The Doctor and Skye left the room. The corridor was darker now. They quickly ran down the hall.

At first retrieving the passengers was easy, the successfully got a few groups out and sent them to the control room. But soon it was difficult to reach them or they got there too late. They made it to a library.

“All right you five,” The Doctor said. “Get down from the ladder.” The people were holding onto the book shelves. Skye helped them down. They all ran out the door and down the hall. Skye stayed where she was.

“Alright,” The Doctor said. “Next is a maintenance closet.” He started to walk out the room.

“Doctor,” Skye called. The Doctor didn’t hear her. “Doctor!” He turned.

“What?” He said. “What is it?” Skye looked at the floor.

“I’m surrounded.” She said. Only the small area where she stood was clear. The Doctor’s face flushed. “Doctor, what do I do?” Skye was trying to stay calm.

“Skye stay very very calm” The Doctor said. “Carefully reach for the ladder and climb it.” Skye did so. She was almost too short to reach it. She almost fell.

“Careful!” The Doctor said. He was standing on the edge of the shadow. “Now Skye, you're going to have to jump.”

“What?!” Skye said. There was five feet of shadow between them. “I can’t make it.”

“Yes you can.” The Doctor said. “You can do anything. I am right here to catch you.” Skye turned around carefully on the ladder. Her eyes met the Doctors. She knew she would trust him until the end of the universe. She jumped.

For a moment she thought she didn't make it, but then she felt the Doctor catch her.

“I made it!” She screamed gleefully. The couple held onto each other for a moment. The Doctor looked Skye over.

“Good,” He said. “just one shadow.” The pair left and went to the maintenance closet. Here they found a young couple, who offered to help. Skye told them where to go. They went off hand in hand. The Doctor and Skye went the other way.

It took many hours but finally all but one group was rescued. The largest ground was in the cafeteria. John came in over the intercom.

“Doctor, we have a problem.” He said. “The shadows are heading that way.”

“No, no, no!” The Doctor yelled. He grabbed Skye’s arm. “We have to hurry.” They ran towards the dining room. The shadows were moving along with them. Skye broke out in a rush of energy. The Doctor trailing behind. She burst through the doors of the the cafeteria.

“Quick, get out now!” She yelled at the people. “Go to the control room!” They began to run. The Doctor made it to the room, the Vashta Nerada were right behind. Skye and the Doctor dodged them, but it swope in and covered people.

“No!” The Doctor screamed. He began grabbing people and pushing them out the door, Skye joined in. The couple was fast but the Vashta Nerada were faster. Soon the room was empty, many made it out but more were eaten by the shadows. The Doctor was heart broken. But there was no time to mourn, Skye took his hand and they ran from the room. The halls were dark but most of the shadows were behind them. They ran for their lives. After what seemed like forever the pair made it back to the control room.

It was crowded inside.

“You made it!” Tony cheered as he hugged the two. The Doctor was numb, Skye took over.

“Alright, Gilly, how far are we from the space station?” Skye asked.

“About half an hour away.” He replied.

“Fantastic, now we can’t dock on the space station, the shadows might get out.” Skye continued. “Do you have a teleport?” Gilly said they did. It happened to be in the control room.

“Okay send a message to the station the start sending people there.” Skye said, she remembered something else. “Oh, and if you could have our blue box moved here that would be wonderful.” Gilly nodded and began filling out her orders. When he had retrieved the TARDIS, Skye and the Doctor went inside. The Doctor hadn’t said a word since they had left the dining hall. Skye sat him in a seat and knelt before him.

“Doctor, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“I promised no more death,” The Doctor’s eyes filled with tears “but it keeps happening.” Skye hugged the Doctor.

“Oh, Doctor.” She said. She pulled away. “Don’t you see? If you hadn’t shown up, all of those people would have died. Tony, the couple, John Gilly, they will remember you as the man who saved them, not the man that didn’t get everyone out.” The two hugged for a while, there was no need to talk.

Finally Skye pulled away.

“Now then, how about some tea?” She got up to find the kitchen.

“Don’t move.” The Doctor said. His voice was full of fright. Skye froze. She looked down at the ground. She had two shadows.

“No, no, no!” The Doctor yelled. Skye stepped towards him “Don’t move!” The Doctor started pacing. He had to think of something.

“I have an idea.” The Doctor said. He went to the console and began messing with controls. “It’s a slim chance.” He looked at Skye. “But it’s all we’ve got.” He pressed a few more buttons.

“I’ve created a room filled with millions of watts of light,” The Doctor said when he finished. “It might just kill the Vashta Nerada.”

“That’s great,” Skye said. She was losing her cool. “But how do I get to it?” The Doctor scooped her up in his arms. He went down a hallway until he came to a new door. He opened it and set Skye down. The room was empty, it wasn’t dark but there wasn’t any light either. The Doctor ran out of the room, back to the controls.

“No one else is dying,” He said to himself. “Especially not her.” Skye was shaking. The Doctor’s voice came over an intercom.

“Okay, Skye, I need you to stay calm.” His voice relaxed Skye. “In a moment the lights will turn on, close your eyes or you will go blind.” Skye clamped her eyes shut. At first Skye couldn’t tell if the lights were on but it became warmer and the light came through her eyelids. She closed her eyes tighter.

“I think it’s working!” The Doctor cheered over the intercom. Skye heard a hissing noise, she didn’t know what it was but she didn’t dare look. She assumed it was the Vashta Nerada burning up. The heat was a little unnerving. After what seemed like ages, the lights went down. Skye kept her eyes closed.

“Skye,” The Doctor’s voice was by her ear. “Skye, you can open your eyes now.” Skye slowly opened her eyes. The Doctor stood before her smiling. Skye jumped up and hugged the Doctor.

“You did it!” Skye said. “I didn’t die.” The Doctor lifted her in a hug, her feet dangling down.

“Thank you,” Skye said as the Doctor set her back on her feet. They walked back to the control room. The Doctor saved the room just incase.

“Where to now?” He asked.

“Home,” Skye said. “I want to see my dad.” The Doctor complied. The couple stepped out in front of her flat. They went inside.

Mr. Davis was in his chair reading. He looked up in surprise when they came in.

“Hi, Dad.” Skye said. “Do you mind telling me the date?” Her father was a little stunned.

“It’s October third.” He said. “You’ve been gone for a month, where have you been?” Skye gave her father a hug.

“Good to see you, Dad.” She said. The Doctor went to hug Mr. Davis too, but the look he received told him he had better not. The Doctor felt a buzz in his pocket, he took out the key to the TARDIS.

“Ah, right Skye, I’ll be back in a minute.” He said, heading for the door. “The TARDIS needs a quick pop to Pluto and back.”

“You're leaving me?” She said following him.

“It’ll only take a minute, I swear.” The Doctor said as he left.

Mirror, Mirror

The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS. The streets looked different, for a moment he thought he had gone to the wrong place, but then he saw Skye leaving a flat building. The Doctor walked towards her. Skye stopped when she saw him.

“Doctor.” She said in disbelief. She pulled him into a hug.

“What’s this for?” The Doctor asked. “I was only gone a minute.” Skye pulled back, and slapped the Doctor.

“Two months,” She said angrily. “You’ve been gone two months!” The Doctor got the date wrong again. Skye turned to walk away. The Doctor followed her.

“I’m sorry,” He said. “I didn’t mean to. How much could have changed in two months anyways?”

“A lot can change.” She said. The Doctor was sceptical.

“Like what?” He asked.

“Well for one thing I moved.” Skye said gesturing to the different flat building. “And for another…” She was interrupted by a man approaching. He smiled when he saw her.

“Hey, hun.” He said, kissing her on the forehead. “Who’s this?” He was a tall blonde man, he had large muscles that would normally intimidate other men, but the Doctor barely glanced.

“This is the Doctor.” She said. “Doctor, this is Bobby, my boyfriend.” The Doctor was surprised.

“Wow, things do change in two months.” He said. “Hi, Bob, nice to meet you.” The Doctor shook Bobby’s hand.

“Hi, it’s Bobby.” Bobby said. “Why don’t you come inside?” They went up to a loft apartment. The Doctor sat down on the couch. Skye sat down next to him.

“I’ll go make some tea.” Bobby said. Skye and the Doctor sat awkwardly.

“He seems nice.” The Doctor said, breaking the silence.

“He is.” Skye replied.

“When did you meet?” The Doctor said.

“Before you.” Skye replied. She turned to the Doctor. “Doctor, we need your help.” The Doctor didn’t like the tone in her voice.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“There’s something in the mirrors.”

“What do you mean?” The Doctor asked, intrigued. Skye took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. She stood him in front of the mirror. The Doctor looked at it. “I don’t see anything.”

“Look closer, Doctor.” Skye said. “Your reflection isn’t moving.” The Doctor eyes went wide, he looked back at the mirror. He raised his arm, the reflection stayed the same.

“Oh my God.” He said. He jumped up and down, nothing. He skipped, nothing.

“That’s not the worst thing though.” Skye said. “They keep getting closer, and their eyes grow bigger and crazier.” The Doctor looked at his reflection, the eyes were definitely strange.

“This is not good.” The Doctor said.

“What is it?” Skye asked.

“I don’t know,” The Doctor replied. “That’s why it’s not good.” They went back to the living room. The Doctor began pacing. Bobby came in with the tea.

“Have you seen the mirrors too?” The Doctor asked.

“Well yeah, They’re everywhere.” Bobby replied. The Doctor stood very close to Bobby, making him uncomfortable.

“Everywhere everywhere?” The Doctor said.

“Just the neighborhood, really.” Skye said.

“Oh, good.” The Doctor said. Skye and Bobby looked at him funny. “Well not good, but...good.” The Doctor went back to the mirror and pointed his screwdriver at it. He looked at the screwdriver.

“Weird, very very weird.” The Doctor said. “Why haven’t you covered them up?” Bobby and Skye had followed him in.

“We do, every night,” Bobby said. “But they are always uncovered in the morning.” The Doctor picked up a glass ball.

“Is this of any importance?” He asked. Skye shook her head. “Good.” He threw it at the mirror. Skye screamed in surprise. The mirror shatters, but instead of a cardboard backing, there was a whirlpool like portal.

“Well that is weird.” The Doctor said. This was getting exciting

“What should we do now?” Skye asked. Bobby was freaking out, Skye took his hand to calm him.

“Well,” The Doctor said. He took the mirror and laid it on the ground flat. “Let’s jump in.”

“What!?” Bobby cried. “But we could die.”

“Or we could not.” The Doctor said. He jumped into the vortex and vanished.

“Come on, Bobby.” Skye said. She stepped up to the edge. Bobby grabbed her arm.

“Can we trust him?” He asked. “Is the Doctor safe?” Skye just smiled and jumped in. Bobby stood on the edge, he didn’t know what to do. He decided to go after Skye. With that he jumped in.

Bobby landed on the hard ground. He quickly stood up. He found himself in a thick fog, there wasn’t anything else to see.

“Skye!” He called. He heard a voice in the distance, he started walking towards it. “Skye!”

“Doctor!” Skye was calling. Bobby saw her and ran up to her. “Bobby, there you are. Where is the Doctor?” They heard him calling.

“Doctor!” They yelled together. The Doctor came running.

“Oh, hello.” The Doctor said smiling. “Nice of you to join us, Bob.”

“It’s Bobby.” Bobby corrected. The Doctor didn’t hear him.

“Now then where are we?” The Doctor said. Skye could hear the excitement in his voice.

“It’s a fog.” Bobby said.

“Yes, thank you Bob, I can see that.” The Doctor said. “Sorry that was rude, I need to work on that.” The Doctor started walking in a random direction.

“Where are we going, Doctor?” Skye asked.

“When you don’t know where you are just start walking, you bound to find something.” He replied. Suddenly he stopped. Skye and Bobby stopped too. “Now who are they?” Three people were walking towards them. The fog was too thick to make them out from a distance, all they could make out was their shape. There was two tall ones and a short one, one tall character was lean while the other was muscular.

“Oh my God.” Skye said, shocked. “That’s us.”

The trio stood with their strange look a likes in front of them. They were almost exactly the same except for the wide insane eyes. The Doctor’s copy spoke.

“You are not of this world,” It said. “Why have you come?” The Doctor answered.

“I broke a mirror and jumped.” He said. Skye and her copy stared at each other.

“What are you?” Skye asked.

“We have been to many worlds where we have been call many things.” Her copy replied. “But we call ourselves Peilis.” The Doctor circled around the copies. Skye’s copy spoke. “Are you looking for a better view?”

“Damn,” Bobby whispered. “She has your sass.” Skye laughed.

“What is this place?” The Doctor said.

“It is a place of nothing and a everything.” Bobby’s copy said.

“You are to come with us.” Skye’s copy said, she seemed to be in charge. “We are to take you to Jezgro.” Seeing that they probably didn’t have a choice they followed them.

“Do you have names?” Skye asked.

“We don’t stay together long enough to form identification.” Her copy said.

“We?” Skye said, confused.

“Yes, we are atomic creatures that combine to create duplicates of the people in the mirror,” She said. “See this fog, these are my brothers and sisters who haven’t formed a body.” Skye didn’t like the thought of that.

“Well, I’m gonna call you Alpha” Skye said. “It’s easier than calling you my copy.” Alpha smiled. Skye decided to call Bobby’s copy Beta, and the Doctor’s Gamma.

“It is a shame,” Alpha said. “I really like you three.”

“What’s a shame?” Bobby asked. Alpha replied.

“That we will drain you of all your energy.” She said. Skye and Bobby stopped with horrified looks on their faces. The Doctor did not seem surprised, he had already figured it out.

“This is where I have to stop you.” He said. He took his screwdriver and pointed it at Gamma, Gamma screamed then dissolved.

“What the hell?” Bobby cried.

“It scrambles their bonds and they go back to single atoms.” The Doctor said as Beta dissolved. Alpha grabbed his arm when he tried to get her, knocking the screwdriver from his hand.

