Template:Property Centaur House is the seventh episode of Bluesilver Series 2. It sees the return of former companion Martha Jones.

Soul Eater
Series: Bluesilver 2
Story number: 2.9
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Jennifer Locke
Enemy: Rebirths
Setting: Remorae strip, 52,002
Format: 2x45 minute episode
Previous Story: Human
Following Story: The Turn of the Universe


The doctor and Jenny arrive in the Remorae Strip, one of the best leisure facilities in this half of the universe; but while on a round of mini-golf, fifty seven people are sent to a fantasy location. A place where the laws of science dont exist, where people can never die... properly. As the party are picked off one-by-one by an unseen force, The Doctor and Jenny must fight for everyones life as they are hunted by the terrifying rebirths and their ultimate weapon, the Soul Eater.

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