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The Doctor and Amy are in the Tardis chatting about San Francisco and past companions such as Grace Holloway,Rose Tyler, K-9 and Sarah-Jane Smith then suddenly a distress signal from the king of the lokolons from lokolonia on the TARDIS that a creature made of steel have invaded and so the sets the TARDIS co-ordinates to lokolonia and tells Amy about the last seen them with Sarah-Jane and Harry Sullivan which makes Amy jealous that she was not the first companion.

The TARDIS lands in lokolonia palace 2 months later. The Doctor and Amy Step out and the king and members of the loklonia army are there with gun pointing at them and they shoot. The king says take them away. They wake up 5 hours later and the doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver to get out as they walk out the doctor tells amy they were a peaceeful race the here the doorway open, they hide down a coriddor and CYBERMEN walk past.

Amy then remebers about when she met them at stonehenge and at the artic so the doctor and amy sneak down the coridoor and the doctor takes out his sonic screwdriver and sonics it a cyberman is in there. "We will take you to our leader" so thy all walk into a lift and they come up on to top floor where the king is. "So you're still king then, GOB" said the Doctor "Why doctor you've changed your face" Said King Gob

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