“Silly boy, you can’t stop us.” She said. Skye picked up the screwdriver and circled around her enemy. Alpha was too busy with the Doctor to notice.

“There is one thing you don’t know about me.” The Doctor said calmly. Alpha smirked.

“And what would that be?” She said.

“I can always stop you.” The Doctor said. With that Skye grabbed Alpha, putting her in a choke hold. She held the screwdriver to her neck.

“Now that we have your attention.” Skye said. “We have some questions to ask.”

“We had better move first.” Bobby said. The Doctor led them in another seemingly random direction.

“Do you have buildings?” The Doctor asked.

“A few,” Alpha said. “Jezgro is in most of them.”

“Who is Jezgro?” Skye asked. Alpha laughed.

“Jezgro is not a person,” She said. “Jezgro is the core.”

“The core of what?” The Doctor asked.

“Us.” Alpha said simply.

“But what does that mean?” Skye asked. Alpha just smiled, she wasn’t going to tell. Bobby had been standing silently to the side.

“We need to get out of here.” He intervened.

“We need to stop this first.” The Doctor said. Skye nodded. Alpha laughed.

“You can’t stop us,” She said. “We are part of your world and many others.” She dissolved as she said the last words. Skye cursed, giving the screwdriver back to the Doctor.

“What do we do now?” Bobby asked. He was way out of this element. All he wanted was to go home and lay on the couch with Skye. Skye was oblivious to him, she loved the thrill of being back with the Doctor.

“Well,” The Doctor said after some thought. “Let’s go meet Jezgro.”

The trio began walking, in hopes to find a building. They walked for what felt for hours. Skye finally had enough and stopped.

“We are doing this all wrong.” She said. “If they can dematerialise, their buildings probably can too.”

“You’re right.” The Doctor said. “Let’s try something else.” He pointed his screwdriver at the fog making the particles combine. Gamma stood before them.

“Good, I like this one, he is very handsome.” The Doctor said. “Now take us to Jezgro.” Gamma gave the Doctor a skeptical look.

“Why do you want to go now?” Gamma asked. The Doctor simply pointed the screwdriver at Gamma. Gamma turned and began walking, the trio followed. Gamma easily navigated to a small grey building. Alpha and Beta were waiting.

“Nice to see you again, Skye.” Alpha said with a smirk. Skye wondered if she smirked that much, she hoped not. The group went inside the building. It was just as bland on the inside as it was on the outside.

“Nice decorations.” Skye said. Bobby snickered. They walked into a large room, in the centre was a huge machine. Alpha, Beta and Gamma bowed to the machine.

“Hello, Doctor.” The machine bleeped.

“We listen to your every command, Jezgro.” The Peilis said said. The Doctor laughed out loud. The Peilis glared at him.

“Jezgro is your master?” The Doctor said. “It’s nothing but a computer.” Alpha straightened, walking up to the Doctor.

“Jezgro requires energy which we supply.” Alpha said. “Would you like to know how?” The Doctor did not reply, this did not sound good.

“We form a link with a being in a mirror.” Alpha continued, circling the room.. “We become them, the more energy we drain from them the more alike we become.” Alpha looked at Skye, as she spoke to the Doctor. “You should hear her thought about you, Doctor.’ The Doctor’s eyes grew wide with horror.

“Skye?!” Bobby cried. Skye had collapsed on the ground. Bobby knelt down, pulling Skye onto his lap, the Doctor knelt down next to him.

“You have just made a very big mistake.” The Doctor said, murder in his eyes. “Never hurt my friends.” Alpha was unfazed, she smirked again.

“And what are you going to do about it?” She teased. The Doctor smiled.

“This.” He jumped up, pointing the sonic screwdriver at Jezgro. Sparks flew from computer. Jezgro screamed. The high pitch made everyone cringe.

“Stop it!” Alpha screamed. “Don’t kill him!” The Doctor ignored her as he began pulling cords and pressing buttons at random. The computer began to smoke.

“Run!” The Doctor cried to Bobby. “It’s going to blow!” Bobby effortlessly lifted the still unconscious Skye into his arms. They ran out of the building as it dissolved, leaving Jezgro in the open. A huge explosion took place, throwing the trio to the ground.

“You alright?” The Doctor asked Bobby. Bobby nodded. Skye started to stir.

“What the hell happened?” She groaned. She was exhausted.

“No time to explain.” The Doctor said, pulling Skye to her feet. “We need to get out of here.” They started to run when Alpha appear before them. She was barely staying together.

“You are destroying our world.” She said weakly. “You will die with it.”

“Alpha help us please.” Skye begged. Alpha glared at her.

“Why should I?” She challenged.

“Because if you don’t I will destroy your entire species too.” The Doctor threatened. Alpha must have thought this a worthy reason. Gamma and Beta appeared next to her. They joined hands. An electric charge went through them, a moment later a vortex had formed. Bobby went through first. Skye was next.

“Thank you,” She said to Alpha. “And I’m sorry.” She stepped through. She came out in her bedroom, the Doctor followed her. Bobby stood waiting.

“Are you okay?” Bobby asked, his voice full of concern. Skye waved him off.

“I’m fine,” She said, yawning. “I just need...just need to..” She curled up on the bed asleep in an instant.

When Skye woke the Doctor and Bobby were patiently waiting her.

“There’s my little sleepy head.” The Doctor said softly. Skye sat up. Bobby left to make tea.

“What happened to the Peilis, Doctor?” Skye asked.

“They scattered.” He replied. “Not enough together to make a fly.” Skye smiled relieved. Bobby came back with the tea. They all drank in silence, too tired to talk. The Doctor stood.

“Well I’ll be off.” He said as he headed for the door. Skye jumped out of bed and ran after him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She asked.

“Well, I thought you had better things to do.” The Doctor said. Skye slapped him.

“Don’t you dare leave me behind again.” She said sternly. The Doctor smiled and took Skye by the hand they ran to the TARDIS. Bobby ran out after them.

“What about me?” He asked when he caught up to them. “What about us?” Skye stopped.

“What about us?” Skye asked. Bobby looked at his feet.

“Well you're going off with him, so I thought we might not be…” Skye interrupted him. She kissed on the lips.

“We are still together. The Doctor couldn’t change that.” She said. Bobby was quiet. “Hey, come with us.” Bobby looked at her.

“Really? Can I?” He asked. Skye nodded. They went to the TARDIS. “Wait,” Bobby said when they were right outside the TARDIS. “How do I know we will come back in one piece?” Skye took his hand in hers.

“You asked me before if we could trust the Doctor,” She said. “The answer is yes, absolutely yes. I could follow that man anywhere without a doubt in my mind.”

“I also asked you if it was safe.” Bobby countered.

“Of course not.” Skye laughed as she went in the TARDIS. Bobby hesitated then he stepped into the TARDIS.

“Bloody hell!” He cried out. The Doctor and Skye’s laughter could be heard outside the TARDIS.

The Babe

The trio ran back inside the TARDIS, the Doctor slammed the door behind them.

“That was close.” The Doctor said. Skye and the Doctor started laughing.

“Did you see the look on her face?” Skye said between giggles. Bobby didn’t think it was so funny.

“You just punched the queen of Denmark!” Bobby said. This only made Skye and the Doctor laugh harder. “How is that funny?”

“Oh, come one, Bobby relax.” Skye said. “We just went back in time, and you're concerned that I offended her majesty?” The Doctor was at the console.

“Where to now?” The Doctor asked. “Anyone fancy a trip to Pluto?” Skye nodded.

“I’ll go get my coat.” She ran towards her room, it had moved again. She saw a blanket on the floor of the corridor. Thinking the Doctor or Bobby had left it she stooped to pick it up.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed.

Skye walked back into the control room with the blanket in her arms. The Doctor and Bobby were bickering about something.

“Doctor.” Skye said. The Doctor ignored her. “Doctor!”

“What is it now?” The Doctor said. “Did you lose your coat again?”

“I found a baby.” Skye said.

“What?” The Doctor said surprised.

“I found a baby in the halls.” Skye continued.


“I think it’s a goloc.”


“Oh wait there’s a note.” Skye said. She read the note. It says: ‘Protect my baby, she is the first of many if all goes well.’ What does that mean?”

“It means we have a babysitting job to do.” The Doctor said. Skye groaned, babies were cute but she didn’t really have a knack with taking care of them. Bobby was excited, he loved kids. The Goloc baby was smiling up at Skye. Skye smiled back at her, maybe it wouldn’t be...nope, never mind, it’s crying.

“Bobby, take her.” Skye said. Bobby happily took her.

“Hi, baby.” Bobby said, he rocked back and forth. The baby quieted down. “Now what are we going to call you?” He cooed.

“No, we aren’t going to name her.” Skye said. “We can’t get attached.”

“I like the name Aurora.” The Doctor said.

“No not you to, Doctor.” Skye whined. “We aren’t keeping her.”

“I like Alice.” Bobby said to the Doctor. They started to think of a name, while Skye tried to convince them not to.

“Paisley!” They said together. Skye groaned.

“Why won’t she stop crying?!” Skye cried over Paisley’s wailing. The baby had started to cry a little while after they got her and she hadn’t stopped since.

“How should I know?” The Doctor said. He was holding two phone books to his ears, trying to block the noise out.

“We need some help.” Bobby said. He was trying to control the baby. Skye got a great idea.

“I know exactly who we need.” She said with a smile.

Oma was at a bar again. She didn’t know why she kept coming back to them. She didn’t even drink. Maybe it was the atmosphere, it was so different than Ibigi had been. No one knew who you were and no one cared.

Oma had been on several adventures since meeting Skye and the Doctor, but it was hard going traveling from one place to another. Everything was so far apart. Oma remembered that ancient Earth saying “It’s a small world.” Oma thought how ironic that was now.

“Oma?” A familiar voice said. Oma turned. There stood Skye and the Doctor.

“Skye!” Oma exclaimed. The two friends hugged. “I have missed you, two so much. What are you doing here?”

“We need your help.” The Doctor said. They brought Oma back to the TARDIS. Skye introduced Bobby and Oma. Bobby handed Paisley to Oma.

“Oh look at you.” Oma cooed. “Aren’t you a sweety.” Oma softly petted Paisley’s ears, Paisley stopped crying right away.

“Oh if it was that easy I would have just called.” Skye said.

“But that wouldn’t be any fun.” Oma said. Skye laughed. “Might I ask why you have a Goloc baby?”

“She just showed up.” Skye said. She showed Oma the note that was left.

“Oh of course.” Oma said. “You have a broken Goloc.

“Well that’s not very nice.” The Doctor said.

“No it means that she only has one soul,” Oma replied. “I heard about this when I was on Halginoo, some of the Goloc are trying to get rid of the two souls and make it just the one.”

“That would explain why she needs protecting.” Skye said. “If she was the first successful single souled Goloc, a lot of double souled Golic would want her dead.”

“That’s great,” Bobby added. “But what are we supposed to do with a baby alien?” The Doctor thought for a minute.

“Well I guess we are just going to have to go to Golicith.” He said finally. Skye and Oma smiled, they loved an adventure. Bobby was less enthusiastic.

“Here we are.” The Doctor said, stepping out onto the dead grass.

“Wow, I can see why Hannibal liked Canada.” Skye said. Golicith was a far worse wasteland than Canada. The grass was dead and scorched. The air was frigid and cold. Oma gasped at the charred roots of trees. Skye took her hand to comfort her.

“Now what?” Bobby asked.

“We need to get to the asylum where the broken Golic are.” Oma said. “I heard some rumors that it was in the burning ice region.”

“Aw, that’s good, we seem to be there.” The Doctor said with a smile..

“Actually it’s bad,” Oma said. “Not only are the nicest Golic here, but the deadliest Golic guard the whole area.” That wiped the smile right off the Doctor’s face.

“So we should disguise ourselves.” Skye said. She ran inside the TARDIS, and came back with four fur coats. “These should help.” She handed one to everyone. They were too big for everyone except Bobby. Skye’s came down to her knees, and the sleeves were a good foot past her hand.

“Here, take Paisley.” Oma said, handing the baby to Skye.

“Me?” Skye said, backing away a little. “Why?”

“Because you have the most room in your coat, she will be well hidden.” Oma replied. Skye reluctantly took Paisley. Using the blanket she made a makeshift sling to put her in.

“Ready?” The Doctor said. He didn’t like being this open in a dangerous area. His companions nodded. They headed off.

“Do we actually know where we are going?” Bobby said.

“Well, it makes sense that we should head for the highest land, which is that plateau” The Doctor said. “But we need to find a back way so that they won’t see us coming.” Oma agreed. Skye had noticed that she had changed since they had last seen each other, she was strategic and didn’t fear much.

“So we need to go down wind of them.” Skye said. She licked her finger then stuck it in the air. “Alright, we need to go from the left side of the plateau.” The Doctor smiled at Skye’s cleverness.

“Off we go?” The Doctor said, offering Oma his arm, she smiled and took it. Skye took Bobby’s hand and they all headed East.

Bobby and Skye talked as they walked.

“I kind of wish we didn’t have to give Paisley back.” Bobby said.

“We have to,” Skye said. “She isn’t ours.” They walked in silence for a minute.

“Do you want your own?” Bobby said.

“What?” Skye said.

“Do you want your own kids?” Bobby asked. Skye thought for a minute.

“I don’t know,” She said. “Probably not.” Bobby stopped, looking at her surprised.

“How can you say that?” He asked. Skye shrugged.

“I just don’t think I would make a great mother.” Skye said.

“Of course you would.” Bobby said. “Look at Paisley, she loves you. You’re amazing with kids.”

“Well we don’t have to worry about this now do we?” Skye said. “I mean I don’t even see me getting married in the near future.” Bobby looked at her, he felt like she had just stabbed him in the heart.

