"The galaxies are my canvas, and light is my medium"

Also known as:
  • Light (first incarnation)
  • Density
  • The Living Nebula
  • Candle in the Dark
  • Aurora
  • Apollo
  • Hyperion
  • Lumiel
  • The Original Artist
Race: N/A
Home Planet: N/A
Home Era: N/A

DW CS4: But A Thought/Paradise Stolen

Actor: Terry Jones (voice)

Spectrum is the rather whimsical, absent-minded and creative member of the Eternal Pantheon, the personified concept of all light and density and the second-youngest of the siblings, just older than Malice. He commands every bit of the visual spectrum, electromagnetic radiation and even black holes. Despite this, he strives for creation not destruction.


Spectrum's Sigil


Spectrum sees no boundaries in his mind. Even sanity seems to tipple at times to him. He is scatter-brained, eccentric and knowingly odd. He strives for inspiration to create fantastic star systems, nebulas and all colours. Spectrum is the quintessential artist, using only his mind to create beauty out of the most powerful objects in the universe, like paint. He deplores violence as it decays and defiles, losing the original 'essence'. His mannerisms are very dramatic and quite loopy, sometimes even forgetting what he was talking about.


Spectrum appears as this mass of darkness which is outlined by small lines and little cubes of light which rearrange themselves to create both his body and facial expressions. Normally, he will be the form of a faceless humanoid though will create more detail in his image should he feel he has to or want to.



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