“Watch out!” Oma cried. Bobby and Skye ducked. Something exploded in front of them.

“What the hell?!” Skye exclaimed. A patrol had discovered them and was attacking. A Goloc took aim at Bobby, Oma stepped in front of him and shot something from her wrist. The Goloc fell to the ground.

“What was that?” The Doctor asked, alarmed.

“Poison Oak, don’t worry he is only sleeping.” Oma replied as she shot the other two Golic.

“Man, I need one of those.” Skye said. Oma smiled, one of the perks of being an Oak is the build in defense.

“We should move, before those guys wake up.” Bobby said. They hurried off. The four made good process. Paisley slept peacefully almost all the way. Skye couldn’t help but have affection for the little girl. She was so small and sweet, Skye could hardly imagine her being a monster like the other Goloc she had seen. Skye prayed that she would make it.

“Doctor, look.” Skye said. A group of Golic were approaching.

“Is it another patrol?” Bobby asked.

“No,” Oma said. “I think they are from the asylum.” The group consisted of two males and a female, they were clothed in blue. One of the men spoke.

“We have been expecting you.” He said. “My name is Randulfr. This is Ivarr,” He pointed to the other man. “And this is Lunete.” He pointed to the female. The Doctor spoke to them.

“Hello, I am the Doctor.” He said. “This is Skye, Oma, and Bob.”

“Actually, my name is Bobby.” Bobby added. Randulfr continued.

“We are glad you have arrived and request you return with us to the Asylum.” Skye looked at the Doctor, he nodded that it was alright. She kept Paisley hidden. The group set off for the top of the hill.

The Asylum was worse than Skye had imagined. It was a stone building with thorns rowing up the sides. Fierce barbed wire fencing surrounded it.

“What’s that smell?” Bobby asked.

“That is the dump,” Lunete said sadly. “There have been many deaths here.” Bobby looked sick. The group climbed through a hole in the fence. They quickly scurried to the building. Inside the asylum felt more like a castle. There were more Golic, they looked at the strange creatures but did not question it. Skye did not like being surrounded by so many Golic, she tried to tell herself that these were the good guys. The three Goloc that had brought them, led them to a quiet room.

“Now,” Randulfr said, sitting in a chair. “Do you have the child?” Skye took Paisley out of the sling, but held onto her. Lunete smiled at the child.

“Sweet Soraya.” She held out her arms to take the baby. Skye tightened her grip on the baby.

“Her name is Paisley.” She said. The Doctor could sense the maternal tension in the room.

“So what do you need Paisley for?” He said. “Why is she so special?” Randulfr answered him.

“She is the first single souled Goloc that was born on purpose.” He said. “We were all mistakes, either from battle damage or natural causes. Soraya, sorry I mean Paisley is to lead us, when she is older, to conquering the cursed Golic that control the planet. We will bring the planet to it’s former glory.”

“But that’s years away.” Skye said. “Why do you need her now?” Lunete answered for Randulfr.

“She has to be trained, in combat and leadership.” She said. Skye tightened her hold on Paisley. She didn’t want them to corrupt her, she was so sweet and innocent. Lunete turned to Skye. “Give us Soraya.” Lunete said, holding her arms out again. Skye stepped away from her.

“Skye,” The Doctor said, putting his hands on her shoulders. “Paisley needs to be with her own kind.”

“No,” Skye said. “They are going to ruin her, turn her into a weapon.” Bobby, who had been sulking on the side, stepped in. He pulled Paisley out of Skye’s arms. He handed her to Lunete. Skye was furious. She stormed out of the room, right out of the asylum. When she climbed through the fence she started to run. She ran all the way to the TARDIS. The Doctor had given her a key, she unlocked the door and went inside. Eventually, the Doctor, Oma, and Bobby caught up.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Bobby said. The couple was in their room. “You can’t just run around on your own out there.”

“What were you thinking?!” Skye yelled. “You said yourself that you didn’t want to give up Paisley!”

“And you said you didn’t kids!” Bobby yelled back. “You don’t even want to get married!” Skye’s anger vanished.

“Is that what this is about?” She said. “You think I don’t want to marry you?” Bobby turned away from her. “Bobby, I love you, but I’m not ready for anything like that. I’m only twenty.” She circled around Bobby so that they were facing. She kissed him. “Someday I will want to get married and have lots of children, I promise.” Bobby wrapped his arms around Skye, tears in his eyes.

“I just don’t want to lose you.” He sobbed.

“You're not going to lose me.” Skye said. “Now stop it before I start crying too.” She wiped the tears from his face. They went back into the console room. The Doctor smiled at the couple.

“Now weren’t we going to Pluto?” Skye said. She started messing with the controls. The Doctor put his hand on her’s

“We will see her again.” He said. Skye smiled at him weakly.

“I know.” She said. Oma spoke.

“I hate miss out on Pluto but I have some business I need to attend to.” She said. Skye looked at her.

“You’re leaving?” She said. Oma hugged her.

“Not forever,” Oma said. “I will be back in this TARDIS before you can say ‘Poison oak.” They dropped her off at the bar that they had met her at.

“Pluto?” The Doctor asked. Skye smiled.


Christmas, A Time for Change

“Do you realise what day it is?” The Doctor asked, walking into Skye’s room in the TARDIS unannounced. Skye was trying to sleep off a hangover from the night before, Bobby was snoring next to her.

‘We’re in a time machine,” She mumbled, turning over. “It’s whatever day we want it to be.”

“No I have calendar so that I don’t miss important dates.” The Doctor said. “It’s Christmas!” Skye groaned and pulled a pillow over her head. She heard the Doctor leave the room.

Cold water covered Skye. She sat straight up. The Doctor stood with a now empty bucket.

“Bloody hell!” Skye cried. The Doctor just smiled.

“Get dressed, we are going to Earth.” He said. He threw a soggy pillow at Bobby. “You too.” Skye sighed and climbed out of bed. She sifted through her closet, she found a Christmas sweater, she had no idea how it got there but she didn’t question it. She got dressed while Bobby woke up. He got dressed and they went out into the console room.

“There’s my sleepy head.” The Doctor said. “Morning, Bob.” Bobby grumbled. “Now then let’s go.” The Doctor pressed buttons, Skye helped him. The whir of the TARDIS, sparks shooting out, then the TARDIS came to a rest.

The trio stepped out in Manchester. Snow was falling down in thick blankets.

“Dreaming of a white Christmas?” The Doctor joked. They headed for Skye’s father’s flat. Skye wrapped her arms around herself, she had forgotten a coat. Bobby started to take his coat off for her, but the Doctor had beat him to it.

“Wait!” Skye exclaimed. “We need presents.” Skye ran to what appeared to be the only store open on the street. Bobby and the Doctor followed behind her.

Skye got her dad a tie, like always, and she got Bobby a wallet. She couldn’t find anything for the Doctor, finally she gave up and got a bag of candy. Skye figured if he acted like a child he must like childish things.

Bobby also got the Doctor candy, and Skye’s father a watch. He got Skye a silver necklace.

“Are you two ready yet?” The Doctor asked impatiently. Skye handed Bobby the bags to carry.

“Aren’t you getting presents?” Bobby asked.

“I already have them.” The Doctor replied. He pulled three gifts out of his pocket.

“How did those fit in your pocket?” Bobby asked.

“Time lord science.” The Doctor said matter of factly. “Now then can we be off?” The three left the store and hurried down the road towards the Davis’ flat.

“Dad?” Skye called as she came through the door. She walked into the living room with the Doctor and Bobby behind her.

“Hi, sweetie.” Her dad said. “I wasn’t expecting you home.”

“Why would you say that?” Skye said confused. A woman and young girl walked into the room.

“Michael, who is this?” The woman asked.

“This is my daughter, Skye, and her mates, Bobby and the Doctor.” Mr. Davis said. The woman smiled at Skye.

“Oh, you're the one that has been travelling who knows where with strange men.” The woman pulled Skye into a hug. “I am Margaret Holmes and this is my daughter Joy.”

“Um, nice to meet you I guess.” Skye said awkwardly, pulling away from Margret. Bobby placed the presents under the tree. The Doctor sat down on the couch, he had an excited smile on his face.

“Skye, why don’t you come help me in the kitchen?” Her father asked. Skye followed him into the kitchen.

“Who the hell is she?” Skye said. “What is she doing here?”

“You have been gone so much, I haven’t had the chance to tell you yet.” Her father said. “I started dating again.” He tried to give Skye a smile, but Skye had an enraged look on her face.

“No.” She said simply.

“It’s not serious or anything.” He tried to defend himself.

“No.” She said.

“She hasn’t even lived here very long.” Mr. Davis said.

“Lived here?!” Skye exclaimed. “She lives here now!? I’ve gone a few months and you go and get bring a woman home!” Skye was pissed off. Her mother had died a year ago, and she wasn’t ready for her father to start looking for a new wife. Skye stormed out of the room, she went in her old room.

“Hey, that’s my room!” Joy said. She sounded like she whined constantly. Skye turned to her.

“It was my room first, so bug off!” Skye closed the door. She didn’t know whether to cry or punch something. She chose the latter.

“God dammit!” Skye cursed. She had punch the wall, but the dent she had left made her feel better. There was a knock at the door. It was Bobby.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Fine.” Skye said.

“That’s a lie.” Bobby said. Skye sat down on the bed. Bobby sat down next to her.

“I just...I just don’t want my dad to forget about my mom.” Skye said. Bobby pulled her close.

“He won’t,” He said. “Your dad just doesn’t want to be alone anymore.”

“He isn’t though. I’m here.” Skye said.

“You haven’t really been around though.” Bobby said. “All that travelling with the Doctor, and moving in with me, I think he just wants someone to talk to.” Skye took a deep breath and stood.

“You're right, I’m being a baby.” She walked out of the room. Bobby followed. Skye sat down next to the Doctor on the couch.

“Alrighty, who wants to open the first gift?” Margret chirped. Joy went to grab one of her gifts. She tore it open before anyone could protest.

“What the hell is this?” She whined. “Why would I want a book?” Skye and the Doctor ignored her. Skye tossed him a gift.

“Candy!” The Doctor exclaimed. “I love candy.” Bobby and Skye fist bumped, score. Soon everyone had opened their gifts. Mr. Davis stood up.

“Actually, I have one last gift.” Skye’s father left the room then came back. “I didn’t know if you would be here or not so I didn’t put it under the tree.” He handed a small wrapped box to Skye.

“Dad, you didn’t need to get me anything special.” Skye said.

“It’s not from me, sweetheart.” He said. Skye was confused. She carefully pulled the wrapping paper of the box, and opened it.

“Oh my gosh.” She said quietly. “This was mom’s.” She pulled a watch out of the box.

“It doesn’t work,” Mr. Davis said. “But she made it very clear that you were to have it when you were twenty.” Skye hug her father.

“Thanks, Dad, I love it.” Skye said. She tucked it in her pocket. The Doctor, who had left the room to get more cookies, came back in.

“Shall we eat?” The Doctor asked. They all went into the dining room and sat down. The conversations were lighthearted and carefree. Skye, Bobby and the Doctor left feeling merry.

“What shall we do now?” The Doctor asked.

“Well, we could go to the pub, or go to our flat.” Skye said. They decided to go home. At their flat Skye helped the Doctor make a bed on the couch.

“Sorry you have to sleep here.” Skye said. “But Bobby isn’t so keen on sharing a bed with a man.”

“No problem.” The Doctor said. They pulled the fold out bed out of the couch. After making the bed, the two flopped down on it.

“Do you ever miss it?” The Doctor asked.

“Miss what?” Skye asked.

“Normal life.” The Doctor said. “Going to work, coming back, sleeping in the same place every night.”

“Are you kidding, I never wanted that.” Skye said. “I wouldn’t have gone with you if I had wanted a normal life.” The Doctor smiled.

“That’s good.” He said.

“Hey, you didn’t see what my dad got me, did you?” Skye said. She pulled the watch out of her pocket. The Doctor bolted up right.

“Where did he get that?” He said. Skye was confused.

“It was my mother’s. Why?” She said. The Doctor traced the engraving on the watch. It was gallifreyan.

“Come with me.” The Doctor took Skye by the hand and they ran out of the apartment. Bobby called after them. They ran to the TARDIS. When they were inside the Doctor turned to Skye.

“Do you know what this is?” He asked. Skye shook her head. “It’s a fob watch, and not just any fob watch. It’s a time lord’s watch.”

“What does that mean?” Skye didn’t know what a time lord was.

“Time lords are aliens, I am a time lord.” The Doctor said. “I thought I was the last one.”

“Why do I have a time lord watch, and why is it so special?” Skye said. She wasn’t very surprised to hear that the Doctor was an alien.

“I don’t know, but when a time lord wants to hide, they store all their memories in a watch and impersonate another species.” The Doctor said. Skye’s eyes grew wide. Did that mean that Skye’s mother was a time lord?

“We need to talk to my dad.” Skye said. The Doctor nodded.

“Dad?!” Skye called, walking into his apartment. A moment later a groggy Mr. Davis appeared in his robe.

“Bloody hell, Skye, do you know what time it is?” He said. Margaret and Joy appeared behind him.

“Yeah, I need to talk to you dad. You two can find your way out.” Skye pointed them to the door.

“Michael control your child, she has no right…” Margaret began. Skye stopped her.

“Get the hell out of this flat before I toss you out!” Skye commanded. They left the flat. Skye turned back to her father. “Dad, where did mom get this watch?”

“How should I know.” Her father said. Skye could tell he was lying.

“Dad, don’t lie to me, I know when you tell a fib.” She said. Mr. Davis sat down on the couch, he looked ready to cry.

“Your mother and I had tried so hard for children, but we just couldn’t.” He started. “Your mother was heartbroken. We were ready to give up, when a woman came to us and asked us to take her child, a sweet little girl named Skye. We were thrilled. She said the only catch was that when you turned twenty to give you the fob watch. We agreed of course, your mother was so happy. We never thought much about the watch, I completely forgot about it.” Skye sat down on the couch shocked.

“I’m adopted?” She said in disbelief. Her eyes filled with tears. “How old was I?”

“Three years old.” Her father said. He put his arm around her, but she pushed him away.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” She cried.

“We were going to, but then your mother got sick and it just didn’t feel right.” He said. Skye stormed out of the apartment, tears streaming down her face. She started to run, she didn’t care where to. The Doctor ran after her.

“Skye, stop.” He said. Skye slowed down, out of breath. She looked around, they were at the warehouse where they first met. The Doctor hugged her. “I’m sorry, Skye, so so sorry.” Skye cried on the Doctor’s shoulder. They stood like this until Skye’s tears dried. The Doctor wiped the tears off of her cheeks.

“What now?” Skye said, sniffling.

“Well, that’s up to you.” The Doctor said. “We could hide the watch in the TARDIS and forget about it, or I could hook you up to the chameleon arc and turn you back into a time lord.” Skye thought for a moment.

“How bad will it hurt?” Skye asked.

“Who said it hurt?” The Doctor asked.

“Well, you said you thought you were the last one and if I was the last of my species and I could easily change into a human, I would do it in a heartbeat.” Skye said. The Doctor nodded. She was right of course, he had thought about it many times but he couldn’t do it.

“It will be like hell.” He said. Skye thought about it. They had been walking for a while, when she answered him.

“I’ll do it.” She said. The Doctor led her by the hand and pulled her into the TARDIS. He pulled the helmet-like device down.

“Stand under this.” He directed Skye. She obliged. The Doctor fastened it to her head. “I need the watch.” He held his hand out. Skye pulled it out of her pocket. She hesitated for a moment then handed it to the Doctor. He put it in place. The Doctor went to the console.

“Good luck, Skye.” He said. He pressed a button. Skye began to scream. The pain was excruciating. The Doctor took her hand. “It’s okay,” He soothed. “It won’t take long.”

Finally it stopped. The Doctor released Skye’s head from the device. She crumpled to the floor. The Doctor lifted her and took her to her bed.

“What happened?” Skye said groggily when she woke. The Doctor had sat by her side the entire time.

“First, what’s your name?” He said.

“What? Skye Davis, you idiot.” She said. She tried to sit up, she winced. Her head was throbbing. “Bloody hell.”

“Next question, who are your parents?” The Doctor asked.

“Michael and Guilia Davis, wait.” Skye started to remember, but only in bits and pieces. “I can remember a woman, she must be my mother.”

“What is her name? What does she look like?” The Doctor pressed. “Do you remember your father?” Skye concentrated hard, but she felt the memories slip away.

“I can’t remember, the hard I try the further they get from me.” Skye said flustered.

“That would make sense,” The Doctor said. “You were only three.” Skye laughed, then she gasped, clutching her chest.

“What? What is it?!” The Doctor asked, his face wrinkled with concern. Skye waved him off.

“Two hearts, I forgot about that.” Skye said trying to smile, it looked more like a grimace. “Everything is still trying to settle.” She took a deep breath and got out of bed. The Doctor took her hand to steady her.

“You should stay down.” The Doctor urged.

“Sorry, Doctor but I can’t do that.” Skye said, she walked to the control room. “There is somewhere I really want to go.

“Where?” The Doctor asked.

“Paris, France.” Skye said with a smile. “Joyeux Noel, Doctor.” The Doctor laughed.

“And Bonne Annee, Skye.” He replied.

In the Trade

“Paris!” Skye said. “About a minute after we left.” They stood a little ways off from the Eiffel tower.

“Why did we come here?” The Doctor asked.

“Because I had never been, and it felt like a good time to go.” Skye said. She winced and clutched her side.

“You really should lay down.” The Doctor advised. Skye waved him off. She started walked, the Doctor followed.

“What do you even do in France?” Skye said. “Kiss passionately while wearing a beret and carrying a baguette?” The Doctor laughed.

“Well it is still technically Christmas,” The Doctor said. “How about we get a buche noel for two?” Skye agreed and the two set off to find a bakery. The couple sat in front of the shop eating the cake.

“Nothing like cake to make me feel better.” Skye commented with a smiled. “Prescribed by a doctor of course.” A band dressed up as Saint Nicholas’ played near by. The Doctor tapped his foot to the tune.

“For some reason I am having deja vu.” The Doctor said.

“What? Been on a date to Paris before?” Skye teased. “Your a cheap date.” “No not that.” The Doctor said. “I just recognise that band.” The band finished the song and they lowered their instruments. The Doctor’s eyes grew wide as the Santas pointed the instruments at the Doctor and Skye.

The Doctor grabbed Skye by the hand and pulled her out of her seat.

“RUN!” He yelled. They just barely got out of the way as the trumpets and trombones shot at the spot where they at been seated. People screamed and started to run. The Doctor and Skye ran down a random road. Finally they had to stop, Skye clutched her sides.

“What were those things?” Skye gasped.

“Roboforms,” The Doctor said. “We need to get you out of here, your body is still trying to adjust.”

“But the TARDIS is by the Eiffel tower and we just left there.” Skye said. She stood up straight again. “Where are we going to go?” The Doctor was pacing, trying to think of something.

“I think I know someone who can help.” He said snapping his fingers. He pulled out a mobile. He walked away from Skye to talk so she couldn’t hear. When he finished he came back.

“Help will be here soon.” He said. “Just hang tight, Skye.”

“Good to see you again, Doctor.” A man with an American accent said. He didn’t look like he belonged in the twenty-first century, more like world war two era. “Been a long time.”

“I normally would have avoided calling you,” The Doctor said. “But I need your help.”

“Or you just missed me” The man said with a smiled. He turned to Skye. “This must be your new companion, you always pick the prettiest girls.” Skye blushed a little. The man held out his hand, Skye shook it. “Hi, I’m Captain Jack Harkness.” He gave her a flirty smiled.

“Hey, stop that.” The Doctor said. Jack ignore him.

“I’m Skye.” She said, returning the smile.

“Hey, you stop it too.” The Doctor said. “The last thing I need is to googly eyed companions. Jack, there are Roboforms here.” Jack turned back to the Doctor.

“What for?” Jack said. “I haven’t noticed anything strange.”

“Then Torchwood isn’t doing their job.” The Doctor said.

“We need to find somewhere better than an open street to talk.” Jack said. The trio went and found a cheap hotel.

“Skye, you had better lay down when you can.” The Doctor instructed. Skye flopped down on the bed with a wince.

“What’s wrong with her?” Jack asked.

“Long story.” Skye mumbled. She closed her eyes, dozing on and off. Jack and the Doctor side at the table by the window and talk about what is going on. Jack pulls a laptop from his bag. He spoke to a woman on the screen, he told her to check the sky and look for any anomalies. Skye finally drifted into an uncomfortable sleep.

“We are looking for the Doctor,” A voice boomed, jolting Skye from her sleep. She sat up alarmed. “And the one called Skye Davis.” Skye looked around for the owner of the voice but she couldn’t locate it. It seemed to come from everywhere. Jack stood at attention and the Doctor was looking out the window cautiously.

“Doctor?” Skye said. “What’s going on?” The Doctor came to her bed side and took her hand.

“It seems that whatever sent the Roboforms has found us.” The Doctor said.

“They are projecting their voice just to this room.” Jack noted.

“How do you know?” Skye said.

“Because no one outside is looking around.” He stated. The voice spoke again.

“Sorry for the rude interruption,” It said. “but we have some business to discuss.” With that the Doctor, Skye and Jack were teleported out of the room.

The trio materialised in a large room there was a bright light focused on them.

“Again I apologize for intervening.” The voice said. It was no longer loud but they still could not see who was speaking.

“Who are you?” Skye said.

“Ah yes introductions are due.” The voice said. The light went off of the trio and filled the room like normal. A short chubby man with a handle bar mustache stood in the room with them. “I am H. F. Mudd, most people call me Mudd.” He bowed. “I already knew who you are, sweet Skye.” Skye was surprised. How did he know her name? “I have been waiting for something like this to happen for such a long time.”

“For what to happen?” Jack asked.

“For a matching set, my dear Captain.” Mudd said. “One time lord is worth a fortune, but to have a pair is enough to buy an entire solar system, and you would be surprised how many people are willing to pay that price.” Skye noticed that Mudd was a very giggly person.

“No one is this century knows what a time lord is.” The Doctor said.

“That, sir, is why I have this.” Mudd said, he pulled up and presented a wristband. Skye didn’t know what it is, but the Doctor and Jack reacted immediately.

“Where did you get a vortex manipulator?” Jack said. He subconsciously touched the wristband on his arm.

“I acquired it.” Mudd said simply. He clapped his hands together. “Now then, I know enough about you time lords to know that I can’t trust you two to be together.” A few Roboforms appeared and took a hold of Skye and Jack.

“Hey, let go of me, you big bucket of bolts!” Skye tried to wiggle out of their arms but it was no use. The Doctor watched as his friends were taken from the room.

Skye and Jack were put in a cell. Skye sat down on the ground, her sides felt like exploding, while Jack yelled obscenities at the robots. He turned around, seeing Skye on the ground he sat down beside her.

“What’s wrong Skye?” He said.

“Nothing really.” She said. Jack didn’t buy it. Skye explained what had happened to her. “My body hasn’t been a time lord since I was three, and it can’t adjust very well with all the running.”

“Then you had better rest.” Jack instructed. “We can think of what to do when you feel better.” Skye tried to sleep but couldn’t. Finally she gave up and sat up, hiding a grimace.

“So what are we going to do?” Skye asked.

“I’ll get the guards attention.” Jack directed. A roboform stood a ways off. “When he isn’t watching, you shoot him with this.” Jack handed Skye a strange gun.

“What will it do?” She inquired.

“It will just send an electric charge through it’s wires making it shut down.” Jack replied. He got up and went to the cell door. “Hey rust bucket!” He hollered. “What’s the point of keeping me in here?” The roboform approached the cell. “I mean I get kidnapping the time lords, I use to be a con man, but why am I here? I’m just a simple human. Nothing special here.” Skye circled around in the cell. The roboform didn’t notice her. She pressed the trigger on the gun and it sent a lightning bolt into the robot. It tensed then collapsed on the ground. Jack reached through the bars and took the keys from the robot.

“Liberation!” Jack said with a smile as he opened the door for Skye.

“We need to find the Doctor.” Skye said. She headed for the hallway at a sprint.

“What no thank you kiss?” Jack teased as he followed. Skye laughed.

“Why? I pulled the trigger.” She said.

“But I flirted with the guard.” Jack said in his defence.

“Please, a spoon would have done a better job of distracting him.” Skye said. Jack took a mild offense.

“It was my gun.” Was all he could come up with in reply. The pair hurried down the hallway looking for where the Doctor might be.

Meanwhile the Doctor was conversing with Mudd.

“Who want’s us?” The Doctor asked.

“Just some people with a zoo of sorts.” Mudd said with a sly chuckle. “They didn’t want just some old time lord they wanted a set, more fun that way.”

“But who are they?” The Doctor pressed. Mudd wagged his finger at the Doctor.

“Now, now, I can’t reveal such things.” Mudd said. The Doctor was not one for violence but he was definitely considering punching Mudd right in the nose.

“Doctor!” Skye said as her and Jack ran into the room.

“Skye!” The Doctor said. “How did you get out?”

“Long story, no time.” Skye said.

“We seduced a robot.” Jack said. He spotted a control room for the ship and ran inside. He looked at the monitor. “Doctor, a ship is approaching.”

“Your new masters are arriving.” Mudd said, giggling. Skye ran into the control room.

“Know how to fly this thing?” Jack asked Skye.

“Nope, but now seems like a good time to learn.” Skye said with a smile as she began to press buttons.The ship jolted when she moved a leveler. “Found the accelerator.” Jack twisted a nob and the ship rotated.

“Found the steering wheel.” He said. “But we can’t exactly drive this to Earth now can we.” Skye thought for a moment.

“I have an idea.” She said. She turned the ship around and pointed it at Jupiter. “Now we just need to teleport off this ship.” Jack held out his wrist, he also had a vortex manipulator. The Doctor ran to join them, he stopped in front of Mudd and took the wristband that he had off his wrist. The Doctor tossed it to Skye, who put it in her pocket. Skye pushed the accelerator all the way forward so that the ship was speeding toward Jupiter’s red dot. Skye and the Doctor put their hands on Jack’s wrist and Jack pressed several buttons. They teleported off the ship and back into the hotel room. The Doctor looked out the window.

“Skye, Mudd could die in the red spot.” The Doctor scolded.

“No he won’t,” Skye said, very sure of herself. “His ship is big enough and has a surprisingly strong shield around it.”

“But what about the other ship?” Jack said. Skye waved him off.

“It had already locked onto Mudd’s gravitational pull, it will be dragged with Mudd, and the shield will protect them too.” Skye said. She smiled. “Hey, I think I got a hang out this time lord thing.”

The Doctor laughed.

“I think you do.” He said. “Now who was french cuisine?” The trio left the hotel and went to a cafe near by. When they left Jack said his goodbyes.

“Well, I had better be off,” Jack said. “But I will be seeing you again.” He took Skye’s hand and kissed it. Skye tried not to blush.

“Oh, there you two go again.” The Doctor groaned. Skye laughed, the Doctor was such a baby. Jack gave a finally wave and ran off. Skye and the Doctor went back to the TARDIS.

“Where shall we go now?” Skye asked. “Venus, Haligoo, or maybe the roman empire, I’ve never been there before.”

“Skye,” The Doctor said. “Aren’t you forgetting someone?”

“I guess we should go back for him,” Skye said. “He might not understand me anymore though.”

“Don’t be silly, Bobby loves you.” The Doctor said. He directed the TARDIS back to Earth.

“What day is it? Skye said. All the Christmas decorations were gone.

“Um, I don’t know.” The Doctor said. They walked into Skye’s flat.

“Bobby?” Skye called. Bobby came rushing into the room, he stopped when he saw Skye.

“Skye!” He hugged her tight. “I thought you left me!”

“Oh don’t be daft, Bobby.” Skye laughed, wiggling out of Bobby’s embrace. “Why would I leave a guy like you? Now come on, we have places to explore.” She took Bobby’s hand and tried to pull him to the door, his feet stayed planted.

“You want to leave again?” Bobby said in disbelief. “You were gone a month and you want to just go off again?” Skye could tell he was hurt.

“Bobby, I didn’t mean to be gone so long,” Skye said. “It was only for a day to me, I swear.” Bobby looked at his feet.

“Can’t we stay for a bit?” Bobby mumbled, he knew what she was going to say.

“Why? We’d be bored out of our minds, and I’m pretty sure I lost my job.” She said. Yeah, Bobby knew she would say that, but he loved her so he let her lead him back to the TARDIS.

“Now where would we like to go?” The Doctor asked. At that moment Skye’s mobile rank, she pulled it out and looked at the screen.

“Oma says we should pick her up a Haligoo.” Skye said with a smile. The Doctor smiled too as he began to put in the coordinates for Haligoo.

A Surprise For Skye

“Next time, Bob,” The Doctor said slurring his words together. “Don’t drink so much.” Skye laughed.

“Look who's talking, Mr. I-don’t-get-drunk.” She said. The group, the Doctor, Skye, Oma and Bobby, had just gotten back from one of the best space station clubs in the galaxy. They were all tipsy, even Oma, who usually didn’t drink. The Doctor sauntered over to the controls.

“Where to next, ladies and Bob.” He said, he started to fiddle with the dials and buttons.

“Oh no you don’t.” Skye said. “You are going to bed.” Skye put one of the Doctor’s arms around her shoulders and Oma took the other. They practically dragged the intoxicated Doctor back to his room. They tossed him on the bed, he was already asleep.

“Well,” Oma said with a little hiccup as they left the Doctor’s room. “I guess we had better all go to sleep.”

“Yeah, and hopefully avoid a major hangover.” Skye said. Oma walked off to her room and Skye headed for hers, though she didn’t exactly walk straight. Bobby was already laying in the hammock next Skye’s.

“Hey, Shorty.” He teased.

“Hey, ya big lug.” Skye replied. She tried to climb into her hammock but fell on the ground with an umph. She was successful the second try. She curled up under the many fuzzy blankets. Bobby reached out and took her hand. They fell asleep like this.

Skye was awaked by someone shaking her. She opened her eyes, if the Doctor was trying to wake her up early again she was going to scream. It wasn’t the Doctor shaking her, it was a little boy.

“Hi, Mommy.” The little boy said. Skye thinking it was a dream rolled over. The little boy poked her. “Mommy wake up, why so sleepy?” Skye groaned and sat up. She still thought it was a dream.

“Alright, Mommy is up. Happy now?” Skye said. The little boy must have been about three years old. “Mommy’s still sleepy, so do you want to tell me what your name is?” The little boy laughed.

“Silly mommy, my name is Reed.” He said. He tugged on Skye’s arm. “Mommy let’s play.” Skye obediently followed the boy. He pulled her down the hall. She was surprised at how realistic her dream was. Reed stopped in front of what seemed to be a play room. He let go of Skye’s hand and ran into the room. Skye walked in more slowly. There were tons of toys, some looked like basic human toys but others looked alien. Reed was playing with small scale replicas of space ships. Skye was starting to feel this wasn’t a dream.

“Come on Mommy, play with me.” Reed said. Skye sat down and played with him. They played with the ships for a while and when Reed got bored of them they played checkers then raced little cars on a track. Skye was surprised that she was enjoying herself. She didn’t think it was a dream anymore, she figure Reed was just a lonely boy.

“You know what would make this better?” Reed said. “If Daddy played with us too.” Skye smiled.

“Well, how about I go wake him up and bring him back here.” Skye said. Reed nodded eagerly. Skye got to her feet and walked back to her room.

“Bobby, wake up.” Skye said. “Come see something.” Bobby groaned but didn’t get up. Skye hit him with a pillow. “I’m serious Bobby, I found something.” Skye changed out of her nightie into a dress while he slowly climbed out of bed. Bobby pulled on jeans and a hoodie.

Reed had grown impatient, like more three year olds, so he went back to Skye’s room.

“Hey, Reed.” Skye said sweetly. She turned to Bobby and whispered in his ear. “Whatever I say, just go with it.”

“What?” Bobby said. He was still waking up. Skye ignored him.

“Look, Reed, I found Daddy.” Skye said.

“Daddy?” Bobby said, even more confused. Reed looked at Bobby for a moment then turned back Skye.

“Silly Mommy, that’s not Daddy.” Reed chirped.

“Mommy?” Bobby said, he was lost. Reed ran and hugged Bobby’s leg. He giggled as Bobby tried to wiggle him off. Bobby turned to Skye. “What the hell is going on?”

“Language, Bobby, there’s a kid in the room.” Skye scolded. “And I’m not really sure myself.” Skye knelt down so the she was eye to eye with Reed, she carefully pulled him off Bobby’s leg.

“Reed, do you want to tell us how you got here?” Skye said.

“I don’t know, I woke up and was here.” Reed said.

“Okay, but where were you before you woke up?” Skye asked. Reed thought for a while.

“Well, gee, I don’t think I was anywhere before I woke up.” He said finally. Skye looked at Bobby.

“We need the Doctor.” She said. Bobby nodded.

“Doctor.” Skye said, barging into the Doctor’s room. “Get up.”

“What do you want now?” The Doctor grumbled as he sat up. Skye took his hand and pulled him out of bed and down the hallway. They walked into Skye’s room.

“Who is this?” The Doctor asked when he saw Reed.

“This is Reed, he showed up this morning calling my his mom.” Skye informed him. The Doctor scanned Reed with his screwdriver.

“Nope nothing wrong with him.” The Doctor said. “Just a confused little boy.”

“Daddy!” Reed cried as he threw his arms around the Doctor.

“What?!” They all said. Oma, who had been awoken by all the noise, walked in.

“What is going on?” Oma asked.”Who is this?”

“I’m Reed.” He chirped. He turned to Skye. “I’m hungry.”

“Okay, I’ll fix you something.” Skye said. “Doctor, have you bought more food yet?”

“Uh, no. Was I supposed to?” The Doctor said. Skye sighed.

“Don’t worry I’ll go.” Bobby said.

“Thanks Bobby.” Skye said.

“Can I go to?” Oma asked.

“No offence, Oma,” Bobby said. “But you would stand out on Earth.” The Doctor snapped his fingers, he had an idea.

“I have something she can use.” The Doctor ran out of the room, he came back in a minute. “Here,” He handed Oma a key on a string. “Wear it around your neck, it won’t make you invisible but you can walk about unnoticed.” Oma put it around her neck. They all went to the console room, and the Doctor directed the TARDIS to Earth. Bobby and Oma walked out, Oma looked thrill to finally be seeing Earth. As soon as the door closed, Skye turned to the Doctor.

“So are you gonna tell me what Reed really is?” Skye asked, her arms crossed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The Doctor said, not looking Skye in the eyes.

“Doctor, I know when you’re lying.” Skye said. The Doctor sighed.

“He is a product from the TARDIS’ reproduction system.” The Doctor said.

“But what does that mean?” Skye asked.

“It means that the TARDIS found a match, you and me, and created a child. The kid gets a name that the mother would choose, and looks like a regular kid when it is in the loading stage.” The Doctor explained.

“Oh, Bobby isn’t going to like that, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.” Skye said.

“Skye, we can’t let Reed finish loading.” The Doctor said. “The reproduction system was designed in the time war, when he is done he will be a killing machine.”

“But he is just a kid.” Skye said. “He is my kid.”

“No, he is dangerous.” The Doctor said.

“You can’t just kill him!” Skye cried.

“Look at him Skye! Look at him!” The Doctor pointed to Reed. Skye gasped, Reed wasn’t a little kid anymore, he looked to have aged five years. “He isn’t going to be a kid for very long.”

Bobby and Oma walked in at this time.

“What’s going on?” Bobby asked, feeling the tension in the room.

“The Doctor want’s to kill Reed.” Skye said. There was no feeling in her voice.

“He isn’t really alive, yet.” The Doctor said. “He can’t even leave the TARDIS now, he would vanish.”

“I don’t understand.” Bobby said. The Doctor quickly explained it to them. “So how do you stop him?”

“Really, Bobby?” Skye said. She stormed out of the room, furious. Oma followed.

“Skye?” Oma said. Skye was laying face down in her hammock. “Skye, Reed is real.”

“Yes, he is!” Skye exploded. She calmed down. “Sorry, Oma, I didn’t mean to yell.” Oma sat down in Bobby’s hammock.

“It’s okay, you are just scared.” Oma said. Skye didn’t like being called scared but she didn’t say anything. “But think about it, Skye. Reed is going to grow up in a matter of hours and then he is going to be deadly. Do you really want that?” Skye shook her head.

“But it feels so wrong to just kill him without a chance.” Skye said.

“I know,” Oma said. “But do you really want to risk someone who is actually alive, to find out if Reed is a murderer?”

“You’re right.” Skye said with a sigh. She got of her bed and they went back to the console room. Reed looked to be thirteen.

“So what do we do?” Skye said. She didn’t look Reed in the eyes.

“Well, not only do we need to stop Reed,” The Doctor said. “But we also need to make sure it won’t ever happen again.”

“You said that if he went outside the TARDIS he would vanish. Why don’t we do that?” Bobby suggested.

“No,” The Doctor said sternly. “That would be rude and possibly painful.”

“Maybe you could hack into the system and reverse the cycle, then cancel it completely.” Skye said. The Doctor snapped his fingers.

“What if I hacked into the system and reversed the cycle, the cancel it completely?” The Doctor said. Skye thought it would be best not to say anything. The Doctor went to the viewing screen. He fiddled with knobs and dials.

“Skye, tell me when Reed starts to get younger.” He instructed. Skye turned to Reed.

“He looks like he is ten now.” She said. “Now eight.” Reed began to age backwards. It stopped when he was three.

“Bye bye, Mommy.” He said. Skye felt tears on her cheeks, she wiped them off.

“I’ll see you later, Reed.” She said. He disappeared. The Doctor moved onto deleting the system.

“There, no more surprises from that.” He said.

“Good, good.” Skye said, trying to not cry.

“Skye, are you all right?’ Bobby asked.

“Yeah, I’m...I’m fine.” Skye said, she left the room. She ran into her room and sobbed into her pillow until she had no more tears to shed. There was a knock on the door.

“Skye?” It was Bobby. Skye wiped off her tears and flipped over.

“Really, I’m fine. He wasn’t even real.” She said. “Now where do you want to go next?” Bobby looked at his feet.

“I can’t.” He said.

“Can’t what?” Skye said. “Look at me Bobby, what can’t you do?” Bobby looked at Skye, there were tears in his eyes.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Bobby said. “I can’t stand by and watch you go on adventures with the Doctor. I don’t want to waste my life like this.”

“So you want to go home?” Skye asked, her voice very quiet.

“Yeah.” Bobby said. They went back to the console room and the TARDIS brought them back to Manchester. Bobby and Skye stepped out of the blue box.

“I want you to come home with me, Skye.” Bobby stated.

“I can’t do that, Bobby.” She said.

“Of course you can, what about our flat, our friends, families, and jobs. We can’t spend our lives with the Doctor.” He pleaded.

“No, you can’t. I’m a time lady I can spend all of time with the Doctor.” Skye said.

“So you want to spend forever with him but not me?” Bobby said, hurt.

“Bobby, I can’t. You are going to grow old and die, then I will be all alone. But with the Doctor we will both be young and live forever.” Skye reasoned.

“Skye, if you don’t go home with me now, I won’t be able to let you back into my life.” Bobby said coldly.

“You don’t mean that.” Skye said, but she looked into his eyes and saw that he really did. “If that’s how you feel, then I guess this is goodbye.”

“How can you cry over a boy you only knew for a few hours, but let me go as if it was nothing.” Bobby said.

“Because you want to leave, and you don’t care if I come with you or not.” Skye said harshly. She kissed Bobby on the lips. “Goodbye Bobby Samuels.” With that Skye turned and went back inside the TARDIS, and Bobby never saw her again. Although, Skye checked up on him from time to time.

Vacation With Friends

“Doctor, do you know what happened to my shampoo?” Skye called from the shower.

“Yeah, I used it all up.” The Doctor replied.

“What? It smells like flowers.” Skye said. “It’s for girls.”

“Well, I like flowers.” The Doctor said stubbornly. Skye grumbled, and went back to her shower. Only a moment later.

“You used my conditioner, too?!” Skye climbed out of the shower, and toweled off. She wrapped the towel around her and walked into her room.

“Good morning, Skye.” The Doctor chirped, he sat on her hammock. Bobby’s was gone.

“Doctor, we need to go buy groceries and such.” Skye said. She motioned for the Doctor to turn away. He did, and she started to put on her clothes.

“Well, we’ve been busy.” The Doctor said. “Aliens are much more fun than shopping.”

“We need to go shop, today.” Skye said. “Alright you can turn around and take me to Earth, spaceboy.” The Doctor and Skye went to the console and with a whir and sparks they landed safely on Earth. Skye grabbed her hat and they went outside.

“Um, this is Manchester.” Skye said.

“You didn’t say Manchester, you said Earth.” The Doctor replied. “We are in Cardiff, Wales.”

“Well, then you can lead the way to the grocery store.” Skye said. They went and did their shopping, more like Skye shopped while the Doctor got distracted.

“Alright, I think that is everything.” Skye said as they left the store.

“Skye! Doctor!” Someone yelled from down the street. Skye turned her head and saw Captain Jack Harkness running towards them.

“Good to see you, Jack.” Skye said.

“Not as good as it is to see you.” Jack replied. He was such a flirt. “Now what brings you two to Wales?” Skye gestured to the bags in her arms. “That’s no fun. Come on Doctor, what happened to taking your lovely companions to exciting new places?”

“We were out of shampoo.” Was the Doctor’s reply.

“I know the perfect place to go.” Jack said. He put his arm around Skye. “Imagine purple beaches with pink water, and sunlight so soft that even your alabaster skin couldn’t burn.” Jack sighed dramatically. “To bad I don’t have a way to get there.” Skye and Jack looked at the Doctor with puppy-dog eyes.

“Please, Doctor,” Skye begged. “It sounds great.”

“No, it sounds cheesy and romantic.” The Doctor said stubbornly. Skye fake pouted.

“It will make up for using my shampoo.” She said.

“Oh, alright.” The Doctor said. “But I will have you know I won’t enjoy one second of it.”

“Great!” Skye cheered. “I’ll get my swimsuit.” Skye ran ahead of Jack and the Doctor back to the TARDIS. She hurried into her room to change. When she was finished she pulled a cover-up over her shoulders and went back to the console room.

“So what is the place called?” Skye asked.

“Zambarau, The whole planet is a beach.” Jack said. Skye was about to speak when her mobile buzzed, she looked at it.

“Looks like we will be picking up Oma first.” Skye said, happily.

“What is the attraction of going in the water?” Oma asked Skye. They stood on a beach of Zambarau, their feet in the sand. Skye smiled at her toes wiggling in the purple sand.

“It’s fun.” Skye said.

“Well, maybe when you aren’t going to turn into driftwood it is pleasurable.” Oma said. She turned and went to sit in the sand next to the Doctor. Skye went into the water. Jack ran to join her, he picked her up making her scream in laughter.

“So did I pick a good place or what?” Jack said, putting Skye back on her feet.

“This place is amazing!” Skye said. She thought to herself that Jack looked great without a shirt. “What makes the water pink?”

“Ah, there’s that time lord nerdiness. Can’t you people just enjoy it, no questions asked?” Jack teased.

“So basicly you have no clue?” Skye replied.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Jack said with a smile. “Now are you just gonna stand there?” Jack splashed Skye, she laughed as she splashed him back.

Back on the beach, the Doctor and Oma were having a nice chat.

“Do you not swim?” Oma asked the Doctor.

“Well, if I needed to I would, but I don’t see the thrill in it.” The Doctor said. “Much more fascinating to observe.”

“Sounds dull, actually.” Oma said. “I thought there would be people here, but we are the only ones on the beach.”

“It must be Wednesday.” The Doctor said, unconcerned. “They sleep all day once a week, and so that no one misses anything exciting they all sleep on Wednesday.”

“Oh.” Was Oma’s only reply. The Doctor laid back putting aviators on his eyes. The Doctor dozed off as Oma watch Jack and Skye in the water.

Eventually Skye and Jack grew tired and they got out of the water and went to sit with Oma and the Doctor.

“Hey, sleepy head,’ Skye said flopping down next to the Doctor. “What are we going to eat?” The Doctor sat up.

“I think we have sandwiches in the TARDIS.” He said. Skye got up and walked towards the TARDIS.

“Come on, Jack.” She called. Jack followed her. Oma and the Doctor waited in the sand.

“So what species lived here?” Oma asked.

“Almost every kind. Mostly humans though. There are even some trees here.” The Doctor said. He had a strange look on his face. “Something isn’t right. It’s too quiet.”

“Well, you said everyone was sleeping, because it’s Wednesday.” Oma said.“No, it can't be Wednesday, because the sun is up.” The Doctor said. “What is taking Skye and Jack so long?”

“They probably got distracted.” Oma said. “Why are you so worried?”

“Well, this is one of the most populated and visited planets in the universe so this beach should be pack, but there isn’t another soul here.” The Doctor said. Skye and Jack came walking up. They had changed into dry clothes.

“Okay, we have turkey, ham, tuna, and fertilizer.” Jack said, tossing the Doctor and Oma each a sandwich. He and Skye sat down. They ate in relative silence.

“Doctor, why are you being so jumpy?” Skye asked.

“Nothing,” The Doctor said. “Some just doesn’t feel right.”

“Uh, Doctor,” Jack said. “I think I found what isn’t right.” The Doctor, Skye and Oma followed Jack’s gaze. Their eyes fell upon a skeleton sticking out of the sand.

For the rest of the story as written by Pinguinus, go here.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Skye was the first one out of the TARDIS. Jack, the Doctor and Oma followed behind.

“Where are we?” Skye asked.

“Welcome to the Amazon.” The Doctor said.

“Trees!” Oma exclaimed giddily.

“Beautiful.” Jack said under his breath. Skye smiled at him. It really was, the trees were bright greens and the foliage was thick and colourful. The animal calls were almost overwhelming.

“Is this place safe, Doctor?” Skye asked, she had already seen two snakes and some scary spider webs.

“Of course…” The Doctor was cut off by a dart flying by his face and landing in a tree. “Not” He squeaked. Three tall men stepped out of the foliage. Skye covered her eyes, the men were completely nude.

“We don’t want to hurt you.” Jack said. He stepped in front of Skye. “We are just travellers.” The men ignored him.

“She Nzuri?” One asked, pointing at her. The Doctor thought for a moment, translating the word in his head.

“Beautiful!” The Doctor exclaimed. “Yes, she is very beautiful.” The men looked alarmed and took aim at Skye, who screamed and ducked behind a tree. The Doctor waved his arms

“No, no, no, she’s not beautiful, she is ugly, very very ugly.”

“Hey, watch it, spaceman.” Skye snapped from behind the tree. The men were confused.

“We must take her to the chief.” One said to the others, who shook their heads in agreement. “Follow.” They commanded. Skye stepped out from behind the tree and they followed the men.

Travelling through the forest was difficult. Skye fell several times and ended up covered in mud.

“This is such a peculiar situation.” Oma said to Skye. Skye was trying to get mud off her clothing.

“What do you mean?” Skye asked.

“Well, we are on Earth, but these men are more scared of you than they are of me.” Oma said.

“I’m more concerned about the fact that they aren’t wearing clothing.” Skye grumbled. “I really hope they have clothes in their camp, because this mud is starting to itch.”

When they arrived at the camp the men finally spoke.“You will be taken to clean up.” They said to Skye. Two women came and lead her away, Oma followed them. “You come with us.” The men commanded the Doctor and Jack, who followed them to a tent. 

Inside the tent a old man in thick robes sat with four younger men at his side.

“Welcome.” He said to them. He motioned for them to sit on the ground with him. The Doctor and Jack sat in front of him. “I am Thalestris, chief of this tribe, the Awa.”

“Hello, I’m the Doctor and this is Captain Jack Harkness.” The Doctor said. They heard a holler outside, and Skye stormed in followed by Oma.

“Where are the clothes?” Skye exclaimed. “Do you people have any clothing?” Thalestris looked at her calmly, but the other men looked startled.

“She is a Nzuri!” They exclaimed. 

“Silence!” Thalestris commanded. “We do not know if that is so.” The men sat down. Jack handed Skye his coat, she slung it over her shoulders and sat down.

“What is a Nzuri?” She asked. 

“Evil creatures.” Thalestris said. “Beautiful and deadly. They are pale skinned monsters that lure the men into the forest where they die. Tell me, are you Nzuri?”

“No,” She replied. “I’m Skye.”

“She’s beautiful, but not evil.” Jack added. The men relaxed and Thalestris smiled.

“Good, then you are all welcome to join our tribe in a feast tonight.” He said. Skye liked the sound of that.

When the Sun went down the tribal people built a fire and cook large quantities of meat and vegetables. Skye, Oma, Jack and the Doctor waited in a tent. 

“Doctor, have you ever heard of Nzuri before?” Skye asked. 

“Possibly, lots of things disguise as attractive to lure victims.” The Doctor said. “Earth has a history of sirens.”

“Nasty things.” Jack muttered. A man entered the tent. The feast was ready. They walked out and were seated at one end of a long rug on the ground. The food was placed in front of them and people sat down around them. Skye’s eyes gleamed at all the food in front of her. 

“I love food.” She said. Jack laughed. Thalestris stood at the end of the rug.

“We welcome our guest with a feast, and we offer all we have to you should you request it.” He said. “Now, let us begin.” Skye and Jack dug in. Oma did not eat much and the Doctor ate at leisure. Everyone was enjoying themselves, laughing and eating. 

“Nzuri!” Someone screamed. Everyone went silent. A boy ran into view. “Nzuri in the forest!” He said. The men jumped up and grabbed their spears. 

“Are we going to follow them?” Oma asked. 

“Of course.” The Doctor and Skye said simultaneously. They went into the forest. It was pitch dark. 

“Hey, watch it Jack.” Skye said. “Doctor, what are we looking for?” 

“Um, my guess would be that.” The Doctor pointed to a figure ahead. 

“Oh my God.” Jack gasped. The figure was a pale blonde woman dressed in white. She was looking the other way, but heard Jack and turned. She smiled seductively. 

“Hello, Jack.” She said. Her voice was like water, smooth and moving. Jack looked at her. 

“How do you know my name?” He asked. She smiled. “I know all of your names, even your’s Doctor.” She smiled. The Doctor’s eyes grew wide. 

“Who are you?” The Doctor asked. She ignored him, and turned towards Skye. 

“I even know your true name,” She said. “But soon you will know it too.” 

“What are you talking about?” Skye asked. “Your name, the one given to you by your mother.” Skye looked horrified. It took her a moment to speak. Finally she uttered. 

“I know what you are.” She said. The woman’s smile vanished. 

“Impossible.” She said. Skye recovered her confidences. 

“You are a,” Skye paused for dramatic effect. “You’re a Carrionite!”

“You little wretch!” She cried as she ran off into the woods. 

“That was brilliant, Skye.” Jack exclaimed, pulling Skye into the air in a hug. 

“How did you know what they were?” The Doctor asked. 

“Well, the TARDIS has been telling me about your adventures, so I know about Daleks, and such.” Skye said. 

“What?” The Doctor looked confused. “But she doesn’t do that for me.” 

“Maybe she likes me better.” Skye teased. The Doctor didn’t look happy. 

“Um, can we go back to the campgrounds.” Oma suggested. “Those things gave me the creeps.” They headed back.

When they arrived, everyone was crowded in the centre.

“What’s going on?” Jack asked. Skye pushed her way to the centre of the crowd, followed by Jack, Oma and the Doctor.

“We have captured a Nzuri!” The men cheered. They had a Carrionite tied and had their spears aimed at her. Thalestris calmed the crowd.

“Tell us, Nzuri. Who is your leader?” He asked. The carrionite looked at Skye and smiled.

“She is my leader.” She lied. The men turned on Skye.

“What?! Wait, I’m not Nzuri!” Skye exclaimed.

“We can not believe you without proof.” Thalestris said. Jack stepped forward.

“I can prove it.” He said boldly. He walked up to the carrionite, after a slight hesitation he kissed the creature. Instantly she turned into a wrinkly beast of a animal. The people gasped in fright. Next Jack went up to Skye.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.” He whispered. He leaned down and kissed Skye hard on the lips. Skye gasped, but did not push away. After a moment Jack straightened with a smile on his face.

“Very well,” Thalestris said. “The Nzuri lied, Skye is what she says she is, an albino human.” Skye looked offended but didn’t speak. Now it was the Doctor’s turn to speak.

“Listen,” He said the monster. “I am well aware of your skill with words, but I am also well practiced at it. So unless you want to be nothing but a shriveled body, you and your companions will leave this tribe and the rest of the world. I’m I understood.” The carrionite nodded. The Doctor wasn’t satisfied. “Swear on it!”

“I swear.” She said. With that she disappeared. The tribe gasped.

“Don’t be afraid.” The Doctor said. “They have left you, you are all safe now.”

“Thank you.” Thalestris said. “Please take these.” He handed each person a necklace with a wooden amulet on it. “They will protect you from any poison or curse.” The four said their goodbyes and headed back to the TARDIS. Jack and Skye walked hand and hand.

“Skye,” Jack said. “I can’t go on the next adventure.”

“What? Why not?” Skye asked.

“My team, back at Torchwood needs me.” He said. “But, Skye, I want you to come with me.”

“Oh, Jack.” Skye said. “You know this isn’t going to become anything right?” Jack looked shocked, but hide it quickly.

“Yeah, I know, I just thought you might want to meet my team.” He said.

“I’m sorry Jack. Maybe someday I will see them, but not today.” They both were quiet.

“Skye,” Jack said, breaking the silence. “Why can’t this, we, be something?”

“I tried to have a relationship, but they don’t work. Not when you travel with the Doctor.” Skye said. “And I’m not gonna stop travelling, ever.”

Scared Passages

Scared Passages

Written by Turtlecake365

Meet Me In The Gallery

“How did we get away with that?” The Doctor asked. He and Skye were sitting in the TARDIS talking about their most recent adventure.

“I think the prince had a little crush on you.” Skye said.

“Shut up, he was only 1560 years old.” The Doctor replied. “Besides he…” The Doctor was cut off by a loud thump from outside.

“Um, Doctor,” Skye said. “Aren’t we in deep space?”

“Yes.” He said.

“Sooo, who’s knocking on our door?” Skye said.

“Well,” The Doctor smiled. “Let’s find out!” He jumped up and pulled the door open. Something flew by his face. Skye quickly caught the object.

“It’s a note.” She said. “How the hell did it get here?”

“Probably a transporting device formulated for protracted farness.” The Doctor said in a slur of words Skye didn’t know.

“So, basicly it was shot out of something and it ended up here?” She said.

“Yeah, that works too.” The Doctor said. “Now what does it say?” Skye unfolded the note and read it aloud.

“Doctor, I am on Halginoo. Found something you need to see. Black tie. Oh, and bring that sexy companion of yours. XO, Jack.” Skye looked at the Doctor. “What kind of man signs XO?”

“I do, well I did, one time never again.” The Doctor said. “But that doesn’t matter. We need to go to Halginoo.” The Doctor lept onto the control dock and began pressing buttons and levers.

They landed with a bump.

“Alright, party time.” Skye said. “Heading for the door.”

“Wait,” The Doctor said. “We need to get dressed. Black tie remember.” He grabbed her hand and led her to the dressing room.

“Honestly, Doctor, why do I have to wear heels?” Skye complained.

“Well you're too short for the dress, plus it makes you a normal height.” The Doctor replied. He straightened his bow tie.

“Can’t I wear a shorter dress?” Skye said.

“No.” The Doctor said simply, he offered her his arm. “Now shall we go?” Skye took his arm and the walked out of the TARDIS.

For a moment Skye was disoriented by the loud music and flashing lights. She clung to the Doctor’s arm.

“Welcome to Halginoo, Skye.” The Doctor said. “Now we had better get inside and find Jack.”

“Inside?” Skye said. “You mean we are outside?”

“Yes, the whole planet is surrounded by a metal dome covered in lights and mirrors, it’s like a reverse disco ball.” The Doctor explained. Skye didn’t question it and followed the Doctor.

They entered a large purple building. Inside was quieter, a string quartet played classical music in a corner.

“I guess we were invited to a classier party.” Skye said.

“Doctor, Skye!” Jack appeared, waving. “Glad you two could make it.” A woman with dark hair and a dark man were with Jack. “This Gwen Cooper and Rex Matheson, they work at Torchwood with me.” Skye recognized the name Torchwood. The Doctor didn’t look pleased.

“Torchwood deals in Earth affairs.” He said. “How and why did you come to Halginoo.” Jack just smiled.

“I fixed me vortex manipulator when I received an invitation from an old acquaintance.” Jack said, keep the details vague.

“Nevermind that.” Skye said. “What is so interesting?”

“You’ll see.” Jack said even more ambiguously.

Jack escorted Skye and the Doctor into a gallery.

“Oh my God.” The Doctor and Skye said in unison. The gallery had display cases full of alien artifacts. The Doctor runs up to a case with contains a dalek eye.

“How is this here?” The Doctor says, thinking aloud. “How is any of this here?”

“Hello, Doctor.” A familiar voice says. The Doctor and Skye turn. A short fat man stands before them. “I see you two have come to see my collection.”

“Mudd?” Skye says recognizing him as the man you tried to sell the Doctor and herself.

“That is my name, my dear.” He said smiling. “But I am a new man.”

“You look the same to me.” Jack said.

“Oh, Jack, you are very wrong.” Mudd said. “I no longer steal and trade rare artifacts, now I just steal.” He chuckled at his own joke.

“So you collect random things from around the universe to what?” Skye asked. “Show them off?”

“No, no, no.” Mudd said. “I auction them off to the highest bidder.”

“So, you haven’t changed?” Jack said. Mudd pretended to think about.

“No, I guess I haven’t” Mudd chuckled again. Skye was ready to punch him in the face. Mudd continued. “Now come, I have a special collection to show you.” He led the group to a staircase going down. They followed him reluctantly down into the dark.

“You know I’ve been wanting to meet you.” Gwen said to Skye. Skye recognized her accent as welsh.

“Really?” Skye said surprised. “Why?”

“You are the first girl to capture Jack’s heart,” Gwen said. “And I wanted to tip my hat to that.” Gwen laughed. “Now that I have met you I can see why Jack liked you so much. You look human but you know so much, almost like you're an alien. And your American/British accent just adds to the bonus.”

“Well I guess I am all of those things.” Skye said. Gwen didn’t understand. Skye tried to explain. “I lived in America until I was eight years old, then I moved to the UK. I thought I was a human for twenty years, then the Doctor came along. Now I am a Time Lady that has no idea who my parents are or where my home is.”

“I know what you are.” Gwen said. Now Skye was confused. Gwen smiled. “You are Skye Davis.” Skye smiled, she liked the sound of that.

“Ah, here we are.” Mudd said. The group had arrived at a metal door. “Are you ready for this?” He swung the door open.

“Oh my God!”

The room was filled with cages. In the cages where all kinds of species. A ape like creature tried to touch one of the cage bars but Mudd hit him with a metal stick, forcing the creature back. It collapsed on the ground.

“What did you do?” Skye exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, she is just unconscious.” Mudd said. nonchalantly.

“You bastard.” Gwen said. The Doctor had been watching this in silence, but could not let it continue.

“Listen here,” The Doctor said. His voice was a whisper, Skye knew that meant he was mad enough to kill. “This is illegal, let them go. All of them.”

“I’m sorry, Doctor, but I can’t do that.” Mudd said. “because if I did then you would be all alone.” He snapped his fingers. Suddenly roboforms appeared. They grabbed the Doctor and Jack.

“Hey,” Jack protested. “What do you want me for?”

“Well, I have had some time to do a little research,” Mudd said. “Can you imagine how much an immortal human could go for? I will be rich, well richer!” The Doctor and Jack were shoved in a cage. Skye turned to Gwen and Rex.

“We need to run, like now!” She said. The three ran for the door.

“After them!” Mudd commanded the roboforms.

The trio quickly ran up the stairs, through the gallery and out the door.

“We need to blend in.” Rex said. They tried to stay together as they danced through the crowd.

“What we need more, is a place to hide and figure out what to do.” Gwen said. Skye nodded. Rex being the tallest looked over the crowd.

“Over there, a building.” Rex pointed. They quickly made their way there.

The building turned out to be a lighting control booth.

“So what are we gonna do?” Rex asked. He and Gwen looked at Skye.

“Um, well.” Skye tried to think of something. “Damn, I need the Doctor.”

“No you don’t.” Gwen said. “You can do this all on your own, remember you are Skye Davis.”

“I got it.” Skye said. She explained her plan.

Skye led Rex and Gwen to the TARDIS. She unlocked the door with her key, and stepped inside.

“Bloody hell.” Gwen said. Her and Rex stared at the large room inside the tiny box.

“Oh yeah it’s bigger on the inside.” Skye said. She began sifting through boxes of stuff.

“Well, I can see that.” Rex said. Skye pulled random instruments out of the boxes, she didn’t know what most of them were but she was pretty sure some of them were hairdryers.

“Here it is.” Skye pulled out a metal box.

“What is it?” Gwen asked.

“The Doctor got bored one day and made an elevated modulation fabricating apparatus.” Skye said.

“What the hell does that mean?” Rex asked.

“Basically,” Skye said. “He made a glorified dog whistle. Now let’s go.” The trio left the TARDIS and headed back to the gallery.

“Careful, Mudd probably has roboforms looking for us.” Rex warned as they entered the gallery.

“You two wait here.” Skye said. “They are less likely to notice one person.” Skye ran off before Rex could protest.

Skye ducked behind a large display case of a Lapino escape pod. She set the box down and flipped the switch on the side. Immediately the glass on all the cases broke. Skye covered her face. She ran back to Rex and Gwen.

“Follow me, quickly!” She commanded. They ran for the staircase. As they approached the room with the cages they could hear the poor creatures going crazy. A pair of Lolapatoriminion ran by followed by a large serpent. The aliens had escaped.

They entered the room.

“Duck!” Rex said as a Keast flew over their heads. Skye was short enough that she didn’t need to. She ran over to the cage where Jack and the Doctor were.

“Doctor, where is your screwdriver?” Skye asked.

“What?!” Rex said. “How the hell will a screwdriver help?” Skye ignored him and went to where the Doctor pointed. A roboform lay on the ground, it must have shut down due to high frequencies. In it’s hand was the sonic screwdriver. Skye grabbed it. She pointed it at the cages lock. It burst open.

“Way to go, Skye!” The Doctor said.

“No time for congrats.” Jack said.

“He’s right.” Gwen said. “Let’s get out of here.” They all ran for the exit.

“Wait!” Mudd appeared. Skye had never seen him angry before, his face was purple. “You better stop right there.” He pointed a gun at him.

“Oh big mistake.” Skye said. She paced the Doctor his screwdriver. He aimed it at the gun, making it implode.

“I really don’t like guns.” The Doctor said. Rex and Jack grabbed Mudd and threw him in a cage. It locked. Mudd banged on the door.

“Let me out.” He cried.

“Not until you learn to play nice.” Gwen and Skye said.

“I don’t want to be these creatures lunch.” Rex said eyeing a Mantlecrab. The group ran back up the stairs.

“Hold on, we can’t let these creatures run wild.” Skye said.

“I believe I can help with that.” A voice said. Skye turned to see Bedeshaan of the Maankas.

“Bedeshaan?” She said. “What are you doing here? We took you home.”

“You haven’t done that yet. This is the mission I told you of.” He held up a necklace. “Mudd stole this from us, now I am taking it back.”

“Oh no, did I just mess up the future?” Skye said.

“Do not worry, Skye.” Bedeshaan said. “We Maankas see all of time, I knew of you being here in the your future that is why I chose you to help. Now I am returning the favor by taking these creatures back to their homes, and in my attempts I will break my ship and come to you to help me. Do you understand?”

“No, but that’s not important.” Skye said.

“Tell me, Skye, have you used the bracelet I gave you?” Bedeshaan asked. Skye shook her head. “That is alright, you will some day. It is a good piece to your growing collection of trinkets. Now I must begin transport.” With that he walked off.

“Um, I’m confused.” Rex said.

“That’s normal for you.” Gwen replied. “Let’s go.” They headed for the door again.

“Wait a minute.” The Doctor said. He looked a on of the now broken display cases. “I think I know this one.” Before him was a cyberman head. The Doctor whacked it. It’s eyes lite up.

“Doctor?” It said.

“Handles!” The Doctor exclaimed. “Boy have I missed you.” He lifted the head off it’s stand.

“Where to now?” It asked.

Assassin Tree

BUZZ! Skye groaned and rolled over. Her phone was on the floor buzzing. BUZZ!

“Alright.” She said. She rolled out of her hammock and picked up the mobile.

“Come pick me up. At Falsic, near Ibigi.” It read from Oma.

“Why is she near Ibigi?” Skye wondered aloud.

“Why is who near Ibigi?” The Doctor said. He walked out of Skye’s bathroom in a towel.

“Doctor!” Skye exclaimed, she had not know he was in there. “Why are you in my bathroom?”

“I was fiddling with AC-DC thingamabob, then I saw the aquifer gizmo was dusty and decided to mess with it too...” He said.

“You broke the water in your lavatory didn’t you?” Skye said, cutting his story short.

“Yeah, pretty much.” The Doctor said. “But back to my question. Who is near Ibigi?”

“Oh yeah, Oma, she said to come pick her up.” Skye said.

“Alrighty, let’s get to it.” The Doctor headed for the door.

“Um, Doctor, one request.” Skye said, stopping him. “Put on some pants.”

After the Doctor acquired pants they quickly went to Falsic.

“Hi, Oma.” Skye said. “You missed out on Halginoo, but I guess you’ve been there a billion times already.”

“Have I?” Oma said. “I mean I have.”

“You alright, Oma?” The Doctor asked. “You seem kind of jumpy.”

“I’m fine.” Oma said waving him off. “It’s just the air on Falsic makes one a little jittery.”

“So what were you doing so close to Ibigi?” Skye asked. “You know if Queen Neas ever sees you, she’ll kill you.”

“I know.” Oma said. “I just like to check up on things. So what did I miss on Halginoo?”

“Oh, you’re gonna love this.” Skye said. She went over to the control deck and picked up a cyberman head. “Meet Handles.”

“Hello.” Handles said.

“What is that?” Oma asked. She looked at Handles fearfully.

“It’s a cyberman head.” The Doctor said. “He is an old friend of mine.”

“Yeah, and we found him at the Halginoo Gallery.” Skye said. “He is cooler than any dog I have ever met. Watch this. Handles, how old am I?”

“Calculating.” Handles said. “You are eight thousand and thirty days old.”

“Tells us in years, Handles.” Skye said.

“Twenty-two.” Handles said.

“Wow,” Oma said. “Is he right?”

“Of course he’s right,” Skye said. “You should know you were at my last two birthdays.”

“Oh, yeah.” Oma said. “I forgot.”

“I think you need some tea, darling.” Skye said. “Come on, I’ll make you a nice cup of fertilizer.” Skye and Oma left the control room, leaving just the Doctor and Handles.

“Handles.” The Doctor said, turning to the robotic head.

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Do a scan of Oma.” The Doctor said.

The Doctor joined Oma and Skye in the kitchen.

“Are we all having a good time?” He asked.

“Well, Oma almost drank green tea.” Skye giggled. “So yeah.” Skye handed the Doctor a cup of tea. They all drank. Skye started coughing.

“Are you alright, Skye?” Oma asked.

“I think so.” Skye said. The coughing subsided. “Just went down the wrong pipe.” She joked.

“Oma, if you could excuse us, I need to talk to Skye alone.” The Doctor said. Oma left the room.

“We have a problem.” The Doctor said.

“What do you mean?” Skye asked.

“That is not Oma.” The Doctor said.

“Of course that’s Oma, she is just feeling a little off from Falsic air.” Skye said, waving him off.

“No, Falsic has perfectly normal air.” The Doctor said. “I had Handles scan her, I don’t know who she is but that is not Oma.” Skye’s eyes grew wide.

“What are we going to do?” She asked.

“It’s up to you.” The Doctor said.

“Why me?” Skye asked.

“Because she poisoned you.” He said.

“Excuse me, but did you change the place around? I can’t find the latrine.” Oma said, re-entering the room.

“I’ll show you.” Skye said. She took Oma by the arm and led her to the control room. “The Doctor accidentally deleted all of the bathrooms, but we can just go to a space station.” Skye lied as she fiddled with the dials on the control deck. “Okay, go ahead.” Oma walked over to the door. She opened it to find a black hole before her.

“What is going on?” She turned back to Skye. Skye pointed a gun at her.

“Who are you? What did you do to Oma?” Skye demanded. The imposter smiled at Skye.

“Why, Skye, don’t you recognise me?” She said. “I have sent so many trees out to kill you but you move too fast. I had to take matters into my own hands.”

“Oh my God, Queen Neas?” Skye said. Neas smiled.

“Hello, darling, good to see you again.” She said. “You know it was surprisingly easy to lure Omagoa back to Ibigi.”

“What did you do to her?” Skye asked, still pointing the gun at the Queen.

“Exactly what you said I would do.” Queen Neas said. “I killed her.”

“No!” Skye said. She was about to shoot but a shot of pain went through her body. “What did you do to me?”

“What would be the fun in telling you?” Neas said. “I want to see you struggle.” Skye fell to her knees. The Doctor appeared at her side.

“Skye.” He held her up.

“Doctor, what do I do?” Skye asked.

“It’s up to you.” He said. Skye looked back at Queen Neas, she could see two queens.

“Alright, your majesty.” Skye pulled herself to her feet, she leaned heavily on the Doctor. “I will give you two options, one tell me what you did to me and we will take you back to Ibigi, or B, no two refuse to talk and I will shove you into that black hole.” Queen Neas laughed.

“You can barely stand, how are you going to push me into a black hole.” She said. “I think I chose three watch you die and return to Ibigi by my own means.”

“You made a mistake.” Skye said.

“Oh, and what’s that.” Queen Neas said, still laughing.

“I still have a gun.” Skye aimed it and fired. The force of the gun pushed Queen Neas right out the door. She screamed as she fell into the black hole. Skye collapsed in the Doctor’s arms. The only thing she could say was “Amazon.” but it was enough. The Doctor lifted her into his arms and ran into her room. He laid her in her hammock, then ran out of the room. He was back quickly. He slide something onto her wrist. Skye blacked out.

When she woke up the Doctor was still sitting by her side.

“Did it work?” The Doctor asked.

“Well, I’m alive so yeah.” Skye said. She looked at her wrist. She wore the bracelet that the Amazon tribe chief had given her. He had said it would fend off any poison. “Thank God, he was right.” The Doctor smiled.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” He hugged her. “I don’t want to lose you, ever.”

“Doctor,” Skye said pushing him back. “Aren’t you mad at me for killing Queen Neas?” The Doctor shook his head.

“You gave her a choice,” He said. “I couldn’t be more proud.” Skye smiled.

“Where to now?” Skye asked.

“No where, you need to rest, Doctor’s orders.” The Doctor said. He placed Handles at her feet. “Watch her Handles.”

“Affirmative.” Handles replied. The Doctor left the room with a smile.

Contingency Plan

Episode written by Pinguinus.

Ends Make Beginnings 

“I have the sudden urge to visit my father.” Skye said one morning. The Doctor looked up from a book about porcupines.

“I thought you couldn’t stand his mistress?” He said.

“Oh God don’t call her that.” Skye said. “And besides they broke up.”

“Oh good, she was terrible.” The Doctor said. He closed his book and went to the controls. “Let’s go!”


“She is being very sassy today.” The Doctor commented as he stroked the TARDIS.

“Oh get a room” Skye said. They landed. Skye and the Doctor exited the TARDIS. Skye turned to the Doctor rather alarmed. “Doctor, this isn’t my father’s flat.” Skye tried to stay calm. “This is Bobby’s!”

“Who’s there?” Bobby called from the living room. Skye and the Doctor ran back into the TARDIS.

“Sorry! Won’t happen again.” The Doctor said. “I think she is trying to play matchmaker again.” They heard a bang on the door.

“Skye!” Bobby called.

“Oh God, Go!” Skye commanded.

“Skye, is that you?” Bobby said on the other side.

“Of course it’s me!” Skye said from her side of the door. “Who else just appears in blue police box!” The TARDIS took off and quickly landed.

“Alright, now we are at the right place.” The Doctor said. Skye glared at him. “Girl scouts promise.” Skye and the Doctor walked out the TARDIS.

This time they stood in Mr. Davis’ parlor. Mr. Davis walked in from the kitchen, nearly spilling his tea in surprise.

“Bloody hell, Skye!” He exclaimed. “I haven’t seen you in ages, and you just pop up in my parlor?!” Skye hugged her father.

“Oh I missed your nagging.” She said. Her father hugged her back.

“I am glad that your home, but christ it’s been two months.” He said.

“More like two years for me.” Skye said. She stopped her father from protesting. “But I am here now and we have all the time in the world.” The Doctor spoke up.

“Actually, we have that black hole viewing in a couple months.” He said.

“Doctor,” Skye said. “Shut up.”

“Black hole!” Mr. Davis exclaimed. “What are you doing near black holes?”

“You know what, Dad, tea does sound good. Thanks for offering.” Skye said changing the subject. She walked into the kitchen, the Doctor followed her. They made a large pot of lavender tea, nice and strong.

There was a knock on the door.

“Dad, could you get that?” Skye called.

“Honestly, been gone two years and you’re already back to bossing me…” Her father cut off.

“Who is it?” Skye asked. She lifted the tea tray.

“Are they selling cookies?” The Doctor asked. The couple walked into the living room. Skye stopped in her tracks.

A woman stood in the middle of the room. She turned and smiled at Skye.

“You had better pour another cup, dear.” She said sweetly.

“Who are you?” Skye asked. She looked at her father. He sat in his chair, his eyes wide in horror.

“Skye, this...this is your mother.” Mr. Davis said.

“No, my mother is dead.” Skye said in shock.

“Oh darling, I’m your real mother.” She said. “I’m the Mistress.”

“No.” The Doctor gasped. The Mistress turned to him.

“Oh, Doctor.” She said with a smile. “I almost didn’t recognise you. It’s been a long time since Gallifrey.”

“Even longer for you than me.” The Doctor said coldly. “I never took you for a coward, Kallisto.” The Mistress cringed at her name.

“You know I had a family to protect.” She said. “And I think you can agree that she is worth it.”

“Doctor,” Skye interrupted their conversation. “Who is she?” The Doctor led Skye into the hall to talk privately.

“Back on Gallifrey I had a friend named the Master.” The Doctor explained. “He had a twin sister, The Mistress. Twins are very rare for time lords, triples are unheard of, but when we get them they are very powerful. They have a mental link. When the Master looked into the time vortex and went insane, it changed the Mistress too.”

“You mean I am the daughter of a mad woman?” Skye asked, alarmed.

“Can we please get back to the reason I came here?” The Mistress called from the other room. The Doctor and Skye re-entered. The Mistress continued. “I have come to collect my daughter, ‘Ashtoret.” Skye was confused.

“My name is Skye.” She said. The Mistress smiled.

“And what a fitting name it is, darling.” She said, stroking Skye’s cheek. Skye pulled away slightly.The Mistress kept talking. “But it’s not you real name. You are named for love and war. I can see in your eyes that you have seen both.”

“When you left the Time War you had no children.” The Doctor said.

“Yes, but I had a husband and a growing stomach.” The Mistress replied. “And I am willing to kill for the latter.”

“You’re no killer, Kallisto.” The Doctor said.

“I lost a lot when I left,” Kallisto said solemnly. “My husband, my home, my children…”

“Children?” Skye asked. “I thought you just had me.”

“No, I had three daughters.” Kallisto said.

“Three?” Skye said. shocked. “I had sisters?”

“Yes, Alkyone of brains and sacrifice, and Ashtad of justice.” Her mother replied. “But they are lost, now all I have is you. Please, ‘Ashtoret, don’t leave me again.”

“My name is Skye, my parents are Matthew and Anna Davis. I am American/British and my home is Manchester, England, Earth.” Skye said boldly. The Mistress’s face hardened.

“I do not lie.” She said. “I will kill for you.” The Mistress revealed a gun and immediately shot Skye’s father.

“No!” Skye screamed. She ran to Mr. Davis. “Dad! Dad, wake up!” She shook him. Her father did not move,The Mistress had hit him in his now gushing heart. Skye turned to her mother. “I will never be your daughter, you witch!” The Mistress just smiled.

“You have no choice.” She grabbed Skye and vanished. The Doctor stood for a moment stunned.

“She has a teleport!” He exclaimed. He ran to the TARDIS. “Alright Sexy, we need to find where they went.” The Doctor looked at the viewing screen. The TARDIS had already locked on a spaceship right outside of Earth’s atmosphere. The Doctor threw the TARDIS into motion. She did not protest. They landed and the Doctor ran out.

He stopped in his tracks. Before him stood Skye holding her mother’s gun at her.

“Took you long enough, Doctor.” Skye said, noticing him.

“You are not needed, Doctor.” The Mistress said. “This is a family matter.”

“You’re not my family!” Skye yelled. “You just killed my family!” Skye had her finger on the trigger.

“‘Ashtoret, you aren’t going to shoot me,” The Mistress said. “You have been with the Doctor long enough to know better.”

“You’re right.” Skye lowered the gun. “But that won’t stop me from using my hands.” She jumped at the Mistress knocking her to the ground. Though, the Mistress was larger, Skye’s rage gave her the upper hand. She was quickly on top. The Mistress grabbed Skye’s throat. The two scratched and punched until both were covered in blood.

“Why couldn’t you just leave me alone?!” Skye screamed as she grabbed her mother’s head and banged it hard on the ground. The Mistress lost her focus.

Skye smashed her head on the ground again. “I swear to God, I will finish you for what you did.” Skye continued to maul her mother’s face. Her mother was losing consciousness. The Doctor was about to intervene.

The two women had rolled around so much that they were next to where Skye had dropped the gun. The Mistress saw it and grabbed it.

“You are my daughter!” She cried. BANG, the gun went off. “You belong to me.” Skye’s eyes grew wide, her face white. The Mistress pushed her daughter off.

“Skye!” The Doctor screamed. He ran over and picked up Skye’s bleeding body. He ran into the TARDIS.

Skye’s vision faded then focused then faded again.

“Doctor?” She said spitting blood.

“Shh, Skye, don’t talk.” His voice soothed her. “You’re gonna be alright.” He didn’t know what to do, there was so much blood. His eyes blurred with tears.

Suddenly Skye felt a warm feeling.

“Doctor?” She said. “Doctor, what’s happening?” The Doctor couldn’t speak, he was too stunned. Finally he got out a sentence.

“You’re regenerating.”

The TARDIS shook with the energy pulsing through Skye. Skye screamed, it hurt.

“Doctor, make it stop!” She cried.

“I can’t.” He said. “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” The Doctor stepped away from her. He knew what was about to happen. He just didn’t know if he was ready.

The light was near blinding. The warm feeling turned to burning. Skye’s skin bubbled and moved. She tried to cry out but couldn’t. Then as fast as it started, it stopped.

Skye pulled herself up. She looked at her hands.

“What the hell?” Skye said. She felt her stomach. Her clothes still had blood on them but the wound was gone. She looked up at the Doctor. “What happened?”

“Oh my God.” The Doctor said. His eyes wide. “You’re...You’re.”

“I’m what?” Skye exclaimed.

“You’re a ginger.”

“What?!” Skye exclaimed. She got up and ran to a mirror. “Oh, my God!” She turned to the Doctor panicked. “I’m a leprechaun!”

“Why are you complaining?” The Doctor asked. “I have been trying to be a ginger forever.”

“My mother!” Skye exclaimed. She ran to the door and wrenched it open. She looked out on dark space. The Doctor saw Skye’s shoulders slump. “She’s gone.”

“I’m sorry, Skye.” The Doctor said.

“Don’t be.” Skye said. “She tried to kill me, besides I can tell by the energy residue that she regenerated too.” She closed the door and turned back to the Doctor.

“We...we should go.” The Doctor said. “Maybe a trip to Galtrona will help put your mind at ease.”

“Doctor, I can’t.” Skye said. “I need to go home.”

“Oh,” The Doctor said. “Okay.” The Doctor went to the controls.

When they landed Skye went for the door.

“Skye, wait.” The Doctor said. Skye stopped. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I can’t just leave my father there.” Skye said not looking at the Doctor.

“Not that, Skye.” The Doctor said. “I saw the look in your eyes. You’re thinking of leaving.” Skye was silent. The Doctor’s eyes teared up. “Please, Skye, don’t...”

“You know it’s weird.” Skye said suddenly. “Before I felt human, well besides having two hearts. Now though, I have all these thoughts in my head, like formulas and equations. And I feel so… so different.”

“When you regenerated not just your face changed.” The Doctor said.

“I know, I’m not stupid!” Skye burst. The Doctor recoiled a bit. “Sorry.” The two stood silent. “But everything has changed, I’ve changed, and I need to figure out who I am.” There were tears going down both the Doctor and Skye’s cheeks.

“Okay.” The Doctor said. He opened the door for her. She stepped out. “Skye, I won’t forget you. If you ever need me…” Skye hugged him.

“Thank you, Doctor,” She said holding him close. “For everything.” Skye turned and left him.

The Doctor closed the door and went to the controls.

“Well, Handles,” The Doctor said to the robotic head. He wiped the tears from his eyes. “It’s just you and me now, where should we go?”

Back at the Davis flat, Skye was trying to think of what to do. She took out her mobile and dialed a number. It rung several times before someone answered.

“Matthew!” Skye said. “I..I don’t know what to do.” She broke down on the couch sobbing.

“It’s okay, Skye.” The man on the other end said. “Just tell me what’s wrong.”

“Everything!” Skye said. “Dad is dead, and I left the Doctor.”

“I’ll be right there.” He said.

Season 2

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